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Presentation Marking Rubric

4 3 2 1 Mark

Visual Appeal There are no errors in spelling, There are some errors in There are many errors in spelling, There are many errors in spelling,
grammar and punctuation. spelling, grammar and grammar and punctuation. grammar and punctuation.
Information is clear and Too much information was The slides were difficult to read and
concise on each slide. Too much information on two contained on many slides. too much information had been
or more slides. copied onto them.
Visually appealing/engaging. Minimal effort made to make
Significant visual appeal. slides appealing or too much No visual appeal.
going on.

Extensive knowledge of topic. Showed a good Showed good understanding of Didn’t understand topic.
Comprehension understanding of topic. some parts of topic.
Showed complete Difficulty answering the majority of
understanding of assignment. Able to answer most of Accurately answered some questions or answered information
audience questions. questions. incorrect.
Accurately answered all
questions posed.

Presentation Regular/constant eye contact, Spoke to majority of Focused on only part of Minimal eye contact by presenter
Skills audience; steady eye audience. focusing on small part of audience.
The audience was engaged, contact.
and presenter held the 
 Sporadic eye contact. The audience was not engaged.
audience’s attention. The audience was engaged
by the presentation. The audience was distracted. Presenter spoke too quickly or
Appropriate speaking volume quietly making it difficult to
& body language. Presenter spoke at a suitable Speaker could be heard by only understand.
volume. half of the audience.
Inappropriate/disinterested body
Some fidgeting by presenter. Body language was distracting. language.

Content The presentation was a The presentation was a good The presentation was informative The presentation was a brief look at
concise summary of the topic summary of the topic. but several elements went the topic but many questions were
with all questions answered. unanswered. left unanswered.
Most important information
Comprehensive and complete covered; little irrelevant info. Much of the information Majority of information irrelevant
coverage of information. irrelevant; coverage of some of and significant points left out.
major points.

Extremely prepared and Very well prepared. Primarily prepared but with some Evident lack of preparation/
rehearsed. dependence on just reading off rehearsal. Dependence on slides.
Preparedness slides.

Total /20