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Paolo Victor T. Redondo
AY 2016-2017 1st Semester
“Statistics is the most important science in the whole world;
for upon it depends the practical application of every science
and of every art; the one science essential to all political and
social administration, all education, all organization based on
experience, for it only gives results of our experience.”
-Florence Nightingale

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
■ the science dealing with data about the condition of a state or
■ is the branch of science that deals with the collection,
presentation, organization, analysis, and interpretation of data.
■ plays an important role in almost every field of interest.
– Medicine
– Economics
– Business
– Education
– Tourism
– Sports

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
Notes about Population
■ The specification of the population of interest depends upon
the scope of the study.
■ The elements of the population can be individuals, objects,
animals, geographic areas, and so on.

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
Variable of Interest
■ a characteristic or attribute of the elements in a collection
that can assume different values for the different elements.
■ Denoted by capital letters of the English alphabet.

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
■ a realized value/realization of a variable

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
■ the collection of observations.

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
■ The Office of Admissions is studying the relationship
between the score in the entrance examination during
application and the general weighted average (GWA) upon
graduation among graduates of the university from 2000 to
■ Population: collection of all graduates of the university from
the years 2000 to 2005
■ Variable of Interest: score in the entrance examination and

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
■ The research division of a certain pharmaceutical company
is investigating the effectiveness of a new diet pill in
reducing weight on female adults.
■ Population: set of all female adults who will use the diet pill
■ Variable of Interest: weight before taking the diet pill and
weight after taking the diet pill

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
■ a summary measure describing a specific characteristic of
the population.

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
■ a summary measure describing a specific characteristic of
the sample.

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
Applied Statistics
■ refers to procedures and techniques used in the collection,
presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data.
■ Descriptive Statistics
■ Inferential Statistics

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
Theoretical or Mathematical Statistics
■ deals with the development and exposition of theories that
serve as bases of statistical methods

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
Descriptive Statistics
■ includes all the techniques used in organizing, summarizing,
and interpreting data on hand without drawing conclusions
about a larger group.

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
Inferential Statistics
■ includes all techniques used in analyzing the sample data
that will lead to generalizations about a population from
which the sample came from.

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo
Descriptive vs. Inferential
■ A bowler wants to find his ■ A bowler wants to estimate
bowling average for the past his chance of winning a game
12 games. based on his current season
averages and the averaged of
his opponents.
■ A politician would like to
■ A politician wants to know estimate, based on an
the exact number of votes he opinion poll, his chance of
received in the last election.
winning in the upcoming

AY 16-17 S1 PTRedondo