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Monitor your equipment remotely

Designed, developed and tested together with our customers,

DEIF Insight is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) extension
of our products. Efficiency is key and DEIF Insight gives
access to data, helping you locally or globally to improve power
management and solve problems within minutes.

Know your equipment to reduce downtime, and access critical

information, allowing you to predict when and where something
is likely to go wrong so you can prevent it.

With DEIF Insight, you’ll be able to monitor your equipment

from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

We aim to enter the world of digital services by offering a range of

digital solutions that work seamlessly with our existing and new
products, including those already in operation all over the world.

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System overview
A versatile & cloud-based monitoring service

Generator Data Acquisition Unit Cloud-based DEIF Insight

data management remote monitoring service

DEIF controller

Customisable dashboards DEIF Insight features

With a wide range of data visualisation options, you’ll
be able to customise the DEIF Insight dashboards to
your needs and afterwards monitor your equipment

Easy setup Unit User & team Geolocation

Simply connect your equipment, then set up the
configuration management
communication parameters (tags) and notifications in
few simple steps. If necessary, you can even control
who has access and customise permissions based
on your requirement.

Cloud data management

The cloud runs event-based logging, meaning it only Fleet Trending & Customisable
stores data when changes occur. The data is stored management reporting dashboards
securely in the cloud.

And much more

Permissions & Mail
secure account notifications

Choosing the best solution on the market
A long-standing partnership with a top 100 rental company

»Using one brand of Setting the standard

In Brazil, DEIF has formed
controllers obviously a long-standing partnership
with A Geradora – a
facilitates operation of the successful, can-do rental
A Geradora fleet…« power supplier that shies
away from few challenges,
claiming they can solve any
job, regardless of location or

To meet all these different

types of challenges, A Gera-
dora tested several brands,
looking for the most reliable
and innovative solutions on
the market.

“But since we implemented

the first DEIF AGC-3 unit,
DEIF and A Geradora have
developed a trusted and
dedicated partnership,”
says Chief Engineer Sergio
Alvarez. A Geradora hasn’t
looked back.

“We have come to believe

so firmly in DEIF’s solutions
that we now have approxi-
mately 500 gensets and
transfer switches equipped
with DEIF modules as part
of a process that will see us
standardise our whole fleet
with DEIF solutions, includ-
ing DEIF’s most recent tech-

A Geradora
Rents and leases industrial
machinery. The company
offers power generators,
air compressors, mobile
platforms, loaders, diggers,
and lighting equipment.

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Manage & monitor equipment remotely

► Visualised solution overview via
customisable dashboard
► World map overview and GPS tracking

► Alarm notifications (email)

► Reports (PDF, CSV)
► Fleet management (unit grouping & scheduling)
► Flexible user/team management and
user permissions
► Two factor verification for enhanced security
► Templates for selected DEIF products
Insight is a responsive remote monitoring service using
advanced and secure cloud data management. Get
instant access to data from all units, no matter where Dashboards widgets
they are - or where you are.
► Direct value visualisation
DEIF Insight is a unique tool for multiple user types ► Multiple options of gauges
including contractors, service technicians and managers
► World map overview
to supervise one or several connected genset controllers.
A fully customisable online monitoring service, DEIF ► Group data in lists
Insight enables end users to structure and rearrange the ► Show latest notifications
dashboard as they see fit. Moreover, managers will find
the strong management features for fleets and users ► Trending with graphs
very useful.

The easy-to-install and responsive monitoring service Responsive monitoring service

uses advanced and secure cloud data management and ► Designed for portable devices
is ready for use right after installation – no programming
required. Simply enter your username and password ► Works with most popular browsers
to access your system from any device. Once done, ► Requires Insight subscription plan
you’re all ready to react on the real-time notifications
you receive on your devices. Doesn’t get much simpler
than that.


Data Acquisition Unit, DAU
Secure & reliable gateway

► Event-based logging
► World map overview and GPS tracking
► Updates Over-the-air (OTA)
► 2G Edge/GSM/GPRS
► 1 communication LED, 1 signal LED
► GNSS (GPS/Galileo/Glonass)
► Ultra low power mode
► Ethernet (RJ-45) for Modbus TCP/IP

DEIF’s Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) is the gateway part of

the Insight data management platform for equipment in
the field, facilitating and improving remote service while Simple to install
cutting costs. ► 3-way DIN rail clip orientation
► Fast IP configuration via micro USB
The compact, energy-efficient and rugged unit requires
no IT expertise and no programming. The integration into ► Antennas and cables included
dedicated DEIF Power Management solutions is flawless.
► Global SIM option

While constantly monitoring your system, the DAU only ► High vibration mounting
saves data when changes occur (event-based logging).

Designed especially for industrial applications, these

solutions offer 2G and 3G mobile cloud access and are
quickly and easily connected to your equipment. 

They do not require static IP or VPN and have no firewall



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