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013017 Sheriff’s Office Assists Immigration and Customs Enforcement in

Criminal Alien Arrest Operation

Milwaukee, WI – Sheriff’s Office detectives participated in a U.S. Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE) criminal alien arrest operation over several days last week,
netting 16 arrests in the greater Milwaukee area.

The initiative, Operation Cross Check, was part of a national umbrella operation dealing
with at-large criminal aliens. This was the Sheriff’s Office third year of participating, and
grew out of a meeting with the Regional ICE Supervisory Detention and Deportation

This comes on the heels of President Donald Trump’s Executive Order strengthening
immigration laws that have an emphasis on arresting and detaining criminal illegal aliens
who have been convicted of previous crimes and let back in to the law-abiding community.
President Trump has made it clear that the days of catch and release for criminal aliens is
over. This initiative is in keeping with President Trump’s promise to make America safe

ICE sent out the following in their news release today:

This enforcement surge is the latest effort by ICE to prioritize the arrest and removal of
convicted criminals living illegally in the United States. ERO received significant assistance
during this operation from the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal
Investigation (DCI) and the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).
All 16 arrested during this operation had been convicted of crimes in the United States and
fall within ICE’s enforcement priorities. Their convictions include the following crimes:
force/assault with a deadly weapon not firearm — gross bodily injury likely, receiving stolen
property, battery, grand theft (auto), drug possession with intent to distribute, and drunk
driving. Two were previously deported and two have outstanding deportation orders.
Ricardo Wong, field office director for ERO Chicago, said "When we locate, arrest and
remove the most egregious offenders, we immediately improve public safety in the Milwaukee

Full release:


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the largest investigative agency in the Department of
Homeland Security, and is responsible for enforcing the nation's immigration and customs laws. ICE has
more than 20,000 employees working in more than 400 offices in the U.S. and around the world.