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STERIS Maintenance Manual MAINTENANCE MANUAL Amsco” 3085 st Surgical Table ani Amsco® 3085 SP™ HERMES-Ready™ Surgical Table (06/15/01) P-764328-948 | Rev. 1 | ! | LIMITATIONS AND LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY | tnasse aes ntet Bat Gros enh er oo er TEAS ee et tach ehh io a Temeer oh vea a oas Scan or fon Sunn a Meee aane all erie oe eh Ce | STIS ayees lo deen, ren und hold eis harnless ror any end flame hy. Gansu, expanses ave a parson inuies, elude Westy employees of STEMS aa cus | eran ora pares ar tr pene semage ne ene eae ay he wl ac. net ‘rst abiry of STERIS. Custom aroes den, nama an hold SHEFIS narmioss om | ings laity darnges 1 expenss duno prsom nares, asus sath, a eeplyees | eistomor aed STERIS ana t ha pares and toot rage et eee eaten! 8 ew | Go noglgense or atetlabity of ccserer WARNING -- COPYING PROHIBITED This manual is retaclad by Fadaral Copyright Lave. which provides far damages of up ta USD 20000, 2s weil ag minal Snes ana mprisanmert or unaanodlzed coeyinp 4 A WORD FROM STERIS CORPORATION Le MODULE ELELLULLLAALA LN Indications for Use ULLAL ATALANTA ROLLA Service Information camuneammntuinnnnanninniti Advisory (22001. STERIS Compotatin, Alnights eeeved, Ioetcsion ‘This manual contains important information en proper use and maintenance oj the Amsco” 8088 SPl™ Surgical Table, AMI personnel involved in the use and maintenance of this equipment must caretully review and comply the warnings, cautions and contained in this manual, Those nstiuctions are important to protect, the health and safety of personnel operating @ 3085 SP table andi should be relained in a conveniently accessible area for quick reference. Complete instructions for uncrating have been fuinished Imissing, contact STERIS for areplacement copy. giving the serial number and made! numbers cof the unit STERIS carries a complete Ine of accessories for use with this table & STERIS representative will gladly review these with you. The Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Tabisis amobile, eleetrohydraulcally operated general surgical table thal provides flexible articulation of the surgical patient. A thorough preventive maintenance program is essential to sale and proper unit operation, This manual contains maintenance scheclules ane proce dures which should be followed tor satisfactory equipment performance You are encouraged to contact STERIS conceming our comprehensive Annual Maintenance Agresment. Under the terms ot this agreement, preven~ tive maintenance, adjusiments, and replacement of worn paris are done on a scheduled basis to assure equipment performance at peak capabilly and tohelp avoid untimely or costly interruptions. STERIS maintains. global stat of well equipped. factory-trained technicians. te provide this seavice, as well a9 exper! fepair services. Please contact your STRIS representative for details NOTE: Patient grounding post/potentiat equalization terminavis provicied. The mating female connector is not furnished by STERIS, 4 listing of the safety precautions te be observed when operating and servicing this equipment can be found in Section of this manual Do not operate or sarvics the equipment until you have become familiar with this information Any alteration of this equipment not authorized or perlormed by STERIS Engineering Service which could affect ts operation will void the warranty, could violate federal, siate and local regulations and jeopardize your insurance coverage ancenane Mara rave oe