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Business English FINAL COURSE TEST (Elementary)

Finding a job -- Are the sentences true or false?
1.In advert A, the babysitter can get more than £40 a week.

True False

2. In advert D, you don't need to work in the evenings.

True False

3. In advert B, the paper round should take about half an hour.

True False

4. In advert C, you have to work five days a week.

True False

5. In advert D, you should call Bella in the morning.

True False

6. In advert B, you should contact the newspaper delivery boy for more information.

True False

7. In advert D, you need to work full-time.

True False

8. In advert C, you need to contact the museum by telephone.

True False
Like/would like
Choose the correct words in italics.

1. I would like / like fish, but I don't like prawns.

2 Would you like / Do you like a cup of coffee?
3 The CEO would like / likes to see you in his
office now.
4 Would you like / Do you like the new
restaurant in Park Street'!
5 I'd like / I like chicken and rice, please.

Countable and uncountable

Complete the conversation with these words and phrases.
how many how much some any an a
A , ____ time do you spend on the internet?
B Nine or ten hours 2 week.
A Do you buy '· ____ _ products online?
B Yes, I buy 4 things, for example, books and OVDs.
A , _____ emails do you send every morning?
B About ten - I always send , ____ _ email to each member of my team. Then I reply to all the emails I receive.
Complete the conversation with these words.
discount total price account invoice code free
A Hello. 1 have a problem with my_______________
B OK What's your , ____ ____ number?
A it's GJT 384827.
B And what is the problem?
A The '_____________ of the product is wrong.
Il Oh. What is the product ________________4 in the catalogue?

A It's 3492].
B OK, the price is £70.
A Yes, but there is a 10 per cent , ________ _
B Oh, yes, sorry. So the correct 6 ____________ IS £63.
A Yes, but can 1 check - is it necessary to pay
for delivery?
B No, delivery is 7 ________________ _

Offers, requests and permission

Complete the conversation with these words and phrases.

I'm afraid not, could you , I'd like, would you like, problem, can, certainly

A , _______________ something to drink?

B Yes, ,________ a fruit juice, please.
A :_____________________give me the bread, please?
B 4 •_____________________. Here you are. , ______________I smoke in here?
A , ___________ . It's a non-smoking restaurant.
B No 7_____________________________

Past simple
Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verbs in brackets or an appropriate short answer.

A Thank you for helping with our market research. Here is the first question. What electrical products
1______________________________ (you I buy) last year?

B [ ' ____ (buy) a digital radio and a computer.

A What ____________________(you I do) with your old electrical products?

B Well, I ___________________(offer) the computer to my friend, but be _________________' (not want) it.
So, 6_____________________________ (you I take) the computer somewhere to recycle it?
B No, I __________________________

Choose the correct words in italics.

Bi II Bowerman 'was / were a teacher and sports trainer at the University of Oregon. He met / meeted and trained a
student called phil Knight, and in / on 1964 they started a sports company together. The company's name was / were
Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). The company introduces /introduced a new style of trainer and they 'called / call it 'Nike·
The designers "not wanted / didn't want the new trainers….

Prepositions of time
Complete the sentences with in, on, at or - (no preposition).

1. They started the meeting _________ Warn.

2 Francis went to Geneva ________ July.
3 I'm Hying to Bucharest ____ _ this afternoon.
4 Did you go to the gym _____ last night?
5 He Can see you _________ Thursday afternoon.
VOCABULARYComplete the sentences with the correct word in italics.
I A multinationalcompany is a large organiser rganisari011.
2 Departmcnt stores sale / se!! a lot of different products / ~ roducers.
3 Swatch is a watch maher / mahe.