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Borobudur, the Biggest Buddhist Temple in the

Ninth Century

Who does not know Borobudur? This Buddhist

temple has 1460 relief panels and 504 Budda effigies
in its complex. Millions of people are eager to visit
this building as one of the Word Wonder Heritages.
It is not surprising since architecturaily and
functionally, as the place foe buddhist to say their
prayer, Borobudur is attractive.
Borobudur was built by King Samaratungga, one
of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom, the
descendant of sailendra dynasty. Based on
Kayumwungan inscription, an indonesian named
Hudaya Kandahjaya revealed that Borobudur was a
place for praying that was complated to be built in
824, almots one hundred years from the time the
construction was begun. The name of Borobudur, as
some people say, means a mountain having terraces,
while other says that Borobudur means monastery on
the high place.
Borobudur is construsted as a ten-terraces
building. The height before being renovated was 42
meters and 34,5 meters after the renovation because
the lowest level was used as supporting base. The
first six terraces are in square form, two upper
terraces are in circular from, and on top of them is
the terrace where Buddha statue is located facing
westward. Each terrace symbolizes the stage of
human life. In the line with of Buddha Mahayana,
anyone who intends to reach the level of Buddha's
must go through each of those life stages

Bromo is located in east java. Bromo is an active

volcano. The name of Bromo from Javanese
pronountation is Brahma. It is most favourite place to
visit in east java.Every holiday, Many tourism visit
this place. It is a beautiful place. Bromo has a
creater Bromo has a beautiful area is sand of sea and
grassland. Because in this area , you can found
different between sand area and grass area. Wide a
sand of sea Bromo is 4800 m2. In holiday you can
visit Bromo because you can see sunset and you can
be experience a beautiful view .
Visit Bromo you must has jeep, if you
don’t has jeep, you can rent jeep because bromo has
hard road. If you want to see sunset, you must go to
Bromo from midnight. Bromo has erupted more than
30. Until now Bromo is active volcano.

Kraton Yogyakarta or Sultan Palace was build in

1756 by Prince Mangkubumi (Hamengkubuwono I)
as a center of the Kingdom Ngayogyakarta.The
palace building stretches from north to south. In the
north front side of the palace you can find the square
also called “Plaza North” and at the the backyard is
called “Southern Square”.
The inner Palace is the center of the compound and is
decorated with beautiful ornaments and has teak
wood structures in its interior.
Inside the inner
palace is the Sultan’s work room and library where
he used to carry out his work. There is also a special
room for royal weddings and for the inauguration of
Princes or Princesses. The most important area in the
inner palace is Bangsal Prabayeksa, a hall where
sacred weapons are kept. On permanent display in
the hall are a collection of keris, spears, knifes,
arrows, war uniforms and guns. Once a year, in the
Suro month, a Javanese month, the weapons are
cleaned during a sacred ceremony.
If want to visit the palace we must pay 2500 rupiahs.
And it is open from 9am until 2 pm.