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Dear School Administrators,

My name is Katherine Stier and I am a senior at Dakota State University (DSU) in

Madison, SD. My major is Elementary Education/K-12 Special Education. I have minors in K-12
Educational Technology and K-8 Reading as well as endorsements in Kindergarten Education
and Coaching Varsity Basketball and Volleyball. I am maintaining a grade-point-average of 3.5
and hope to graduate DSU with honors.
I am from Onida, SD, a town of around seven hundred people located thirty miles north
of Pierre. I am the youngest member of my family, with only one sibling and my parents. I
graduated from Sully Buttes High School in 2014, in the top 25% of my class. I was a member
of the National Honor Society throughout my high-school experience and was an active
participant in many extracurricular activities.
I began my journey both at DSU and as an education major on a whim and quickly
learned I had found my calling and the people that would present me with the opportunities to
achieve great things within my calling. DSU has exposed me to resources and opportunities that
make me stand above the crowd. I have gained insight into many educational technologies that
transform the average classroom into an engaging experience for both teacher and student. I
have also gained insight into multiple effective teaching practices, concepts, and strategies:
Project Based Learning, STEAM activities, Universal Design for Learning, and more.
My personal passions coincide with my professional passions, one of which is my
commitment to having a classroom environment in which all students feel that they are
welcome, and their bodies and minds are safe. I am also passionate about creativity and
expression. I believe every individual is an artist with a creative genius inside. I am passionate
about finding that creativity and use it to enhance learning experiences, thus making learning
more meaningful.


Katherine Stier