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The Second Industrial Revolution


Introduction: The years

following the Civil War saw
unprecedented growth
throughout the U.S., with
brave souls venturing to
settle the West and the
advent of new industries
that would reshape
America. In the late
1800‘s, new inventions and
new discoveries built upon
the advances of the
Industrial Revolution so much so that it earned a new name: the
Second Industrial Revolution.
“The Age of Invention”

Step 1: Fill out the following chart using Chapter 14, Section 4. (Reading in
angel). Add or delete rows as needed.

Invention Inventor Picture Impact on Society

First flying Orville Write This was the start of planes and soon people
machine would be riding in planes that hold over 300
holding a people and can go over 4000 miles.

He built the Andrew Smith This made it where the cable cars could go up
first cable car Hallidie and down hills in San Francisco. Which was a
line. really good thing because most of San
Fransisco is hills.

This guy built Nikolaus A. Otto This was the first ever car motor. This would
the first make personal car travel possible for the future
internal and later in the future every American would
combustion use a car in there lifetime.
Invention Inventor Picture Impact on Society

This guy built Samuel F. B. This would make it where people could send
the first Morse messages to each other but not be in the same
communicatio place. This invention was revolutionary because
-n system people could text to other people that were
through hundreds of miles away.

This person Alexander This invention was a telephone that could

built the first Graham Bell transmit voice through electricity. People could
ever actually talk to other people hundreds of miles
telephone. away.

This was the Christopher This invention made it where you could type on
first ever Latham Sholes aqua paper and it look nice and professional for
typewriter. the person your sending it to. No more writing it
out by hand.

Step 2: In one or two short paragraphs, discuss the “Wizard of Menlo Park”
and his greatest inventions. Why was he so successful? What lesson did he
model for future inventors?
His greatest invention was the modern industrial research laboratory because
scientist came from all around and made over hundreds of inventions with him.
He was so successful because he knew people would want to make the
inventions with him. He modeled that if you want to make something better
for the future than look at the flaws of this country and fix them with
different inventions.
Step 3: Rank the inventions from most significant to least significant. Provide
justification for your rankings.

1.This guy built the first internal combustion engine.

2.This person built the first ever telephone.
3.First flying machine holding a man.
4.This was the first ever typewriter.
5.He built the first cable car line.
6.This guy built the first
communication system through wires.