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A. Nursing Practice

Being student nurses, it is a great opportunity for us to be exposed in psychiatric

settings in order for us to practice our skills and develop our learning through

applications in the clinical setting. The psychiatric exposure finally put our learning from

the lecture into the real life situations. The whole course of related learning experience

was very resourceful and helpful in preparation for the practice in the future nursing

profession. The exposure at SPMC-IPBM enhances our knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

We are able to expand our knowledge about the different mental illnesses and their

clinical manifestations and presenting behaviors, attitudes, and motor activities. We are

also able to develop and acquire new skills that are useful especially in dealing with

psychiatric clients. The exposure also promoted us to adopt new attitudes that are helpful

especially in interacting with the clients different behaviors and attitudes.

B. Nursing Education

As future psychiatric nurses, education will help the nurses to improve and

elevate the standard of care through critical thinking, using therapeutic communication in

dealing with clients that are clinically diagnosed with mental disorder. The nurse should

have a comprehensive education in all aspects, specifically in psychiatric setting.

Comprehensive education will help to cope up with the new trends in dealing with such

cases of mental illness to achieve a quality and safe care towards the client. Continuing

nursing education provides the knowledge to meet the needs of the mentally ill clients.

Skills plays a vital component of being a psychiatric nurse. It serves as a fundamental key

to achieve an appropriately established nurse-client relationship as we deal with complex

mental illnesses, to properly deal with with the client's behavior and lapses in the

cognitive aspect. Attitude is an important character that every mental health nurse must

have to render fully their responsibilities and duties. It will help with the control of our

emotions and feelings especially when dealing with the clients and personal problems and


C. Nursing Research

Nursing research provides a comprehensive knowledge and information with the

updated trends especially in psychiatric nursing. As a student nurse, research will help

widen our knowledge in order for us to prepare in the real setting, as it will serve as our

fundamental equipment to render a quality and safe nursing care to our client with the

collective effort of the health care team to improve the quality of life of the humanity.