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Same RPC PD 532

Criminal Act: -Attacking upon or -no mention -by means of

seizing vessel or other violence/ force upon
properties things
-With intent to gain
Offender: -must b outsider -insider or outsider
Vessel: -no def, so not -vessel or watercraft
limited to watercraft, for trasnsport of
cargo, fishing passengers and cargp
-Art 301 residential from one place to
vessels another thru PH
Ex. If outsider, force waters
upon things, res -include vessel, boats
vessel: Piracy for fishing
If insider, force upon
things, res
vessel:robbery by
using force up things
Place of Commission: RA 7659 am Art 122 -must b in PH waters:
(only high seas): natl waters, arch
-high seas and PH waters abc islds of pH
waters arch and the 12mile
terr water.
Qualifying circ: -boarding and firing MHRapePI MHRapePI any other
Qual Piracy- special upon the same crime
complex crime -abandonig victims no
regardless of no of means of saving
victims. themselves
Abettors Accessories, unless accomplices
fence, principal for

RA 7659, PD 532- no contradiction, widen coverage of law, citizenries protection.

Piracy among highest forms of lawlessness condemned by penal statues of all countries
Conducted in sea and air, people more vulnerable, in essence robbery
Ex. Ph waters
Pirates in Pasig river (PH water) outsider- RPC
Pirates in Pasig insider/ outsider, w violence- PD 532

High seas (under RPC)

May be prosecuted in PH even if nasa high seas, univ crime

But if homicide or murder committed by a passenger, territoriality principle.

Piracy High Seas Robber High Seas

-by outsiders -insiders
-extraterrioritoriality pronc/ univ principle -flag state principle
-piracy taking place, one passenger killed another holding grudge, qual piracy? No, not

Piracy Mutiny
Outsiders/insiders (PD 523), Outsiders (RPC) Insiders, mutineer
Intent to gain, seizing properties, vessel Resisting authorities (same with coercion)