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December 27, 2018

Attention: BM II and HRM II

Subject: Geeta Saxena Memorial Scholarship for All-Round Excellence

Interested students may please submit their typed applications to Dean’s office, giving all the
details as mentioned below, by Thursday, January 10, 2019. Please submit documents in
support of the family income (latest IT Return or any other certificate) and the number of
dependants, duly attested by a Gazetted Officer.

The eligibility criteria and other details are given below.

1. Any student from BM II and HRM II is eligible.

2. The scholarship will be awarded for the all-round achievement by the student during his/her
1st year at XLRI. The award of the scholarship will be based on the total points accumulated
by the students on the following criteria:
a. Overall CQPI : 8 points
b. Other academic contributions during study at XLRI : 2 points
 Acceptance/publication of a paper in
an academic journal of repute
 Award in a national level paper-writing/
case-writing contest/debate
 Publication of article(s) on professional
subject in magazine/newspaper

c. Holding elected post in Students’ Body Activities : 3 points

 Secretary of SAC, Placement, Asterix, Finax,
Maxi, Sapphire, Socrates, Cultural & Sports
 Class Representative for one or more terms
 Member of Students’ Committees

d. Participation in sports and cultural events : 2 points

This category applies to inter-institutional events,
and apply to both individual and team activities.
 Winning in the event
 Participating but not winning

3. The student who scores the highest points on the above criteria will be awarded the
scholarship. In case there is a tie between the students, the scholarship will be awarded to
the student who comes from a lower income family.