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08/02/2019 Memorial Stadium (Baltimore) - Wikipedia

Coordinates: 39°19′46″N 76°36′5″W

Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)
Memorial  Stadium was a sports stadium in Baltimore,
Maryland, that formerly stood on 33rd Street (aka 33rd Street
Memorial Stadium
Boulevard or renamed "Babe Ruth Plaza") on an oversized "The Old Grey Lady of 33rd Street"
block (officially designated as Venable Park, a former city park "The World's Largest Outdoor Insane Asylum"
from the 1920s) also bounded by Ellerslie Avenue (west), 36th
Street (north), and Ednor Road (east). Two different stadiums
were located here, a 1922 version known as "Baltimore
Stadium", or "Municipal  Stadium", or sometimes
'Venable Stadium', and, for a time, "Babe Ruth Stadium"
in reference to the then-recently deceased Baltimore native.
The rebuilt multi-sport stadium, when reconstruction
Address 900 East 33rd Street
(expansion to an upper deck) was completed in the summer of
Location Baltimore, Maryland
1954, would become known as "Memorial  Stadium". The
stadium was also known as "The Old Gray Lady of 33rd Street", Coordinates 39°19′46″N 76°36′5″W
and also (for Colts games) as "The World's Largest Outdoor Owner City of Baltimore
Insane Asylum."[4] Operator Maryland Stadium Authority
Capacity 31,000 (1950)
47,855 (1953)
Contents 53,371 (1991)

Teams hosted Field size Left Field – 309 ft

Baseball Left-Center – 446 ft (1954),
Football 378 ft (1990)
Professional Center Field – 445 ft (1954),
High school
405 ft (1980)
College/University/Military Academies
Right-Center – 446 ft (1954),
History 378 ft (1990)
Municipal Stadium/Baltimore Stadium/Venable
Stadium/Babe Ruth Stadium
Right Field – 309 ft
Memorial Stadium Surface Grass
Fatal escalator accident
Airplane crash
Later years Broke ground 1921 (first version)
Community reaction 1949 (second version)
Demolition and redevelopment Opened December 2, 1922 (first
New field version)
Layout April 20, 1950 (second version)
Closed December 14, 1997
Memorial wall
Demolished February 15, 2002[1]

Seating capacity Construction US$6.5 million

Photo gallery: Abandonment cost ($67.7 million in 2018 dollars[2])

See also Architect L.P. Kooken Company

References Structural REL Williams
Sources engineer 1/13

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