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Name of Corrections/Suggestions Actions Done Page number


Mr. Statement of the Problem

Supremo - Reflect Statement of the pp. 8
problem to the - Organized Placement of
conceptual framework variables to reflect pp. 9
Statement of the problem
- Put “Participants” first pp. 7
Conceptual Framework - Placed Participants first
- Rearrange Conceptual
pp. 9
Definition of Terms - Reorganized variables of
- Improve Operational Competency by itemizing
Definition Self Efficacy and
Satisfaction under

- Reworded Operational
Mr. Title Page
Oducado - Changed to “Parenting Front page
- Change “Parenting Sense of Competence of
Competence and Sense Visually Impaired Persons
of Satisfaction of in Iloilo City”
Visually Impaired pp. 2
persons in Iloilo City” - Synthesized and Shortened
RRL pp. 10
- Too lengthy - Changed to “Parenting
Competence” and
rearranged in alphabetical
Definition of Terms
- Change “Competence” pp. 10
to “Parenting
- Alphabetical Order - Reflected to Definition of pp. 12
terms pp. 33

- Changed to Past tense

- Described under
Distribution of Participants
- Reflect “Low, Average,
and High Income” in the
definition of terms under
Family Income

Research Locale
- Change to past tense

Statement of the Problem

- Describe SOP 1,2,6,7
under Conclusion