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Week of Jan.

27th, 2019
Sermon Title: How to Grow the
Church Numerically – Acts 8:26-40

The Gospel spreads when individual

Christians fulfill God’s unique missional call on their life.

1) Share a time where you tried to share the gospel and it was either extremely akward or
ended up being a complete failure. In retrospect, would you have changed the way that
you approached that conversation?

2) What are some of you biggest hang ups to doing the work of evangelism?

3) What are some characteristics that made Phillip such an effective evangelist?

4) What are some barriers that could have prevented Phillip from sharing the gospel
effectively with the Ethiopian Eunuch? What are some of the common barriers that
people might have to us sharing the gospel with them and how can we disarm these
without compromising the truth?

5) What are some ways that you as an individual can be relationally engaging people in an
effort to share Christ with them? How can you as a group keep each other accountable
in doing this?