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08/02/2019 Baltimore - Wikipedia

Central Baltimore
North Baltimore Baltimore
South Baltimore
Northeast Baltimore
East Baltimore
Southeast Baltimore
Northwest Baltimore
West Baltimore Location within the United States
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Demographics Coordinates: 39°17′N 76°37′W
Population Country  United
Characteristics States
Income and housing State  Maryland
Religion City Baltimore
Historic colony Province of
Crime Maryland
Economy County None
Port (Independent

Founded 1729
Cuisine Incorporated 1796–1797
Local dialect Independent city 1851
Performing arts Named for Cecil Calvert,
2nd Baron
Sports Baltimore (1605–
Baseball 1675)
Other teams and events
 • Type Mayor–council
Parks and recreation  • Body Baltimore City
Government Council
City government  • Mayor Catherine Pugh
Mayor (D)
Baltimore City Council  • City Council Council
Law enforcement
Baltimore City Fire Department
 • Houses of Delegates
State government Delegates
State agencies
 • State Senate State senators
Federal government
 • U.S. House Representatives
Colleges and universities Area[4]
Private  • Independent city 92.05 sq mi
Public (238.41 km2)
Primary and secondary schools  • Land 80.95 sq mi
(209.65 km2)
Roads and highways  • Water 11.10 sq mi
Transit systems (28.76 km2)
Public transit  12.1%
Intercity rail Elevation[5] 0–480 ft (0–
Airports 150 m)
Pedestrians and bicycles Population (2010)[6]
Port of Baltimore  • Independent city 620,961
Environment  • Estimate (2017)[7] 611,648
Trash interceptors  • Density 7,556.25/sq mi
Other water pollution control (2,917.48/km2)
Media  • Urban 2,203,663 (US:
19th) 2/41