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Critical Item History - ALL

Name of Est Nature Business Street City/Town Permit
Critical Item Description Inspected By
Date C I Marked Follow-up Date LAG Time:
Designated Employee: Beard
Captain D's #3737 Food Service Establishment 15434 Highway 43 Russellville 33-FS-1367 Beard

16 dirty dishes stacked with clean, wires broken and frayed on sifter-10 day notice given 1/31/2019

Waffle House #2186 Food Service Establishment 14005 Highway 43 Russellville 33FS-2143 Beard

38 food foil wrap sheets stored on shelf with various toxic items-abated by moving to an approved area 1/31/2019 1/31/2019 0

27 hot water not reaching required 100 F at handsink in ladies restroom-10 day notice given 1/31/2019

Designated Employee: Warner
Doe's Eat Place Food Service Establishment 114 N. Jackson Av Russellville 33 FS 2228 Warner

24 not enough hot water--water temp now adequate 1/30/2019 2/1/2019 2

Kentucky Fried Chicken Food Service Establishment 15045 Highway 43 Russellville 33-FS-1429 Warner

8 dented cans-- 1/30/2019

15 mold in fountain heads-- 1/30/2019

Pupuseria y Taqueria Las 3 Fro Food Service Establishment 519 St. Clair St. Russellville 33-FS-1821 Warner

25 no hot water in restrooms-- 1/30/2019

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