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The Crime of Being Christian, White, Male, and Pro-life, and Wearing MAGA Hats

February 18, 2019 • $3.95 THAT FREEDOM SHALL NOT PERISH

What does “family owned & operated” really mean? For the Clark family, it
means getting up early for 45 years to work in their own community, and
choosing to invest in the Inland Empire. In a time when Wall Street is trying to
run Main Street, Clark’s Nutrition still believes that family owned and
operated businesses are the backbone of the American dream, and feels
privileged to help families live healthier and happier lives.
China’s New Aggression on the World Stage
China is using its economic clout and the money it makes in international
trade to bribe or coerce businesses and countries to do its bidding.
(February 18, 2019, 48pp) TNA190218

Rescuing Our Children When Will We Hold Them Using the Climate to The Rising Tide Censoring the Web:
American children are to Their Oath? Transform the World Against Liberalism Who’s Next?
progressively doing Upon taking office, all At the United Nations Liberalism seems set to America’s Big Tech
worse in math, reading, congressmen swear an oath COP24 climate summit in dominate the political social-media organs
and other subjects, while stating that they will uphold Poland, attendees worked scene, but its viciousness, have declared war on
being indoctrinated with the U.S. Constitution, but toward transforming illogic, and hypocrisy are conservatives, trying
leftist pablum — the most have every intention the world to bring beginning to take a toll. to exile them from the
cause and the prognosis. of breaking that oath. about global socialism. (December 24, 2018, Internet. But several
(February 4, 2019, 48pp) Their excuses; our reply. (January 7, 2019, 48pp) 48pp) TNA181224 possible routes exist to
TNA190204 (January 21, 2019, 48pp) TNA190107 fight back. (September
TNA190121 17, 2018, 48pp) TNA180917


China’s New Aggression

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Vol. 35, No. 4 February 18, 2019

Cover Story
10 China’s New Aggression on the World Stage

Design by Joseph W. Kelly

by Charles Scaliger — China has long used Western capital to
challenge the might of the West. Now it is moving forcefully, making
demands of companies and countries, expanding its influence.

17 The Crime of Being Christian, White, Male, and
Pro-life, and Wearing MAGA Hats
by Selwyn Duke — When teens from Covington Catholic High
School went to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., they were
accosted by leftist radicals, then framed as bigots.

21 Trump vs. Deep State
by Troy Anderson — Now that Democrats control the House, it is

likely that they and segments of the Deep State will pull out all the
stops to impeach Trump, predetermine elections, and aid globalists.

29 Dissecting Officer-involved Shootings
by Robin Kinderman — With hate against police officers growing
with every officer-involved shooting that gains traction on TV, one
cop looks at numerous shootings to explain what happened — and


33 Trump and the Federal Reserve AP Images
by Charles Scaliger — With President Trump being the first U.S.
president in decades to be even nominally against the Federal
Reserve and the problems it causes, it’s time for a Fed refresher.


44 Cowardice Before the Ravening Mob
by William F. Jasper

Library of Congress

5 Letters to the Editor 31 The Goodness of America

6 Inside Track 40 Exercising the Right
9 QuickQuotes 41 Correction, Please! COVER Design by Joseph W. Kelly
p l a z a

5,640 square ft.
Call 239-677-7441 or Email
Cleveland Ave. (Rt. 41) • Ft. Myers, Florida • Stamra Inc.
Publisher & Editor
Gary Benoit Miffed by Movie Review conceal its desire for economic control of
Senior Editor To comment on the movie review by Steve the Southern states.”
William F. Jasper Byas about Dinesh D’Souza’s movie Death The actions of Lincoln were controver-
of a Nation by The New American (Sep- sial at home, controversial in the South,
Managing Editor
tember 17, 2018 issue) — in which D’Souza and controversial abroad. He initiated an
Kurt Williamsen
lauds Abraham Lincoln and attacks Demo- unpopular war and relied upon immigrant
Web Editor crats — let me first bring up a historical soldiers to invade and conquer the South.
John T. Larabell quote: “The workingmen of Europe feel sure In addition to the support from the “Father
that, as the American War of Independence of Communism,” Lincoln and the Radical
Foreign Correspondent initiated a new era of ascendancy for the Republican Party received support from the
Alex Newman
middle class, so the American Antislavery failed socialist revolutionaries of 1848 who
Contributors war will do for the working classes. They immigrated to the United States of America
Bob Adelmann • Dennis Behreandt consider it an earnest of the epoch to come and started rifle clubs and the Wide Awake
Steve Byas • Raven Clabough that it fell to the lot of Abraham Lincoln, organizations.
Selwyn Duke • Brian Farmer the single-minded son of the working class Why did Lincoln receive such support
Christian Gomez • Larry Greenley to lead his country through the matchless from the successors of socialists and the
Gregory A. Hession, J.D. struggle for the rescue of an enchained race predecessors of the communists? He central-
Ed Hiserodt • William P. Hoar and the reconstruction of the social world.” ized the United States, destroying the vol-
R. Cort Kirkwood • Patrick Krey, J.D. This is mighty high praise given President untary aspect of the Constitution as a com-
Warren Mass • John F. McManus Lincoln after his reelection victory in 1864. pact. Much like the history of the European
James Murphy • Dr. Duke Pesta If not clear enough, the writer begins his Union, or the warnings this magazine issues
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. open letter to President Lincoln, “We con- regarding the United Nations, Lincoln made
C. Mitchell Shaw • Michael Tennant gratulate the American people upon your re- union involuntary and forced the states to
Rebecca Terrell • Fr. James Thornton election by a large majority.” surrender their sovereignty. The South, and
Laurence M. Vance • Joe Wolverton II, J.D.
Who is this mystery writer congratulating every other state in the Union, suffers to this
Creative Director Lincoln while beating the war drums against day under the weight of the leviathan created
Joseph W. Kelly slavery and casting the American war in by Lincoln.
terms of class warfare? It’s none other than D’Souza’s most recent movie, Death of
Senior Graphic Designer the “Father of Communism,” Karl Marx. a Nation, does not chronicle the forceful
Katie Bradley Such praise was not new from Marx. As destruction of the Constitutional Republic
Research early as 1861, he proclaimed, “It ought to be created by our ancestors in 1789, but glori-
Bonnie M. Gillis remembered that it was not the North, but the fies the Republican Party and the abandon-
South, which undertook this war; the former ment of the Constitution using an end-justi-
Chief Strategy Officer acting only on the defense.” fies-the-means logic. The storyline sold by
Bill Hahn His statement, of course, was far from ac- D’Souza is the same “fake news narrative”
Advertising/Circulation Manager curate. It was the North that twice sent hos- pushed by Lincoln and his socialist backers
Julie DuFrane tile ships into a Southern port to reinforce a in their quest to subvert the federal govern-
fort against the wishes of the host state. It ment and conquer the states.
was President Lincoln who warned the South There is enough material from current
in his inaugural address that “the power con- events and recent history to criticize the
fided to me will be used to ... collect the du- Democrat party without repeating the so-
ties and imposts; but, beyond what may be cialist “fake news” of the 19th century. I
Printed in the U.S.A. • ISSN 0885-6540
necessary for these objects, there will be no am disappointed that this magazine would
P.O. Box 8040 • Appleton, WI 54912 invasion.” And it was Lincoln who, without promote such shallow thinking, glorifying
920-749-3784 • 920-749-3785 (fax) declaration from Congress, called for an a significant achievement of the conspiracy
army to invade the South and “collect the and communism.
Rates are $49 per year (Canada, add $9;
duties and imposts.” For the sake of our nation, I pray that
foreign, add $27) Copyright ©2019 by More-honest contemporary foreigners D’Souza is wrong and that President Trump
American Opinion Publishing, Inc. Periodicals objected to the “fake news” from Marx. is not another Abraham Lincoln.
postage paid at Appleton, WI and additional
mailing offices. Postmaster: Send any address
“Union means so many millions [of dol- Robert K. Merting
changes to The New American, P.O. Box 8040, lars] lost to the South; secession means the Greenville, South Carolina
Appleton, WI 54912. loss of the same millions to the North....
T he N ew A merican is
The quarrel between North and South is Author responds: The movie was reviewed
published twice monthly ... solely a fiscal quarrel.” So said Charles favorably despite, not because of, D’Souza’s
by American Opinion Dickens. He continued: “The Northern strong praise of Lincoln. I thought I indi-
Publishing Inc., a wholly
owned subsidiary of The John Birch Society.
onslaught upon slavery was no more than cated that fact in the review — perhaps not
a piece of specious humbug designed to strongly enough.

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Inside Track
Globalist “Intellectuals” Warn That the EU Is “Coming Apart”
A group of intellectuals is complaining about the patriotism of Do note that the massive, EU-authored Third World migrations
the masses who oppose their European Union imperial scheme. into Europe have led to skyrocketing crime, sexual attacks on
Calling them “30 top intellectuals” comprising “writers, his- women, assaults on non-Muslims, acts of jihad, and the birth of
torians and Nobel laureates ... from 21 countries,” The Guardian “no-go zones” — and the natives still living in these places don’t
reported January 25 that they wrote in a “manifesto published in enjoy 24/7 police protection.
several newspapers, including The Guardian, that Europe as an So a battle rages between intellectuals and common people
idea was ‘coming apart before our eyes.’” with more common sense. One side warns of the death of the EU,
As The Guardian summarizes it, quoting the intellectuals, the other of the death of the West. And it’s now increasingly clear
“Liberal values in Europe face a challenge ‘not seen since the that for one to live, the other must die.
1930s’ ... as the UK lurches towards Brexit and nationalists look
set to make sweeping gains in EU parliamentary elections.”
What’s really coming apart is the EU, of course — though the
intellectuals use the name not once in the manifesto but instead
rebrand it as “Europe.”
To wit: “Enough of ‘building Europe’! is the cry. Let’s re-
connect instead with our ‘national soul’! Let’s rediscover our
‘lost identity’!” the authors write, explaining, “This is the agenda
shared by the populist forces washing over the continent. Never
mind that abstractions such as ‘soul’ and ‘identity’ often exist
only in the imagination of demagogues.”
Apropos to this, last year French president Emmanuel Macron
cited an “Africa expert” who’d said, approvingly, that the number
of Africans living in Europe will rise from nine million today
to between 150 million and 200 million during the next three
decades. Some call this abstraction “Eurafrica.”

AP Images
Thirty-five Percent of Transgender Youth Have Attempted Suicide
likely than non-transgender students to use cocaine, heroin,
methamphetamines, and prescription opioids, as well.
Many young people who identify as “transgender” have not
had surgery but remain biologically the same as before, while
Vladimir Zapletin/iStock/GettyImagesPlus

“identifying” as a member of the opposite sex, dressing as such

and insisting on having access to public restrooms that match
their identity rather than their true gender. Yet, according to the
CDC study, even these are prone to severe depression leading to
attempted suicide.
The reason for this psychological trauma can be found in re-
marks made by Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-
chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital, who said in a commentary in
the Wall Street Journal in 2015 that transgenderism is a “mental
disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically
A study released January 25 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Con- impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment
trol and Prevention (CDC) said that just under two percent of surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.
high-school students said they were “transgender.” McHugh also reported on a then-current study showing that
Thirty-five percent of the transgender students said they had the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassign-
attempted suicide in the previous year, compared with about ment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-
seven percent of those who did not see themselves as transgender, transgender people. The transgendered person’s disorder, said
the CDC study found. This startling figure should indicate that McHugh, is in the person’s “assumption” that they are different
young people who identify as “transgender” have a much higher than the physical reality of their body, their maleness or female-
rate of psychological disturbance leading to severe depression ness, as assigned by nature. It is a disorder similar to a “danger-
than those who do not. ously thin” person suffering anorexia who looks in the mirror and
The CDC report found that “transgender” youth were far more thinks they are “overweight,” said McHugh.


Inside Track
Koch Network Won’t Back Trump in 2020
In a move that should surprise precisely no one, the Koch politi-
cal network has informed donors that it will not support President
Donald Trump — or any other candidate — in the 2020 presi-
dential elections. While the network still expects to be active in
down-ticket races for the Senate and House of Representatives, it
will not weigh in on the presidential race. The organization also
chose not to back Trump in 2016.
Koch network spokesman James Davis told the Washington
Post on January 24 the network is planning to make “significant
investment to support policy champions in Senate, House and
state races, build broad-based policy coalitions and to launch a
major new initiative to fight poverty in America.”
The Republican National Committee probably wasn’t expect-
ing much Koch brothers support in the next presidential election
anyway. In August, the RNC sent a letter to donors critical of the

AP Images
Koch organization after Charles Koch suggested that the network Charles
might begin to support Democrats. “Some groups who claim to Koch
support conservatives forgo their commitment when they decide
their business interests are more important than those of the coun- a more permanent answer for illegal immigrants who came here
try or Party. This is unacceptable,” said the letter. The same letter as children, known colloquially as “Dreamers.”
claimed that the GOP had “been prepared for this for years.” President Trump proved in 2016 that he didn’t need the Kochs or
In a January 2 e-mail to donors, the Koch network laid out the baggage that comes with their support. One of the main reasons
its policy priorities for 2019, many of which sound as if they that voters chose Trump is that they saw him as a person with his
were written by Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. own money, who didn’t owe donors such as the Kochs anything.
Among those priorities are income inequality, education initia- Even though their funds and their support could help in 2020, it’s
tives, overhauling the criminal-justice system, and searching for for the best that the president doesn’t become beholden to them.

BuzzFeed & Other Media Suffering Financial Woes, Scrambling to Survive

At the same time that many media organizations have hitched other digital media players,” and “to help the company avoid
their wagons to a rabid anti-Trump narrative, many of them are raising money again.”
struggling to survive. The more than half a billion dollars BuzzFeed has raised over
The Wall Street Journal reported January 23 that “BuzzFeed two years was apparently not spent improving the journalistic
is planning to lay off about 15% of its workforce, according to end of the company. In October 2014, a Pew Research Center
people familiar with the situation.” In fact, BuzzFeed, considered survey showed that the majority of people in the United States,
by many to be “Fake News,” has never actually been financially regardless of their political affiliation, considered BuzzFeed to be
successful. According to the Journal piece, the layoffs are part of an unreliable source of news.
a bigger plan “to get BuzzFeed on the path to profitability and in And BuzzFeed is not alone. As the Journal piece stated:
proper shape as it scouts out potential merger combinations with “There are signs of growing pressure in the industry. The online
publisher Mic recently agreed to sell itself to women-focused
publisher Bustle Digital Group for about $5 million. Refinery29,
the lifestyle-focused publisher that targets millennial women,
laid off 10% of its workforce last fall.”
Other big names in liberal journalism are facing similar hard-
ships. In a separate January 23 article, the Journal reported that
Condé Nast — which owns the New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Wired,
Vogue, GQ, Bon Appétit, Glamour, and other well-known maga-
zines — will be putting all of its online articles behind paywalls
by the end of 2019. There will also be an increase in the price
of subscriptions. The New Yorker’s regular renewal price for a
print and digital bundle is going from $119 a year to $149. And
Verizon Media Group is laying off seven percent of its workforce
AP Images

— roughly 800 employees. 7
Extended Inside Track
Another Step Toward Auditing the Federal Reserve

epresentative Thomas Mas­
sie kicked off the legislative
new year on January 3 with
H.R. 24, the Federal Reserve Trans-
parency Act. This bill is the latest
in a series of bills introduced by the Thomas
likes of Massie and former Congress- Massie
man Ron Paul calling for a congres-
sional audit of the Federal Reserve,
an event that has never taken place
in the Fed’s 105-year history. Once
politically unthinkable, the drive to
audit the Fed has gained considerable
momentum in recent years as many
Democrats and even some influential
far-left progressives, such as Bernie
Sanders, have signaled their support.
With a president in the White House

AP Images
who has made no secret of his dislike
for the Fed, there is a real possibil-
ity that Massie’s bill — should it ever
pass the House and Senate — could become law. of the organization. After all, the Fed is charged with managing
“Now is the time,” Massie told Breitbart News, “because I America’s money supply — the very money that is issued by
believe the president would sign an Audit the Fed bill. This bill the federal government in the first place. 
has passed through the House with a veto-proof majority. This The real reason for the reticence of Fed officials is to preserve
last Congress it passed out of committee, but the Speaker [Paul the mystery and obscurity of central banking operations, which
Ryan] did not pick it up. I believe if we can get it on the floor in few in Congress — let alone the American general public —
the House and to the Senate, it would pass with a large majority; understand. They rightly fear that, should the public and their
we wouldn’t even have to worry about a veto-proof majority congressional representatives come to understand how the Fed
because I believe this president would sign it.” Of course, with truly operates, with its network of privileged primary dealers,
the House now controlled by ultra-liberal establishmentarians its shady currency trading, and its obvious ties to and preference
such as Nancy Pelosi, who are determined to avoid any legisla- for large banks and financial firms, pressure would be brought
tive matters that might resonate with a president they detest, to bear to get rid of the Fed altogether.
Massie’s assessment of the bill’s political prospects may be This, of course, is the desired outcome by those pushing
overly optimistic. But the fact that a majority of congressmen the bill. For more than a century, the Fed’s monetary policies
in the last Congress supported a similar bill bodes well for the have systematically enriched the well-connected few (such as
movement’s eventual success. the bankers and traders who work at the Fed’s primary deal-
The Fed and its supporters, for their part, remain staunchly ers) at the expense of the many (the rest of us, whose sav-
opposed to any congressional audit. For more than a century, ings are gradually depleted by the Fed’s program of incessant
they have argued that the Fed, in order to function free of po- inflation). The Federal Reserve System has fundamentally
litical bias or attachment to special interests, must be able to transformed the American economic and cultural landscape
operate completely independent of congressional oversight — by creating a financial climate in which savers are punished
which of course would include any type of audit carried out (by inflation) and profligacy is rewarded (by unnaturally
by lawmakers. Were the Fed truly a private corporation, such low interest rates and easy money that incentivize borrowing
arguments would have merit. But the Fed was created by an and spending). Whereas living within one’s means and sav-
act of Congress, and from its inception has had a long history ing money for old age was once considered prudent conduct,
of aligning its policies with the will of powerful politicians nowadays risky home purchases, online currency trading, and
such as Senator Nelson Aldrich, its political sire, and Treasury other high-risk activities are regarded as the height of financial
officials, whose debt issues the Fed buys and sells as a chief sophistication. And all because of generations of Fed-fueled
means of controlling the money supply. To argue that the Fed, inflation.
its chairman, and its Board of Governors are beholden to no It is long past time to end the Fed. Congressman Massie’s bill
political interests is to willfully ignore the nature and purpose is a much-needed step in the right direction. n



Mitt Romney Gets a Scolding From His Niece, a Republican Official

“For an incoming freshman senator to attack Donald Trump as his first
act feeds into what the Democrats and media want. [It is] disappointing
and unproductive.”
No sooner had Mitt Romney been sworn in as a Utah senator than he

Flicker/George Skidmore
authored a bitterly critical characterization of President Trump for the
Washington Post. Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican
National Committee and a close relative of the senator, responded with
an appropriate scolding. McDaniel

New Brazilian President Strongly Opposes “Socialism”

“[Brazil’s flag] will never be red again even if it takes our blood to keep it green and yellow.”
Referring to the colors of Brazil’s long-standing flag and the intention of the outgoing Workers Party
to color it communist red, newly elected president Jair Bolsonaro announced that, by electing him, the
people of Brazil were being “freed from socialism.”

Retired Admiral Champions United States Staying in NATO

“Even discussing the idea of leaving NATO — let alone actually doing so — would be the gift of the
century for Putin.”
Retired Admiral James Stavridis formerly served as the supreme commander of NATO. A member of
the globalist-minded Council on Foreign Relations, he surprised no one with his outspoken defense of
U.S. entanglements such as NATO.

Leader of “Angel Families” Backs Construction of Border Wall

“Nancy Pelosi talks all the time about what a waste of money the wall
is. But she fails to talk about what will happen if we don’t build the wall.
My son’s life was priceless and he didn’t have to die the way he did.”
After her police officer son was killed by an illegal alien, Mary Ann

Flicker/Gage Skidmore
Mendoza launched “Angel Families” to promote the need for a bor-
der wall.
New York State Government Mendoza
Makes College Aid Available to Illegals
“How am I supposed to tell families in my Senate district that adequate state aid to help afford college
isn’t available for them, but it is available for others who are in this country illegally?”
Governor Andrew Cuomo, a hard-core Democrat, indicated that he will sign a bill to provide college
aid to illegals. Republican State Senator James Seward immediately asked a good question, but he
received no satisfactory answer from Governor Cuomo or the Democrats who preside over both houses
of the state legislature.

California Billionaire Decides Against Running for President

“Most people come to Iowa around this time to announce a campaign for president. But I am proud
to be here to announce that I will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to remove a president.”
Originally indicating that he would be a candidate for the nation’s highest office, Tom Steyer now
says he will use $40 million of his personal funds in a campaign to have Donald Trump impeached and
removed from office.

Trump Supporter Expects Her Candidate

Will Be the Last GOP President
“Every day, more and more immigrants turn 18 and start voting
and their votes will cancel out all of your votes.”
After accurately predicting Trump’s victory in 2016, best-sell-
Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

ing author Ann Coulter expects changing demographics and

the certainty that young immigrants will vote for liberals and
progressives to throw up an insurmountable barrier to electing
Ann Republicans. n
Coulter — Compiled by John F. McManus

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China has long used Western capital to challenge the might of the West. Now it is moving
forcefully, making demands of companies and countries, expanding its influence.

by Charles Scaliger Communist Party of Nepal, with the not- In 2006, the communists laid down

so-covert backing of the Chinese, waged a their arms in exchange for a peace treaty
n 2015, the most overlooked commu- bitter civil war against the Nepalese gov- granting them the right to participate in
nist revolution in history took place. ernment, seeking to overthrow the monar- Nepalese politics. At the time, it was esti-
That was the year that communists chy and replace it with a People’s Repub- mated that the communists controlled 80
seized power in the Himalayan nation lic. The insurgency included a number of percent of rural Nepal. And in 2015, after
of Nepal via ballot-box revolution. For attacks on foreign trekkers in the popular nine years of electoral agitation, the Nep-
a decade, from 1996 to 2006, the Maoist mountaineering and hiking destination. alese Communists, led by longtime revo-


lutionary leader Khadga Prasad Sharma
Oli, finally achieved their political goal, In effect, the Chinese government offers to build (or
sweeping into power in that year’s popular rebuild) infrastructure in a country, in exchange for
The election sent shock waves across
greater access to that country’s markets — as well as
the region, where Nepal has long been political allegiance, if not outright alliance.
aligned with pro-Western India and op-
posed to the Communist Chinese behe-
moth on its northern border. Given China’s ing down on and even disappearing any- ular uproar in Sri Lanka over the move,
longtime support of Nepal’s communists, one who appears to be a dissident — but the Chinese government shelled out $300
it was expected that Nepal might turn outwardly it is using the technology and million in grant money for the Sri Lankan
northward in search of new alliances. wealth fed to it by companies clinging to government to use any way it pleased —
Now, the worst fears of India and the the futile hope that China will open its underscoring how important China’s hold
West are coming to pass. In 2018, for the markets to them to build a sphere of world on Sri Lanka has become for its strategic
first time, the Nepalese government re- control. Its methods use the carrot-and- interests. And China, flush with cash, is
fused to participate in annual South Asian stick approach: When bribes don’t work, proving more willing than Western coun-
military exercises aimed at combating subversion and savagery are employed. tries such as the United States to dole out
terrorism in the region, and Nepal’s top In the case of Sri Lanka, the govern- supposedly no-strings-attached financial
general declined to attend a gathering of ment of that debt-ridden country was re- aid, such as its recent gift to Sri Lanka,
other military leaders from the region at cently compelled to sign over most of the causing many countries to set aside res-
the same time. But Nepal announced it rights to a major southern port, Hamban- ervations over China’s true motives and
will soon be participating in joint military tota, to the Chinese on a 99-year lease in begin questioning their alignment with
exercises with China. exchange for a substantial amount of debt the West.
Nor have the Chinese failed to shower forgiveness. Hambantota’s location, right The “Belt and Road” project (liter-
rewards on their newfound friend and ally. on the major east-west shipping lane from ally “One Belt, One Road” in Chinese),
In June of 2018, the Chinese government the Suez Canal to Singapore and the Far of which China’s Sri Lanka activities are
announced a deal with Nepal that will see East, via Sri Lanka’s south coast, gives only a small part, was launched by Chi-
the construction of a new railway link ex- China unprecedented access to one of the nese President and General Secretary of
tending from Chinese Tibet all the way to world’s major commercial sea routes — as the Communist Party Xi Jinping in 2013.
the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu. The well as a potential military vantage point According to the Chinese government, it is
project is part of China’s ambitious new over the entire Indian Ocean. After a pop- nothing less than a modern re-creation of
“Belt and Road” project to construct in-
frastructure all across Eurasia, and even
overseas, ostensibly to better link China,
with its vast markets, to the rest of the
world. The program being pursued in
Nepal has become the model for how
Communist China is now methodically
advancing its interests all over the world.
In effect, the Chinese government offers
to build (or rebuild) infrastructure in a
country, in exchange for greater access to
that country’s markets — as well as politi-
cal allegiance, if not outright alliance. A
number of countries, such as Turkey and
Sri Lanka, are taking advantage of this
initiative, and many others, strapped for
cash and weary of what they perceive to
be onerous and compromising conditions
imposed by Western creditors and provid-
ers of foreign aid, are seriously consider-
ing China’s blandishments.
A scan of the socio-political scene in-
volving China reveals that the country AP Images

aims to dominate the globe — as a com- Communist-socialist resurgence: As in the West, young adults in Nepal celebrate the first steps
munist power. At home, China is not only toward the implementation of strict socialism, raising signs for communist Prime Minister Khadga
presently retrenching socially — crack- Prasad Sharma Oli. They believe the Siren calls for better lives despite socialism’s many failures. 11

most powerful corporations, on charges of

In the case of Sri Lanka, the government of that giving aid to Iran in violation of interna-
debt-ridden country was recently compelled to sign tional sanctions.
The disappearance of popular figures
over most of the rights to a major southern port, who have fallen into party disfavor and
Hambantota, to the Chinese on a 99-year lease in politically motivated attacks on foreign
citizens were once routine in Maoist
exchange for a substantial amount of debt forgiveness. China, Stalinist Russia, and other totalitar-
ian regimes, and continue to be the norm
the ancient land and sea trading routes that name of a new ongoing “anti-corruption” in the likes of North Korea and Iran. And
linked China with the rest of the world, a campaign targeting everything from street for years, it appeared as though China had
sort of 21st-century Silk Road. vendors to drug users to critics of the gov- moved beyond such episodes.
In point of fact, President Xi’s Belt and ernment. In July China’s most prominent But worse may be soon in coming as
Road initiative has coincided with a very film actress, Fan Bingbing, vanished for Xi continues to consolidate power. This
significant Chinese military buildup and several months, leaving her millions of year, he removed the two-term limit on
with a dramatic rise in Chinese Commu- fans worldwide to speculate about her the Chinese president and vice-president,
nist subversion abroad, in places as far- fate. Fan was the world’s fifth highest- making himself in effect leader for life, if
flung as South Africa, where the ruling paid actress in 2016, according to a Forbes he chooses. His anti-corruption campaign
African National Congress is now trans- ranking, and was a regular at film festivals has morphed into an ambitious drive to
parently allied with (and receiving train- across the world, from Cannes to Busan. transform China into a panopticon state. A
ing from) the Chinese Communists. All The multitalented actress speaks fluent network of new cameras watches Chinese
of these indicators point unmistakably to English and has also appeared in a number citizens everywhere they walk or drive,
a China that has decided to take the place of Hollywood movies. while government software compiles data
of the defunct Soviet Union as the world’s As it turned out, she was detained for on tens of millions of them, assigning
chief sponsor and military backer of the several months on charges of tax evasion. them a number similar to a credit score —
global communist movement. Other public figures have similarly fallen except that these scores reflect a citizen’s
For nations caught in the Chinese Com- from the graces of the Communist Party loyalty to the party, obedience to the state,
munist net, the effects are increasingly in recent years. Not only that, the Chinese and general sense of civic duty.
worrisome. Nepal’s communists have re- government has shown a willingness to Points are taken off for jaywalking, late
cently passed legislation outlawing Chris- arbitrarily arrest foreigners for political bill payments, criticizing the government,
tian missionary activity in Nepal, making leverage, as evidenced by the recent jail- buying too much alcohol, and many other
charitable activity by any Christian-affili- ing of several former Canadian diplomats activities deemed deleterious by the Com-
ated NGO illegal, and even curtailing the in obvious retaliation for Canada’s deten- munist Party. If their score drops too low,
right of Nepalese to criticize the govern- tion of the CFO of Huawei, one of China’s hapless Chinese citizens will be denied
ment. This is socialist incrementalism at
its best, backed by the world’s most pa-
tient and calculating totalitarian regime.
In China, meanwhile, the Communist
Party is once again consolidating power
at home as it attempts to undo several de-
cades of market reforms that began under
premier Deng Xiaoping. Following Deng’s
lead, the nation once so cowed by commu-
nist tyranny that even modes of dress were
dictated by the government (a dictatorial
excess even Stalin’s Soviet Union did not
approach) shed the drab party-mandated
clothing for Western fashion, developed
a taste for Western music and media, and
even began traveling more or less freely
abroad, including to the United States and
other Western nations.
But beginning in 2012, when Xi Jin-
ping came to power, the Communist Party AP Images

began a slow but steady movement back Making itself necessary: China has been increasing sales to Europe, sending about 6,000 freight
toward its totalitarian past. Crackdowns, trains with goods to Europe in 2018 — nearly double the trips made the previous year. China is
arrests, and imprisonments soared in the using its economic muscle not only to enrich itself, but to expand its influence over the world.


city streets as they do in non-communist
countries. Instead, a prospective passenger
uses Didi to summon a taxi, transforming
what might be a curbside wait of a half-
hour or more for a random taxi to pass
into a two or three-minute interval. In this
way, Didi manages to disguise somewhat
the shortage of taxis that would otherwise
make city travel just another hassle typical
of a centrally planned economy. Taobao,
China’s answer to Amazon and owned by
Alibaba, masks the fact that, outside of
large Western stores in big cities, the Chi-
nese economy is still not able to produce
enough domestically to fill the shelves
of big-box stores. Instead, Chinese order
most of their stuff besides basic grocer-
ies online, and items are typically shipped
within a few business days — from wher-
AP Images ever in China they happen to be available.
And this is China’s light touch: Sri Lankan villagers protest a deal with China giving it control Thus someone living in Shanghai might
of Hambantota Port and private land to build factories. Sri Lanka’s government made the deal be unable to find a particular item any-
because it needs the money China offered. where locally, despite the city’s enormous
size. But a store in Guangzhou, far to the
air and rail travel, refused access to social munications manufacturer, provides the south, might have the item in stock, al-
networks, and kept from finding gainful Chinese government with intelligence lowing the Shanghai resident to purchase
employ. Still under consideration are addi- gleaned from its popular cellphones and it remotely via Taobao.
tional “social infractions” such as playing computers, to a degree that puts the re- How has China’s communist govern-
too many video games, spending money cently revealed excesses of Facebook to ment managed to lift China out of its im-
wastefully, or making too many posts on shame. Jack Ma, the billionaire founder poverished, agrarian past? Simply put,
social media. of Alibaba and a sort of Chinese answer by bringing in foreign capital and giv-
Exploiting 21st-century technology, to Bill Gates, whose success story every ing those corporations a lot of latitude to
the system combines data culled from 200 Chinese schoolboy is encouraged to emu- manufacture and sell, both for export and
million surveillance cameras with finan- late, was recently outed as a member of for domestic consumption. But in return,
cial records, Internet browsing history, and the Communist Party. The dreary reality the Communist Party is demanding ever-
medical records to assemble digital dos- in China is that no Chinese entrepreneur or increasing involvement in the affairs of
siers on tens of millions of Chinese citi- corporation is permitted to succeed unless foreign corporations in China, especially
zens. By 2020, the Chinese government it also gives the Communist Party what- those partnered with a domestic company.
intends to have all of China’s 1.4 billion ever support it can. And Chinese law stipulates that foreign
people under 24/7 surveillance. If real- Nevertheless, many outside China do companies in most sectors must be part-
ized, China in the 2020s will resemble — not view China as the West once regarded nered with a domestic firm (a “partner-
more than any other government in mod- the Soviet “Evil Empire,” because 21st- ship” wherein the Chinese firm must con-
ern history — the Orwellian nightmare century China differs from the 20th-cen- trol at least 51 percent) — an imposition
of 1984, where the Party has become not tury Soviet Union in its illusion of pros- that many foreign companies are increas-
only all-powerful but — thanks to all-en- perity — the bewitching array of modern ingly coming to view as a cynical ploy
compassing surveillance technologies — technologies, including modern highways whereby Chinese firms avail themselves
omniscient as well. Because Communist and railroads, gleaming skyscrapers, and of Western intellectual property, only to
China has managed to endure into the 21st a society wedded to the Internet like no kick Westerners out once their usefulness
century, it is able to exploit technologies other. The Chinese conduct most of their has been exhausted.
for mass surveillance and control that the business online, thanks to the all-encom- Indeed, there are signs that Western
defunct Soviet Union could only dream of. passing social networking-cum-purchas- firms are already wearing out their wel-
Not only that, all of China’s major cor- ing app called WeChat (also used by the come in China, as the Communist Party
porations, such as Huawei and Alibaba, government to spy on Chinese citizens) concludes that further capitalist presence
are allowed to operate only on condition and a host of other online services such as in its country will hamper the return to
that they use their resources to enhance Alibaba and Didi. The latter, a taxi-call- ideological purity being undertaken by
the government’s surveillance powers at ing app, is absolutely indispensable to get the Xi administration. The Communist
home and abroad. Huawei, a telecom- around in China; taxis do not crowd the Party is ramping up pressure on Western

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Despite all of these growing concerns,

Western corporations continue to pour
capital into China. As another American
businessman, who has lived and done
business in China for more than a decade,
told this writer, businesses are reluctant to
haul up stakes and leave because of the im-
mense potential presented by the Chinese
market. They believe that, if they abandon
China, competitors will simply take their
place. For this reason, many of them are
willing to perform all sorts of contortions
and obeisances to ingratiate themselves
with increasingly autocratic Chinese au-
thorities. In January of 2018, for example,
the Chinese government shut down Mar-
riott Corporation’s Chinese website after
AP Images
a Marriott Survey online implied that
The price of seeming dissent: Fan Bingbing, who is not only one of China’s biggest movie stars Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Macau
but a rising star in Hollywood, simply disappeared in China. Later it was learned that she was are independent from China. In response,
abducted by authorities, accused of tax discrepancies and cultural infractions. Marriott issued repeated apologies clarify-
ing that they did not support “separatism”
firms, cracking down on corporate use of The agreement, made in Shanghai and they fully respected “the sovereignty
VPNs (software that allows computers last November, is typical of the hoops and territorial integrity of China.” Even
to circumvent the censorship of China’s some foreign companies are having more recently, hundreds of employees at
Great Firewall), demanding greater def- to jump through to maintain access Google were dismayed to learn that, de-
erence to Communist Party officials, and to the Web, and to continue doing spite Google’s public refusal to accede to
even arbitrarily forcing companies to re- business in a country where politics China’s demands that they self-censor in
locate from expensive facilities that they is back on top of the agenda. exchange for being allowed to operate in
had built with their own money because That has led many American com- China, Google has secretly been working
the government has decided to use the panies to take a “much more cautious on a search engine for China that would,
land and facilities for some other purpose. approach” to regulating who within in fact, censor access to the Internet along
One American businessman working in their organization uses VPN soft- Communist Party lines.
China told this author that his corporate ware, said Jake Parker, vice president What’s more, China’s willingness to let
employer was recently dismayed to find of China operations at the U.S.-China in outside capital is matched by its refusal
out that the government had decided to Business Council in Beijing…. to allow capital out, in any form. Foreign
relocate them to a much more remote area A more fundamental anxiety is that residents in China quickly discover that it
because it had decided to build residential the Communist Party will ultimately is virtually impossible to transfer money
buildings on the original site. His firm demand to see everything that flows abroad via the usual methods used else-
has thus been ousted without compensa- in and out of the country over the where in the modern world. Money wires,
tion from a site that cost hundreds of mil- Internet, under China’s new Cyber- drafts, Moneygrams, and other methods
lions to build. security Law, which went into effect of currency transfer are strictly monitored
The Washington Post recently reported in June. and controlled, and often rejected by gov-
on an instance of Communist Party in- “How safe will [intellectual prop- ernment authorities for arbitrary reasons.
terference in corporate Internet usage, a erty] and trade secrets be? Will serv- Access to foreign Internet marketing sites
story that is becoming drearily typical of ers have to be stored here? Will com- such as and social networks
the times: panies have to hand over encryption such as Facebook is strictly prohibited,
codes to Chinese authorities?” asked and the VPNs that foreigners (and some
To regain full access to the Internet, a Beijing-based diplomat, who spoke Chinese citizens) use to circumvent Chi-
one American company was asked to on the condition of anonymity to dis- na’s controls are under constant attack by
sign a “solemn commitment” — that cuss sensitive matters. the government.
it would obey the Chinese Commu- “Could perhaps entire industry None of this is truly novel. China has
nist Party’s “seven bottom lines,” do sectors become off limits for for- been keeping its doors closed to the out-
nothing to undermine the socialist eigners for security reasons? It’s not side world, prohibiting exports and capital
system, public order or social moral- clear whether Chinese authorities are outflow, for centuries. Early Chinese ef-
ity, and wouldn’t use the Internet to aware of possible collateral damage forts to ensure that silkworms were never
violate the interests of the state…. to businesses.” taken out of the country are the stuff of


legend — as is the deception employed by
several foreign merchants in finally smug- The Communist Party began a slow but steady
gling several of the insects out of China, movement back toward its totalitarian past.
inside a hollowed-out cane. Culturally
China has always seen itself as unique Crackdowns, arrests, and imprisonments soared
and apart from the rest of the world, and in the name of a new ongoing “anti-corruption”
the advent of modern revolutionary com-
munism in many respects has provided campaign.
a latter-day framework for continuing to
keep China unified and walled off from serve its own purposes. Even Chinese stu- industrial society in the name of “agrar-
the rest of the world. dents and businessmen overseas have been ian reform” — have been discarded, and
There can be no denying that, under enlisted in China’s spy networks. And de- replaced with a Nazi-esque fixation on
communist leadership, China has spite the Chinese Communists’ toleration state-sponsored industrialization.
morphed into an economic and military of a modicum of free enterprise and inter- Another factor driving China’s remark-
superpower no longer prostrate to ambi- national trade, it is the communist ideol- able economic growth is China’s avoid-
tious foreign powers. This achievement, ogy that retains their highest allegiance. ance of debt and reliance on savings. The
at least, is regarded by many Chinese as A lingering mystery is how China has market distortions associated with the
proof positive that the communists will managed to attain such levels of prosper- business cycle are predicated on the twin
ensure that China never endures another ity under socialist conditions. There are practices of deficit spending and inflation,
“Century of Humiliation” and will main- several contributing factors. First, the which the Chinese have sought to avoid.
tain its rightful place among the world’s modern Chinese Communists operate in Moreover, keeping themselves mostly
great powers. Acknowledgement of this many ways more like the Nazis and Fas- sealed off from the global banking system
has prompted many Chinese to conclude cists of Germany and Italy than the doc- has meant far fewer temptations to partake
that they prefer the devil they know. Hun- trinaire communists of Stalin and Mao. of the poisoned fruit of foreign credit. As a
dreds of millions of Chinese now live in The ChiComs are only too happy to en- result, China is a creditor and not a debtor
fear of “Xi Dada” (“Papa Xi”), but they courage capital formation — as long as it regime — which also gives its communist
are willing to endure the continuing cur- serves state interests. Many of the goals leadership much greater leeway in com-
tailment of their freedoms as long as Xi’s of Maoism — including the destruction of missioning building projects with very
China remains strong. It is certainly a tes-
tament to the work ethic and resourceful-
ness of the Chinese that they have been
able to achieve so much in the face of
such daunting obstacles.
By every evidence, the old inward-look-
ing Middle Kingdom is gone, replaced by
an increasingly assertive, militaristic re-
gime bent on full-spectrum global domi-
nance. From several decades of pragmatic
market reforms that led many outsiders to
anticipate the death of Maoism, China
has done a hard about-face and is being
herded back toward a sort of high-tech
Cultural Revolution. For now, universi-
ties, schools, foreign study, and education
in general remain prized assets in China,
and the government has shown little incli-
nation — yet — to shutter institutions of
learning, as it did in Mao’s time. Unlike 50
years ago, tens of millions of Chinese are
now well educated, wealthy, and accom-
plished. They travel the world on package
tours, they learn English and other foreign
languages, and they produce leaders in
science, technology, and the arts. AP Images

But the communist government is prov- Totalitarianism in the digital age: China is using technology that was largely stolen or co-opted
ing itself extremely adroit at diverting the from Western companies to keep an eye on Chinese citizens. Citizens will soon be ranked by the
vast talents and resources of its citizens to government on their loyalty to the Communist Party. 15

quence of this, crime rates, even in Chi-

na’s largest cities, are extremely low and
Chinese families — in stark contrast to
those in the West — are generally well
maintained. And this is not mere hear-
say on the part of this author, who has
worked with Chinese teens and observed
among them standards of moral conduct
that would not have been out of place in
America 50 years ago, but today seem
quaint and innocent by comparison with
their worldly Western counterparts.
From the perspective of the rest of
the world, it is most assuredly not the
productive and hard-working Chinese
people who pose a threat; it is a com-
munist regime ingeniously reinvented to
flourish and subvert in a high-tech 21st-
century environment. The communists of
Beijing have proven exceptionally adroit
at harnessing the considerable virtues of
the Chinese people and the naïve, self-
serving good will of foreign govern-
ments and corporations, in the service
AP Images
of long-sought communist world domi-
Dead set on purifying their culture: Not only are the Chinese people very conscious and proud nation. And the Chinese, with their vast
of their culture, the communist government is a deadly opponent of degradation and crime. Here population, have ample incentive to seek,
drug dealers are sentenced to death after a mass trial at a public rally. by subversion or conquest, Lebensraum
abroad. Indeed, to the consternation of
low occupancy or operating technological nist China, too, the passion for business Russia, they are already migrating across
wonders (such as Shanghai’s celebrated surpasses all else, except for the ethnic their northeastern Manchurian frontier in
Maglev, the world’s fastest train) that op- pride and sense of national destiny that large numbers to settle in sparsely popu-
erate deep in the red year after year. Not characterize the Han Chinese. lated eastern Siberia.
being burdened by Western levels of debt A fourth factor is the impulse that the Whatever China’s inward-looking past
means that China has been able to build Chinese of China share with their kin in may have meant, 21st-century China is
the world’s largest and best high-speed Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong: a now (as imperial Japan once did) morph-
railway system in little over a decade, al- strong will to preserve traditional fam- ing into an aggressive, expansionist power
lowing China’s millions to travel easily ily values and civic virtues. The Chinese with eyes set not merely on local domina-
from one end of that gigantic country to Communist Party has attracted interna- tion but on challenging the might of the
another. This, while debt-strapped Cali- tional condemnation for its long-held West across the globe. With the complic-
fornia, in combination with an equally (though recently relaxed) “one family, ity of allegiance-less foreign corporations
beholden federal government, has barely one child” policy, but the Chinese rejec- willing to be exploited in this design,
managed to lay a few miles of track for the tion of what are widely viewed in China China bids fair to accomplish its aims un-
Golden State’s long-sought Los Angeles to as decadent Western practices such as less the United States and other Western
San Francisco high-speed train. premarital sex and drug abuse has gener- countries retrench, recognize the growing
A third factor in China’s success is ally gone unremarked. As in Singapore, threat, and cease giving aid and comfort
undoubtedly the Chinese themselves. Taiwan, and elsewhere, drug trafficking to the most powerful and dangerous com-
Known far and wide as the world’s most and use is strictly prohibited and pun- munist regime the world has yet seen. n
entrepreneurial people, the Chinese pos- ishments severe.
sess a work ethic second to none. In Moreover, sexual
most southeast Asian countries, it is the
“overseas Chinese” whose business acu-
promiscuity and
men powers the economy, from the Phil- wedlock are al- ➧ Additional copies of this issue of The
ippines to Malaysia. In enclaves where most unknown New American are available at quantity-
the Chinese themselves run the show — among China’s discount prices. To place your order, visit
Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore — teens. At least in or see the card between
the record speaks for itself. In Commu- part as a conse- pages 34-35.




Christian, White, Male, and Pro-life, and Wearing MAGA Hats
When teens from Covington Catholic High School went to the March for Life in
Washington, D.C., they were accosted by leftist radicals, then framed as bigots.

transpired. A few seconds later Phillips

made a slight right turn, got directly “in
Sandmann’s face,” and stood there like
a south-going Zax (hat tip: Dr. Seuss),
beating his instrument inches from the
boy’s head.
Yet while this is now fairly well
known — though likely not as well as
the initial, lie-infused narrative — the
backstory is not.
To begin, let’s just say that as for Phil-
lips’ story, his tongue apparently has more
tines than a sardine fork. Remember, he ini-
tially claimed the boys surrounded him so
that he felt (I imagine) like Custer at Little
Bighorn. But after the longer, eye-opening
videos got around, Phillips changed his

story, claiming he was playing peacemak-

The face that launched a thousand lies: For media, this picture of a perhaps uncomfortable er by getting between the boys and four
16-year-old boy grinning was worth a thousand words — few of them true, fewer kind. “old black individuals.” “They were in
the process of attacking these four black
individuals,” Phillips told the Detroit Free
by Selwyn Duke dent’s uproarious classmates stood around Press January 20. “I was there and I was

them. Phillips, billed as a “Vietnam vet- witnessing all of this.… As this kept on
t’s certainly not surprising that people eran,” later said that the boys surrounded going on and escalating, it just got to a
who’d kill the young in the womb him, Sandmann prevented his egress, point where you do something or you walk
would kill them in the media — espe- and he feared for his safety. Phillips also away, you know?” “These young men
cially when political dissent can be killed claimed he heard the students saying were beastly and these old black individu-
in the process. But this is precisely what “build the wall, build that wall!”  als was their prey,” he added, “and I stood
happened when video emerged of the Jan- So the story was simple: A bunch of in between them and so they needed their
uary 18 schoolboys-and-Indians affair at “racist,” white, Christian, Middle Ameri- pounds of flesh and they were looking at
the Lincoln Memorial. can, MAGA-hatted kids were taunting a me for that,” the paper also related.
The students, who’d attended this year’s hapless elderly Indian, there just to attend Oh, the humanity!
March for Life, never suspected the event an “Indigenous Peoples Rally” (held con- CNN had a slightly different take on the
would change their whole lives, that agita- currently with the March for Life). Sand- “four black individuals,” calling them the
tors on site and in media would viciously mann was the main bully, essentially hold- “African-American young men preaching
portray them as the very face of hate. ing Phillips hostage and smirking in silent about the Bible and oppression” whom the
But the boys from Covington Catholic mockery. It was the perfect metaphor for Catholic boys had clashed with early in the
High School (CCHS) in Park Hills, Ken- the Trump era. afternoon. (Emphasis added.) Chalk one
tucky, had to face the hate. A 60-second, But Phillips spoke with forked tongue. ( just one) up for CNN here. The men were
out-of-context video hit the news January More extensive video showed that as the Black Hebrew Israelites (BHIs), and,
19, showing a grinning, MAGA-hatted, the boys waited at the Lincoln Memo- hardly old, they appeared to be in their 20s
16-year-old Nick Sandmann face-to-face rial for buses to take them home, Phillips and 30s. All were vibrant, and the leader, a
with drum-beating Omaha tribal “elder” waded into their midst beating a drum, big, burly man, was not prey but predator.
Nathan Phillips while a throng of the stu- followed by an entourage recording what Phillips could have told you this, too, were

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which apparently inspired a strategy shift.

As Flanagan writes, “It was heating up
to be an intersectional showdown for the
ages…. But when the Native woman talks
about the importance of peace, the preach-
er finally locates a unifying theme.”
“He tells her there won’t be any food
stamps coming to reservations or the proj-
ects because of the shutdown,” Flanagan
continues, “and then gesturing to his left,
he says, ‘It’s because of these … b*****ds
over there, wearing ‘Make America Great
Again’ hats.’”
At this point the BHIs direct the cam-
era at their new prey, five Covington boys,
one sporting a MAGA cap, listening curi-
ously a respectful distance away. “‘Why
you not angry at them?’ the Black Hebrew
Israelite asks the Native American woman
angrily,” Flanagan relates. One of his fel-
low cultists chimes in, “That’s right, little
corny-a** Billy Bob.”
The boys didn’t react negatively to this
insult, nor did the Indian woman respond to
the instigation. She pursued her discussion
he honest — because the black protesters tive Americans who have surrounded — with the BHIs, and bested them. They then
went to the Lincoln Memorial for the ex- ‘mobbed’? — the preacher have realized accused her of being “distracting”; “You’re
press purpose of confronting the Indians. what the boys will prove too young and out of order,” their leader said. “Where’s
It’s all recorded in a two-hour video too unsophisticated to understand,” writes your husband? Let me speak to him.” This
the BHIs created themselves. As the left- Flanagan, “that the ‘four young African fuss caused the Covington onlookers to
leaning Atlantic’s Caitlin Flanagan wrote American men preaching about the Bible grow to approximately a dozen, some of
January 23, beginning with what the BHIs’ and oppression’ are the kind of people you whom wore MAGA hats. This gave the
leader began shouting at the Indians: sometimes encounter in big cities,” and preacher an even greater opportunity to end
it’s wise to avoid them. his losing battle by targeting a (hopefully)
“Before you started worship- In fact, from forked to acid tongues, the common whipping boy. “‘Don’t stand to
ping totem poles, you was worship- BHIs’ leader was harshest with the boys. As the side and mock,’ the speaker orders the
ping the true and living God. Before Sandmann related in a statement he issued boys, who do not appear to be mocking
you became an idol worshipper, you January 22, the four black protesters “said him,” Flanagan also relates. “‘Bring y’all
was worshipping the true and living hateful things. They called us ‘racists,’ ‘big- cracker a** up here and make a statement.’
God. This is the reason why this land ots,’ ‘white crackers,’ ‘fa***ts,’ and ‘incest The boys turn away and begin walking
was taken away from you! Because kids’ [one also used the term n***er]. They back to the larger group.”
you worship everything except the also taunted an African-American student “You little dirty-a** crackers. Your
most high. You worship every cre- from my school by telling him that we day coming,” the BHI leader then hissed.
ation except the Creator — and that’s would ‘harvest his organs.’” “‘Your day coming … ’cause your little
what we are here to tell you to do.” Video confirms the above. The BHIs dusty a***s wouldn’t walk down a street
… A few more people in Native were impugning our country and President in a black neighborhood, and go walk up
costume gather, clearly stunned by his Trump, and also called the kids “child-mo- on nobody playing no games like that,’ he
tirade. “You’re not supposed to wor- lesting fa***ts” and “future school shoot- calls after them, but they take no notice,”
ship eagles, buffalos, rams, all types of ers.” Note that even the Southern Poverty Flanagan tells us. “‘Yeah, ’cause I will
animals,” he calls out to them. Law Center labels the BHIs a “hate group”; stick my foot in your little a**.’” (Mind
… The preacher [also] tells a this is significant because the SPLC only you, the Indians hurled verbal abuse as
woman that “you’re not an Indi- thus classifies leftists when they’re fit for well. In particular, one tough-talking, foul-
an. Indian means ‘savage.’ ” Dante’s Eighth Circle of Hell. mouthed activist accompanying Phillips
Returning to the Black Israelite-Indian could be seen on video telling the kids to
This prompted more Indians to gather War, one Indian woman remained behind “go back to Europe.”)
and engage the BHIs, but this proved debating the BHIs. She deftly stumped What happened next was that the stu-
fruitless. “At this point, most of the Na- them at times, according to Flanagan, dents got permission from a chaperone to


begin school spirit chants to counter “the
hateful things that were being shouted The BHIs were impugning our country and President
at our group,” as Sandmann put it. Note, Trump, and they also called the kids “child-molesting
there’s no evidence that at this point or any
other the boys yelled “Build that wall!” fa***ts” and “future school shooters.”
(though nothing is wrong with that). They
can be heard on video chanting “C-C-H” being ignorant by commentators ignorant for posting on Twitter, “I just want these
(Covington Catholic High) and humming of what had actually occurred (because people to die. Simple as that. Every sin-
the stadium-staple opening bars of “Seven they never bothered investigating); for gle one of them. And their parents.” Ex-
Nation Army” while jumping up and down. being privileged by tenured ivory-tower Saturday Night Live writer Sarah Beattie
But it was around this time that the Indians academics drawing high salaries and pos- tweeted that she will “b**w whoever man-
began a ceremony and that the drum-wield- sessing bully pulpits; and for violating “the ages to punch that maga kid in the face.”
ing Phillips, perhaps inspired by the BHIs, dignity of the human person” by their own Then, GQ’s Nathaniel Friedman urged
perhaps not, waded into their group. Many school and diocese, which didn’t respect people to “Doxx ’em all,” meaning, make
of the boys’ jumping then naturally became their dignity enough to wait and get the the Covington kids’ personal information
synchronized with the drumming. In fact, facts. The Diocese of Covington’s Bishop public. So it happened, too, which is why
the Daily Caller quoted Marcus Frejo, a Roger Foys did issue an apology January we know Sandmann’s name. The result?
Seminole/Pawnee among the drummers, as 25, saying they shouldn’t have allowed CCHS students, their families, and people
saying, “That spirit moved through us, that themselves to be “bullied and pressured confused with them received death threats
drum, and it slowly started to move through into making a statement prematurely” and and the school was closed January 22 over
some of those youths.” that there would be an “independent, third- safety fears.
For his part, Sandmann wondered why party investigation” of the affair. Unfor- As for Phillips, it will surprise few to
Phillips targeted him. I may know. Videos tunately, another Kentucky bishop, John learn that he wasn’t merely some kindly
of the incident show that, contrary to en- Stowe of the Diocese of Lexington, then grandpa-type ceremoniously beating his
emedia (the mainstream, “enemy” media) condemned the kids as if the exculpatory drum as (according to him) a “supplication
framing, only a handful of the scores of video had never surfaced. to God.” Rather, he’s a radical left-wing
boys present sported MAGA hats. But social media was downright vicious. activist who, just the day after confronting
Sandmann happened to be one of them. Muslim author Reza Aslan tweeted that Sandmann, led 20 protesters in an effort to
So he was a perfect publicity-stunt prop. Sandmann had a “punchable face.” Ex- disrupt a Saturday night mass “at the Ba-
Christian? Check. White boy? Check. Democrat Party head Howard Dean called silica of the National Shrine of the Immac-
MAGA hat? Check. That was the trifecta CCHS “a hate factory.” Disney producer ulate Conception in Washington, D.C.,”
— all they needed to do was get in his face Jack Morrissey tweeted “#MAGAkids go Fox News informed January 23. Security
and evoke a reaction. screaming, hats first, into the woodchip- stopped them, but they proceeded to pound
They got one, too — from the enemedia per,” along with imagery portraying such on the locked doors.
and beyond. The boys were pilloried, for carnage. Journalist Erik Abriss was fired Moreover, Phillips is “a radical sepa-
ratist who flew the U.S. Flag upside
down at a Dakota Pipeline protest,” re-
ported the Independent Sentinel January
20. He has also pulled the victim card be-
fore, having claimed harassment after a
2015 incident in which he “confronted
Eastern Michigan students who were at
a themed party[,] with some dressed as
Native-Americans,” the Sentinel further
Then there are more lies. Phillips
claimed in a year-old video posted at the
Native Youth Alliance Facebook that he
served in Vietnam; he never did. He also
lied about that lie. He told Vogue maga-
zine he was a “recon ranger” but wasn’t;
he was a refrigerator repairman who never
AP Images

left the states. Worse still, he went AWOL

at least three times, and has a long rap
Strategy — hate right-wing success: The Covington boys’ “MAGA” hats made them targets, sheet that includes a charge of escaping
and the slogan the acronym stands for has been targeted with a hate-speech label — because the jail, a destruction-of-property charge (that
slogan is effective. was dropped), charges of driving without 19

a license and negligent driving, multiple

charges of underage alcohol possession,
and pleading guilty to assault.
As for Phillips’ assault on Truth, when
told by NBC News that the Covington
kids were just issuing school chants, he re-
plied “School chants should be in school.”
This makes as much sense as saying that
Indian drumming belongs on Indian reser-
vations. It’s the kind of nonsense uttered
by a dishonest person who has no legiti-
mate rebuttal and won’t cede the point.
The boys’ behavior appears stellar in

AP Images
comparison. Note that video-recording de-
vices are ubiquitous today, and incidents
such as the Lincoln Memorial affair are Chief Osceola he ain’t: While the media happily accepted Nathan Phillips’ (untrue) victim
filmed by multiple people from multiple story, he is actually a radical left-wing activist with a sizable criminal record, and was the
angles. Were the boys guilty of anything aggressor in the Lincoln Memorial incident with the Covington students.
significant it would be on video some-
where. But there’s nothing — anywhere. vatives — anything that has influenced Phillips “to know that I was not going to
Yet despite video indicting the BHIs people or threatens to do so — is labeled become angry, intimidated or be provoked
and Phillips and vindicating the boys, the hateful. It’s the neutering of effective into a larger confrontation.” But even if
latter are still demonized. Sure, the eneme- opposition via socially enforced hate- Sandmann had at times been tickled by an
dia backtracked somewhat initially; some speech prohibitions against it. old man drumming in his face and uttering
commentators apologized for condemning Then there’s the neutering of the Left’s what some have described as not an Indian
the students, others just quietly deleted main demographic opposition (as voting language but gibberish, so what? The real
tweets, while yet others let their libels patterns prove): white men. Note here trespass was judging a mid-teen by one
stand. But they soon regrouped and went that Guthrie also told Sandmann, “There’s facial expression. In fact, “George Orwell
back on the offensive, albeit in a milder something aggressive about standing imagined a world like this 70 years ago, in
form. For example, the Today show’s Sa- there, standing your ground.” Staggering. his book 1984,” Fox News commentator
vannah Guthrie interviewed Sandmann Consider: What if a white man had con- Tucker Carlson explained on his show’s
January 23 and, echoing others, implied fronted a black teen, getting in his face, January 23 episode. “For the disfavored,
that his MAGA hat was the problem. Rep- and the media said the black kid should Orwell wrote, ‘The smallest thing could
resentative John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) had al- have backed down? What would be the give you away. A nervous tic, an uncon-
ready called for a ban on teens wearing reaction? scious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering
the hats. American Thinker noted the hy- Growing up, a well-raised child is usu- to yourself.... To wear an improper expres-
pocrisy the next day, writing, “According ally told that while we shouldn’t necessar- sion on your face ... was itself a punishable
to progressives, on the head of a female, a ily get aggressive when confronted, we offence. There was even a word for it ... :
pink p---- hat is a commendable accessory, should stand our ground. When it’s said FACECRIME.’” (Elipses added.)
while on the head of a male, a red MAGA that a member of a certain group has an Explaining the fatally slanted Coving-
cap is akin to Hester Prynne donning a obligation to back down, the message is ton-affair reporting, Carlson later stated
scarlet letter or analogous to a white hood that he’s subordinate and, by implication, that the media “haven’t watched the [full]
of the KKK.” that his group is subordinate. What’s next? video, and they don’t plan to. This isn’t
Yet there’s another factor here. The Will whites be expected to bow before an argument about facts and evidence and
demonization of “Build that wall!” and confrontational non-whites? truth. It’s an argument about identity. The
“MAGA” hats and utterances reflect an In contrast, Guthrie threw nothing but Kentucky students are being attacked for
effort to squelch dissent. Consider here softballs when interviewing Phillips on who they are, not what they did or didn’t
that powerful slogans and symbols are January 24; not only didn’t she ask about do.” Or as the Spectator put it three days
how you market your ideas; analogous to his many lies and contradictions — she prior, “The progressive media doesn’t care
this, this is why businesses use jingles, allowed him to repeat some of them and about what really happened when it has
slogans, and trademarks. Imagine how continue maligning the boys. white boys in MAGA caps to hate.” 
marketing might be hobbled if McDon- Amazingly, all this got started with For sure. Why do you think politicians
ald’s, Geico, or Vaseline could no longer literally seconds of video, one snapshot, such as Senator Liz “Fauxcahontas” War-
use, respectively, its golden arch; talk- really, showing what Reza Aslan called, ren and Irish Bob (“Beto”) O’Rourke try
ing gecko; or, well, its name, Vaseline. again, Sandmann’s “punchable face.” The their best to feign minority status? They
What’s happening politically is that any- boy explained this in his statement, say- know that today, you’re guilty until proven
thing rhetorically effective for conser- ing he smiled at times because he wanted non-white. n




Now that Democrats control the House, it is likely that they and segments of the Deep State
will pull out all the stops to impeach Trump, predetermine elections, and aid globalists.

by Troy Anderson

n March 2018, New York Times best-
selling author and investigative jour-
nalist Jerome Corsi released his most
explosive book yet — Killing the Deep
State: The Fight to Save President Trump.
In searing detail, the book exposed
an alleged conspiracy by the Deep State
— the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Central Intelligence Agency, National Se-
curity Agency, and other intelligence and
military agencies, along with the main-
stream media and globalist elite — to
topple the presidency of Donald Trump as
part of a goal to create a borderless, one-
world government and economic system.
Several months later, Corsi found him-
self summoned to an unmarked FBI build-
ing in southeast Washington, D.C., where AP Images
he was threatened with indictment by
Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s pros- Pillorying people: Killing the Deep State author Jerome Corsi (left) speaks during a news
ecutorial team unless he testified “falsely conference as his lawyer, Larry Klayman, stands behind him outside the federal courthouse in
Washington, D.C. The Mueller investigation is charging people with crimes to get them to talk.
against [former Trump campaign advi-
sor] Roger Stone and/or President Donald
Trump,” Corsi’s attorney, Larry Klayman, In January, Klayman, a former pros- nection,” Corsi says. “They had a pre-
wrote in a voluminous complaint alleg- ecutor at the Department of Justice and determined theory of the case. They
ing Mueller and his team are engaged in founder of Judicial Watch, filed a $350 predetermined that there was a crime of
a “coup” to “overthrow the duly elected million lawsuit on Corsi’s behalf against Russian collusion even though nobody
President of the United States.” Mueller, the FBI, and intelligence agen- can tell you whether that is really a crime
“They ended up treating me like a crim- cies for alleged “illegal surveillance on or not.”
inal from day one,” Corsi, 72, told The him, his family, friends and legal counsel, “And then they’ve got a ‘criminal,’
New American. “It was this 40-hours. It without probable cause in violation of the namely the president, that they want to
was such a grueling experience. I think it Fourth Amendment, and related alleged impeach. And they are looking for fac-
is so counter to American justice as I un- illegalities.” tors that fit their predetermined theory. I
derstand it. It’s more like a Gestapo inter- Corsi alleges he’s being improperly don’t consider this to be a fair or honest
rogation — KGB — and I thought I was pressured by Mueller’s team to sign a plea investigation at all. I mean they wanted me
going to go off to the gulag next.” deal, which he says he won’t sign. Muel- to establish that I had contact with Julian
In response, Corsi wrote a new book, ler’s team wants him to admit that he acted Assange so they could connect the dots
Silent No More: How I Became a Political as a liaison between Stone, WikiLeaks from Roger Stone to me. Of all people, I
Prisoner of Mueller’s “Witch Hunt.” founder Julian Assange, and the Trump became the linchpin of this whole Russian
“I wrote it as [the interrogations took campaign regarding the release of hacked collusion theory.”
place], so it’s first-person,” he says. “I e-mails from the Democratic National But Corsi, the former Washington
think you’ll feel my emotions and my hor- Committee, according to Corsi’s com- bureau chief of Infowars, who holds a
ror at this process as it unfolded for what plaint. In November, Corsi rejected a deal Ph.D. from Harvard University, says he
I feel is a politically-motivated investiga- offered by Mueller to plead guilty to one had nothing to do with the release of the
tion that was engaging in criminal pros- count of perjury. WikiLeaks e-mails that damaged Hillary
ecutorial misconduct.” “They wanted me to establish a con- Clinton’s White House bid.

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affairs with him — in a clearly stated ef-

Tom Steyer, the billionaire Democratic donor, has fort to influence the campaign.”
decided not to run for president in 2020 because In late November, Cohen pleaded guilty
to making false statements to Congress
he believes that pursuing Trump’s impeachment is a and was sentenced to three years in pris-
better use of his fortune. on. Cohen has agreed to testify before the
House Oversight and Reform Committee
in February and give a “full and credible
“It just didn’t happen,” Corsi says. “I It reads “IMPEACH” in large, red letters. account” of his work with Trump.
mean, I don’t know Julian Assange. I’ve Consequently, pundits are predicting Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pe-
never met Julian Assange. I’ve never Trump’s demise, arguing that he’ll be losi (D-Calif.) said in early January that
communicated with Julian Assange in forced to resign the presidency before the she wouldn’t rule out the indictment or
any way, either directly or indirectly, and presidential election in November 2020. impeachment of Trump, describing it as
I couldn’t provide them what they want- Michael Golden, a senior fellow at the “an open discussion.”
ed, especially during the last 20 of the 40 liberal Washington, D.C., think tank Cen- Shortly afterward, U.S. Representative
hours. They got nasty, they got abusive, ter for American Progress — founded by Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) reintroduced ar-
they were constantly walking out of the John Podesta, chairman of the 2016 Hil­ ticles of impeachment against Trump. He
room…. When I couldn’t provide them lary Clinton presidential campaign — al- was one of three Democrats, including
the link to Assange, they just blew the leged in a New York Daily News article U.S. Representatives Al Green of Texas
whole thing up, threw me out, and said that Trump has been “implicated in at least and Steve Cohen of Tennessee, who in-
my testimony was worthless.” one felony.” troduced resolutions to impeach Trump
Corsi’s experience with the Deep State, “The same crime that his own lawyer in 2017.
eerily similar to what New York Times pleaded guilty to and has been sentenced In a July 12, 2017 statement, Sherman
best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza under- to serve time for in federal prison (along said that he wanted to hold hearings on
went following the release of his explosive with other offenses),” Golden wrote. obstruction of justice and Russian inter-
film 2016: Obama’s America, highlights “But [Trump’s former lawyer] Michael ference in the election. “Recent disclo-
growing concerns that the globalist elite Cohen wasn’t alone. The head of Ameri- sures by Donald Trump Jr. indicate that
and Deep State — now that Democrats can Media, Inc., David Pecker, has now Trump’s campaign was eager to receive
control the U.S. House of Representatives implicated Trump. Pecker has also agreed assistance from Russia,” Sherman said.
— plan to topple the Trump presidency to cooperate with the special counsel. At “It now seems likely that the President
by any means possible, create some type the very least, he will attest, under oath, had something to hide when he tried to
of planetary government, and usher in to Trump’s directing hush money to keep curtail the investigation of National Secu-
what they have long described as the New women’s mouths shut about their sexual rity Advisor Michael Flynn and the wider
World Order.

The Trump Investigation Circus

Corsi’s ordeal in connection with the FBI
and Mueller’s Russia collusion investiga-
tion comes amid myriad probes into the
Trump presidency, including new and
ongoing ones by House committees con-
trolled by Democrats. These committees
are poised to investigate Trump’s potential
business conflicts of interest, tax returns,
and dealings with Russia, among other
Some members of the House have re-
newed their calls to impeach Trump amid
a cavalcade of negative news about the
president. Meanwhile, Tom Steyer, the
billionaire Democratic donor, has decided
not to run for president in 2020 because he
believes that pursuing Trump’s impeach-
ment is a better use of his fortune. AP Images

Riding the wave, the March issue of the Burned while Democrats walk: President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty
The Atlantic magazine features a call for in federal court to making false statements to Congress and was sentenced to prison, though
the president’s impeachment on its cover. liberals such as Hillary Clinton have lied to Congress with impunity.


the Trump presidency is the Democratic
Party’s single-minded, no-holds-barred
campaign to regain power, win elections,
and unseat the president regardless of
what rules they must break, political ana-
lysts say.
And while the investigations and media
firestorm surrounding Trump may seem
to connote that Trump is facing imminent
criminal indictments, the reality is that
Mueller’s investigation hasn’t “produced
a single piece of evidence supporting what
the original object of the investigation
was, which is to see whether there was any
collusion between the Trump campaign
and the Russian government that some-
how changed the outcome of the 2016
AP Images
presidential election,” Spakovsky says.
He’s a reliable anti-Trumper, not an unbiased investigator: Former FBI Director Robert Mueller “In fact, many of the indictments were
is the special counsel probing Russian interference in the 2016 election. Journalist Jerome Corsi for criminal matters that had absolutely
alleges Mueller is engaged in a “coup” to overthrow the Trump presidency. nothing to do with the campaign or the
election, and the only ones that had
Russian probe. I believe his conversations incendiary news about Trump are clearly something to do with the election were
with, and subsequent firing of, FBI Direc- designed to weaken him politically prior the indictments of the Russians who were
tor James Comey constitute Obstruction of to the 2020 presidential election, decreas- involved in basically trying to raise social
Justice.” ing his chance of reelection. chaos through the use of social media,”
The chairman of the House Permanent “Is this a real threat to the president’s he says.
Select Committee on Intelligence, U.S. reelection? I think it’s a very serious threat Corsi agrees, noting that Mueller’s of-
Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), and if you want to see an example of this fice did manage to secure indictments of
said in a statement in November that all you must do is look at the House of some Russians, but these individuals are
Cohen’s guilty plea demonstrates that Representatives, which is now headed by unlikely to come to the United States to
Trump’s associates were willing to lie to Nancy Pelosi. Look at what the very first stand trial. In July, a federal grand jury re-
Congress about the Trump organization’s bill is they introduced,” Hans von Spa­ turned an indictment against 12 Russian
business interests in Russia. kovsky, a senior legal fellow at the Heri- nationals for their alleged roles in com-
“Significantly, they also make clear tage Foundation, a conservative public- puter hacking conspiracies aimed at inter-
that the president’s own denials during policy think tank in Washington, D.C., fering in the 2016 U.S. elections.
the campaign were false or misleading,” told The New American. “These are show indictments,” Corsi
Schiff said. “These false statements re- The bill is H.R. 1. The resolution isn’t says. “They want the American public
garding the continued pursuit of a Mos- about substantive policy issues such as im- to believe that the indictments are guilty
cow Trump Tower deal during much of migration or America’s ginormous debt. pleas, but they’re not. They know that
the presidential campaign only underscore It’s about the roles governing voter regis- these trials are never going to be held, so
the importance of a thorough investigation tration, elections, and the financing of fed- it’s completely pathetic.”
into any financial entanglement between eral campaigns for office, says Spa­kovsky, “They have other process crimes —
Trump and Russia.” former commissioner at the Federal Elec- people who did give them information
tion Commission and former counsel to they knew to be false and were trying to
A Serious Threat the assistant attorney general for civil mislead them. They have tax issues —
to Trump’s Presidency rights in the Department of Justice. like Michael Cohen. But they haven’t
Political analysts told The New American “And that bill basically represents a prosecuted anybody for Russian collusion
that Mueller and the FBI’s investigation, nationalization, or federal takeover, of the because there isn’t any. [However], the
combined with the congressional investi- rules governing voter registration, the run- Russian collusion between Hillary Clinton
gations, pose a serious and growing threat ning of elections, administration of elec- and John Podesta is massive because they
to Trump’s presidency. tions, all over the country, in a way that were making millions of dollars — that’s
And while it’s unlikely that the Re- favors Democrats and would allow Demo- the Clinton Foundation — selling Russia
publican-controlled Senate would vote crats to manipulate the rules and make it U.S. military technology, including clas-
to impeach Trump following a successful easy for fraud to be committed so they can sified technology, and the Uranium One
vote to do so in the House, the investiga- win elections,” he says. deal. So, all of this is a coverup and Muel-
tions along with the constant barrage of At the heart of the chaos enveloping ler is basically acting as a coverup artist to 23

at Trump Tower between members of the

Trump campaign and a Russian lawyer
who falsely purported to have damag-
ing information on the Clinton campaign
demonstrated poor judgment,” the authors
wrote. “The committee also found the
Trump campaign’s periodic praise for and
communications with WikiLeaks — a hos-
tile foreign organization — to be highly
objectionable and inconsistent with U.S.
national security interests. The commit-
tee also found that the Clinton campaign
and the DNC, using a series of cutouts
and intermediaries to obscure their roles,
paid for opposition research on Trump ob-
tained from Russian sources, including a
litany of claims by high-ranking current
AP Images
and former Russian government officials.
Waiting for something that looks like evidence: House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of Some of this opposition research was
California says she won’t rule out the indictment or impeachment of President Trump, calling it used to produce sixteen memos, which
“an open discussion.” comprise what has become known as the
Steele dossier.”
prevent the real Russian collusion by the Russia’s covert influence campaign. The On January 12, responding to a story in
Democrats from being examined.” report found that the Russian government the New York Times noting that after he
Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, sought to “sow discord in American soci- fired Comey as FBI director in 2017 the
a conservative, non-partisan educational ety and undermine our faith in the demo- FBI initiated an investigation exploring
foundation based out of Washington, D.C., cratic process.” whether he had acted on behalf of Rus-
said in a recent statement that the Clinton The authors noted this was nothing sia, Trump unleashed a series of tweets,
campaign created the “Trump/Russia col- novel for the Kremlin, which has long en- describing the entire investigation as a
lusion narrative.” Judicial Watch is pursu- gaged in similar campaigns in Europe and “Witch Hunt.”
ing numerous Freedom of Information Act former Soviet republics. “[Comey] is being totally protected by
lawsuits related to alleged “surveillance, “To do this, Russia effectively com- his best friend, Bob Mueller, & the 13
unmasking, and illegal leaking targeting” bines decades of experience in propagan- Angry Democrats — leaking machines
Trump and his associates during the FBI’s da and psychological warfare techniques who have NO interest in going after
investigation of potential Russian involve- with its vast media apparatus, a stratum of the Real Collusion (and much more) by
ment in the 2016 presidential election. well-educated and proficient technicians, Crooked Hillary Clinton, her Campaign,
“The real collusion scandal is the hand- and a robust intelligence and security and the Democratic National Committee,”
in-hand effort by the Clinton campaign corps,” the authors wrote. “Russia’s ac- Trump tweeted. “Just Watch!”
and the Obama DOJ/FBI to spy upon and tive measures campaign achieved its pri-
destroy Donald J. Trump,” Fitton said in a mary goal of inciting division and discord Criminalizing Politics
statement in December. “The FBI, pulled among Americans. For more than a year, At a time when many GOP leaders and
by the troika of Comey/ [ex-FBI Deputy U.S. politics have been consumed by bit- politicians are questioning whether Trump
Director Andrew] McCabe/ [former FBI ter recriminations, charges, and counter- will serve out his entire term, Corsi says
agent Peter] Strzok, became an arm of the charges about the attacks. The reliability it’s important to understand that the Dem-
Clinton campaign. And our new lawsuit of the democratic vote — the bedrock of ocrats are now run by a “hard-left faction
aims to get to the bottom of the massive the U.S. republic — was widely and re- that is more like a socialist-communist
scandal.” peatedly questioned.” wing of the party.”
Nevertheless, the committee did not “They’re not interested in the First
Russia’s Covert Influence find that any U.S. voting systems in the Amendment, they’re not interested in the
Campaign to Undermine the Country 2016 presidential election were impacted, Second Amendment, they’re not interested
As Judicial Watch and others pursue the nor was there any evidence that the Trump in the Fourth Amendment, and they’re not
“real collusion scandal,” this doesn’t mean campaign “colluded, coordinated, or con- interested in debate,” Corsi says. “They
that Russia hasn’t attempted to influence spired with the Russian government,” want to weaponize the Department of Jus-
elections in America or elsewhere. although the committee did find “poor tice to criminalize politics.”
In March 2018, the Republican-con- judgment and ill-considered actions by the This faction of the party — largely
trolled House Permanent Select Commit- Trump and Clinton campaigns.” progressives and democratic socialists
tee on Intelligence released its report on “For example, the June 2016 meeting — doesn’t view its political enemies as


having different points of view, but rather
“as evil, they need to be crushed, put in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in early
thought reform,” Corsi says. January that she wouldn’t rule out the indictment or
But he believes this “very oppressive”
behavior witnessed in recent times — the impeachment of Trump, describing it as “an open
screaming, false allegations, intimidation, discussion.”
and bullying — is going to backfire on
“I don’t think the American people are methods themselves be the subject of an hate you. They want to demonize you.
interested in that kind of politics,” Corsi independent investigation.” They want to silence you.’ And if this can
says. “[The Russian collusion investigation] happen to me this is going to happen to
What many Americans don’t under- is a diversion and distraction,” Milkovich all those who disagree with this hard-left
stand, Spakovsky says, is that there really charges, “The real collusion was the Clin- Democratic agenda.”
is a “bureaucratic swamp” in Washing- tons transferring a significant portion of “Hillary Clinton’s ‘deplorables’ will not
ton, D.C., that is actively fighting against America’s uranium reserves to Russia and only be ‘deplorables,’ they are going to be
Trump. the Clintons ending up with millions of criminals. ‘You don’t want open borders,
“The vast majority of career employees dollars in the Clinton Foundation, which you don’t want the LGBT agenda, you
are liberal Democrats,” Spakovsky says. some people would deem a slush fund, don’t agree with all the various attitudes,
“Many of them do everything they can which has been reported in detail in Dr. if you don’t believe in ‘white privilege’
inside their very safe career slots to op- Corsi’s book Killing the Deep State.” — if you don’t see that this is a danger-
pose everything the president is doing, to ous step of division, kind of divide and
slow down and try to stop his political ap- 1984 on Steroids conquer that the communists used to take
pointees from carrying out the president’s While Corsi is optimistic that Trump will over countries, you are not only going to
policies.” weather the political storm and win reelec- be a ‘deplorable,’ you are going to be a
In his new book, Robert Mueller: Er- tion in 2020, he says most people don’t criminal.”
rand Boy for The New World Order, Loui- understand just what is at stake in terms Corsi says America is now on the
siana State Senator John Milkovich (D- of the future of America. “edge” of the globalist elite and Deep
Shreveport) highlights one of the central “They hate my book The Obama Na- State’s plan of merging America into some
characters of the political “swamp.” tion,” Corsi says. “They hate my current type of global government.
Milkovich told The New American book — Killing the Deep State. So, as my “They will probably get rid of the Con-
that the public has an image of Mueller attorney said, ‘Look in your review mirror stitution or rewrite it, and we’d be headed
as an “on-time, pressed-shirt, by-the-book, and you’ll see all the corpses of Demo- toward totalitarianism on a fast-track,”
straight-arrow Eagle Scout,” but the real- crats — and they’re out to get you. They Corsi says. “This is [George Orwell’s]
ity is quite different.
“Mueller was brought in to prosecute
Trump precisely because he is a known
quantity, an inveterate political schemer
and operative and Deep State minion who
could be reliably counted on to cover
for globalist insiders,” Milkovich says.
“In particular, Mueller was specifically
brought on board because the Deep State
establishment knew he could be counted
on to attempt to take out the presidency of
Donald Trump without restraint of moral-
ity, with no concern for the truth, and with
disregard for the rule of law.”
Milkovich agrees with Corsi that the
Mueller investigation was designed from
the outset to destroy Trump’s presidency
by any means possible.
“It’s going to take a concerted effort of
the American public to demand that Con-
gress hold Mueller accountable,” Milko­ AP Images

vich says. “It’s going to take a very fo- Government control of everything: Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has
cused demand on the part of Congress to proposed the Green New Deal, a measure that would raise the tax rate as high as 70 percent.
require that Mueller and his investigative Critics call it a “Trojan Horse for socialism.”

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notion that her platform of free college,

a universal basic income, free health-
care, and the Green New Deal would turn
America into a failed socialist state such
as Cuba or Venezuela. She said what she
has in mind more closely resembles “what
we see in the U.K., in Norway, in Finland,
in Sweden.”
But Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal,
which the New Yorker says “has come to
define the progressive cause,” poses a
serious threat to freedom and liberty that
unfortunately too many people today take
for granted, Spakovsky says.
“The Millennials who favor that are
obviously so ignorant of history that they
could take us down a path that I think
AP Images could destroy the country,” he says.
Democrat battle tactic: Liberal Democrats in government and the media hope to smear Trump
before the 2020 election to cause those not as committed as Eva Sara Landau, who is shown with Americans Need to Speak Up
her “Trump 2020” cape at a President Trump rally, to not vote. At a time when such terrible ideas are
permeating not just the national dialogue,
1984 on steroids. We have become what aliens. They think that will help them po- but also the conversation at the state, city,
our Founding Fathers warned us against.” litically. They are already pushing for the and school district levels, Spakovsky
“We have an overpowering, overrid- terrible single-payer government health says, “what people need to do, frankly,
ing, overreaching government, massively care system that the United Kingdom has is speak up.”
huger than ever in human history, with and other places around the world that “People have to stand up and not be
surveillance powers that were unimagi- will hurt healthcare across the country. If afraid to speak up against the political
nable 20 years ago, on the verge of having they are successful it will take us another correctness that is enveloping us,” he
face recognition technology on devices big step down the path toward the kind of says. “And it’s that kind of grassroots ac-
that can monitor you in your home. We are socialism that has ruined countries like tivism and revolt that could help save the
going to be able to record every instant of Venezuela.” country.”
a person’s life. It will be like The Truman Despite the growing calls for Trump’s
Show, and they can play it back to you if Green New Deal or impeachment, Corsi doesn’t believe it will
they decide you’re a ‘thought criminal.’” Trojan Horse for Socialism? happen. “Maybe the Democrats are crazy
In the Orwellian world envisioned by Recently, newly elected U.S. Representa- enough to do that,” Corsi says. “If they
the Deep State and globalist elite, Corsi tive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), are it will backfire on them just like when
says, Americans will likely be assigned a rising star in the Democratic Party and a Republicans in the House impeached Bill
“social acceptability scores” like the “so- democratic socialist, proposed the Green Clinton. Donald Trump would certainly
cial credit score” being rolled out in China. New Deal — a measure that would move survive a trial in the Senate. He’s not going
“If you’re [sic] social acceptability the American economy toward renewable to be removed from office. He won’t be
score isn’t high enough for the state, you energy and reduce carbon emissions. It’s found guilty.”
won’t be able to buy a house, to [drive] a caught the public’s attention because the Corsi is optimistic that the American
car, you won’t be able to take an airplane, measure proposes to raise the tax rate people will see through the politically
you won’t be able to leave the country and as high as 70 percent on the wealthiest motivated charade playing out daily in the
have a passport, and you won’t be able to Americans. news. “When the American people realize
have a good job,” Corsi says. “You’ll be Surprisingly, a Hill-HarrisX poll found the extent to which the hard-left Demo-
constantly under surveillance because you 59 percent of Americans agree with her crats are really wanting to engage in a
disagree or have not fully internalized the idea and would support raising the tax rate cultural revolution — a Maoist cultural
hard-left values that they are going to de- to 70 percent. The poll found 71 percent revolution — I don’t think they are going
mand you be in compliance with.” of Democrats, 60 percent of independents, to succeed, not right now.”
Likewise, Spakovsky says he too fears and 45 percent of Republicans support it. “They might succeed in another 20
for the future of America. However, critics describe it as a “Tro- years, but they are not going to succeed
“All you have to do is look at the kinds jan Horse for socialism” that will create a today. I don’t think President Trump is
of things that [Democrats] are pushing,” massive government program to combat going to be impeached. I think President
he says. “They want open borders. They climate change. During an interview on Trump has an excellent chance of being
want the country flooded with illegal 60 Minutes, Ocasio-Cortez laughed at the reelected.” n


For 20+ years, NAFTA has built the foundation for an EU-style North American Union. A Deep State team of globalist
trade negotiators has made the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA; aka NAFTA 2.0) even worse for American
independence and affected American industries!

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE USMCA? • transfers oversight to international bodies such as the UN
• builds unaccountable bureaucracy • ratifies the UN’s Law of the Sea Treaty
• furthers North American integration • copies portions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership word-
• delegates congressional responsibilities to foreign entities for-word
• codifies international regulations from WTO • receives high praise from globalists

Take action today by visiting to learn more, educate others,

and help build pressure in Congress to stop the build-up to the North American Union.
We did it 10 years ago. Now be part of the success as we do it again!

With hate against police officers growing with every officer-involved shooting that gains
traction on TV, one cop looks at numerous shootings to explain what happened — and why.

Shots Fired is written by Joseph Lough- porters of police have about the incidents
lin, a police veteran of 30 years who held covered, such as, why did the officer fire
every sworn rank in the Portland, Mary- so many times? Why didn’t he shoot to
land, Police Department. In the introduc- wound? Why did he shoot an unarmed
tion, he writes that he was inspired to person? Why didn’t he use his Taser first?
write the book after the events in Fergu- And, in general, why did the officer react
son, Missouri, in 2014. the way he did?
“I wanted to foster a better understand- All of these questions and more are ad-
ing of the human beings behind the badge, dressed by officers recounting events in
and of real-world policing in the worst of which they had to shoot a suspect. Lough-
police experiences: deadly force events. lin interviews the officers involved in each
This book is the result.” incident, to let the reader see what hap-
Loughlin goes on to explain that the pened from their perspective.
blame for the current stigma associated The book moves along quickly, and it is
with police officers isn’t on just the media attention-grabbing. It was very interesting
or Black Lives Matter. He cites our cur- to follow the different types of situations
rent situation as a “culmination of a sense officers were put in, and how they dealt
of injustice and loss of dignity… not just with them. At times, especially in Lough-
at the hands of police but by a social sys- lin’s recap of each chapter, the book did
tem that has let many people down.” He occasionally smack of repetitiveness, but
explains that cops don’t just write traffic it seems this was simply because Loughlin
tickets and respond to robberies; they deal wanted to drive home the fact that officers
with “society’s ills,” as he calls them: pov- are humans asked to perform inhuman
Shots Fired: The Misunderstandings, erty, domestic abuse, child abuse, mental tasks.
Misconceptions, and Myths, About Po- illness, drugs and alcohol, violence, people Besides the specifics of each encounter,
lice Shootings, by Joseph K. Loughlin and who are inherently evil, and death. They Loughlin also addresses other factors that
Kate Clark Flora, New York: Skyhorse see what we don’t see, what we don’t want play into deadly-force situations, such as
Publishing, 2017, 344 pages, hardcover. to see — what we expect them to keep us officer training and mental health. Thanks
shielded from. The purpose of his book to Hollywood, many people (even those of
by Robin Kinderman is to get us to understand why officers do us with good intentions) are of the opin-

what they do — what happened in certain ion that all officers receive adequate train-
any of us are not strangers to scenarios to cause them to use their guns. ing and that they spend lots of time at the
the misconceptions of police He does this in the best way possible: shooting range (and they’re all excellent
perpetuated by social media first-hand accounts. Loughlin starts with shots because of this). Not true. Loughlin
and the news, such as the false “hands up, officers he worked with and expands from points out that because of mandatory train-
don’t shoot” narrative. And many have there. He focuses on the East Coast to keep ing on issues such as domestic disturbanc-
undoubtedly debated with friends and the examples few enough to be manage- es, mental health, and — thanks to our PC
colleagues about what an officer “coulda, able. The book is 16 chapters long and in- culture today — gender issues, little time
woulda, shoulda” done in a situation in- cludes two to three cases per chapter. and money is left for training on use of
volving lethal force. But even for those of Loughlin breaks the book up into four force. Yes, all officers receive basic train-
us who know that we should make sure of sections: “Myths and Misconceptions,” ing at the academy, but beyond that, it’s up
our facts before critiquing police officers’ “Training and De-escalation,” “Stopping to each individual department as to how
deadly encounters, the book Shots Fired is the Threat,” and “Loss and Redemption.” often and how much training their officers
an eye-opening look into the real world of The chapters within each section address receive. This is all dependent on budgets,
law enforcement. the questions and doubts that even sup- equipment, and manpower.

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Another factor to take into consid- response to experiencing extreme

eration is the disadvantages of non- stress and fear.
lethal equipment, such as batons, Loughlin also asks every officer
pepper spray, Tasers, bean bag guns, about the aftermath of the event —
etc. Loughlin explains that batons what they went through legally and
can easily get taken away, pepper emotionally — and it becomes evi-
spray can fail, and seasoned crimi- dent that an officer-involved shoot-
nals know how to disengage Taser ing can take a heavy toll. The legal
barbs. Joseph proceedings can take months, even
In one of the incidents present- Loughlin years, owing to crime reconstruc-
ed in the book, a female cop ap- tion, ballistics, forensics, inter-
proached a man who was urinating views, and court hearings. While
in public. When she asked him to the proceedings are going on, the
stop, he charged at her. She hit him media reports what they perceive
with her baton, which he then stole to be true, based on eyewitness ac-
and proceeded to beat her with. Her counts, which are often lies. In one
only choice was to shoot him. incident, an officer needed to shoot
Every incident covered is differ- a man who was resisting arrest. The
ent: There are routine traffic stops, officer shot him only after tackling
drug dealers, hit-and-runs, shop- him to the ground, asking him to
lifters, bomb threats, kidnappings, comply several times, feeling the
criminals on the run, shoot-outs, and the driver had a substance-abuse problem assailant’s gun against his stomach, and
more. Sometimes it’s one or two cops and a “checkered” driving record, but telling him if he didn’t stop, he was going
dealing with a perpetrator; sometimes it’s also added that he was “a devout Chris- to get shot. The assailant’s girlfriend
several. Sometimes the officers go into a tian who went out of his way to spread quickly spread the rumor that the offi-
situation knowing they will probably have the Gospel, and a mechanic who would cer had called her boyfriend the N-word
to use their guns; other times they have stop in the pouring rain to help a motorist and shot him in the back while he was
no idea. Sometimes the officers get shot in trouble.” What it didn’t say, as Lough- in handcuffs. Even after the facts were
once, sometimes more than once. And of- lin points out, is that the driver was a con- released, the girlfriend’s lies remained
ficers die. victed felon who wasn’t allowed to drive, the truth for many people. Cases such as
One story was about a traffic stop gone that he was driving a vehicle with dan- these affect not only the officer, but also
wrong. Officer Nicholas Goodman of gerously faulty equipment, that he gave relationships with family members, what
Portland, Maine, pulled over a truck that the officers a fake name and ID, that he their kids deal with at school, and how
looked to be in very rough shape, and the didn’t obey orders to get out of the ve- community members interact with them.
driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt. After hicle, and that he assaulted both officers. And not every department offers therapy
obtaining the man’s ID and running it Officer Davison admitted that jumping afterward; while some departments have
through dispatch, he found out that the ID in the truck was not the smartest action, extensive support groups, others have
and truck belonged to the driver’s broth- but Loughlin counteracts that with “What nothing, leaving the officers to deal with
er, and that the driver had three felonies if?” What if they had let him go? Maybe the traumatic aftermath on their own.
and was not allowed to drive. He called he would have hurt or killed someone. Loughlin writes that many officers get
for backup. When another officer, Officer Loughlin states that officers “have a legal divorced, start drinking, leave the force,
James Davison, arrived, they approached obligation to take felons into custody and or even commit suicide.
the truck — Goodman on the driver’s are responsible if they do not.” While this book is sometimes repeti-
side and Davison on the passenger side. One commonality in the use-of-force tive, it drives home an important thing:
When Goodman asked the driver to get incidents is the distorting effects of the There are many factors involved in shoot-
out of the vehicle, the driver tried to start physical reactions to stress that the offi- ing incidents that non-officers don’t fully
the truck; Davison jumped in the vehicle cers experience, resulting in such things comprehend, such as how fear physically
to stop him, and Goodman tried to grab as tunnel vision, loss of hearing, incorrect affects the mind and body, and that citi-
the driver’s hand away from the ignition. depth perception, distortion of time, and zens should allow a little leeway for the
They all began to fight, yet the truck took the seeming moving or viewing of actions unknown when hearing an account about
off, taking Goodman and Davison with it. in slow motion. The impact of stress was an officer-involved shooting.
Goodman ordered the man to stop, but he very interesting and shed some light on This book is for anyone who wants a
wouldn’t, so Goodman shot him. why officers act the way they do in these glimpse of the dirty, unpredictable, dan-
The book also shared the local paper’s lethal-force encounters, i.e., why they fire gerous world our officers operate in. Next
subsequent coverage of the event, which their guns multiple times. Loughlin pro- time you are informed about a police
was misleading through its choice of vides studies and footnotes showing that shooting incident that looks questionable,
facts presented. The paper did state that these experiences are the body’s physical find out all the facts. n



Blue Line Bears just further developing Blue Line Bears.” cards and letters from strangers in all 50
Florida teen Megan O’Grady, 16, has “Part of the reason that I started this was states and across 10 countries.
started a nonprofit organization that is because there’s such a negativity towards Sherman and his daughter were over-
sure to put smiles on the faces of the police.... It has really lifted my spirits whelmed by the response. “Well, I’ll have
families of fallen police officers: Blue knowing that there are so many people out a hell of a time reading them,” Sherman
Line Bears. there who really care about police.” joked in a video featured on KCBSTV.
Blue Line Bears makes stuffed bears The U.K. Daily Mail reported that while
out of the uniform shirts of fallen offi- O’Grady relies on donations and other
cers. O’Grady herself sews and stuffs the contributions, she never asks for money Heroes Saving Heroes
bears and creates miniature versions of the from the families she has supported with When Starbucks barista Nicole McNeil
uniforms, including the officers’ names, her bears. of DuPont, Washington, learned that one
badge numbers, and departments, ABC O’Grady says that the “thin blue line of her regular customers, an Army veteran,
News reported. It takes O’Grady up to two community is stronger than any commu- had an incurable genetic condition that re-
days to complete each bear. nity out there.” She is hopeful that her quired him to have a kidney transplant,
What’s more, O’Grady actually delivers contribution is a reminder that there are a she and her husband stepped up to be the
the bears to the families in person! At the lot of people who care for and support law heroes the man needed.
start of the new year, O’Grady and her par- enforcement. Vince Villano had not been himself dur-
ents traveled to Denver to deliver the bears ing his regular visits to the local Starbucks,
that she made for the family of Adams and in January 2017, McNeil finally asked
County Sheriff’s Deputy Heath Gumm, A Birthday to Remember him what had him down.
32, who was killed in January 2018 while When WWII veteran Duane Sherman “She’s a genuine, caring, inquisitive
on duty. She then posts photos of her with was preparing to turn 96 on December person,” Villano told Inside Edition. “She
the families to whom she delivers bears on 30, 2018, he was saddened by the fact just said, ‘Hey, what’s going on? You look
Blue Line Bears’ Facebook page. that he had so few friends with whom to like [you’re] having a bad day.’”
As the child of a police officer, O’Grady celebrate. But all that changed when his He told her that he had life-threatening
was inspired to make the bears two years daughter, Sue Morse, took to social media polycystic kidney disease and needed a
ago after learning of the attack in Dallas asking strangers to brighten her father’s transplant or he would require a lifetime
that killed five police officers and wound- special day. of dialysis.
ed 12 others. Newsweek reported that Sherman looks McNeil, a mother of three children, was
“I want them to be able to kind of hold forward to the mail every day, so when saddened by Villano’s story and could not
a piece of their loved one again,” she said, December rolled around, he began asking stop thinking about it the rest of her day.
“because the shirts are obviously the most his daughter what came in the mail, hop- She went home and recounted the story to
personal part of the job other than the ing he had received some birthday cards. her husband, Justin, whose response was
badge itself.” “Every day he said, ‘Oh have you likely a shock. “I’ve got a kidney, you
O’Grady told CBS Denver that she checked the mail?’” said his daughter in a know, we could do this. I think I’m will-
decided to make bears because children report by KCAL9 in Los Angeles. “To get ing to do that,” Justin told his wife.
love them and they are “ageless.” She something in the mail … that, for him … Justin immediately volunteered to be
elaborated, “People still love them when that’s special.” tested and was found to be a good match
they’re like 80-something, so I wanted to But sadly, many of Sherman’s friends for Villano. The men began spending a lot
do [what] people of all ages could love and have passed away over the years, and so of time together and learned they had a lot
hold.” day after day, he was disappointed to find in common besides being donor matches
Following the death of a police officer, nothing in the mail. — they were both Army veterans and en-
O’Grady collects the officer’s shirt from “All my friends are gone,” Sherman said. joyed the outdoors.
his or her department and begins working Morse decided to post something on so- In December of 2018, the men under-
on a bear. O’Grady has made 454 bears cial media in the hopes that it would bring went surgery and the transplant was a suc-
and delivered them to 36 states. in some birthday cards. She mentioned her cess.
“It has been an amazing year for not father’s military service and that he was a Villano remains stunned by the couple’s
only me personally but for the develop- Purple Heart recipient. generosity and is thrilled with the budding
ment of Blue Line Bears,” she said in “We should all be very proud of their friendship that he shares with them. “In
a Facebook post on New Year’s Eve. service and honor them in any way that we general, having them as friends, family, I
“I’ve been able to help so many families can,” she wrote.   wouldn’t want it to not be this way,” Vil-
this year and just really push Blue Line Apparently, readers agreed. Morse’s lano told KIRO. “I can’t imagine not hav-
Bears to be the best that it can be. I really post was shared, and before long, Sher- ing them in my life.” n
look forward to this upcoming year and man had received more than 50,000 ­— Raven Clabough 31
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Trump and the Federal Reserve

With President Trump being the first U.S. president in decades to be even nominally
against the Federal Reserve and the problems it causes, it’s time for a Fed refresher.

lie to the Fed’s alleged detachment from

tawdry politics.
In our time, we again have, in Donald
Trump, a president openly hostile to the
Fed and its policies. Trump, be it noted,
has shown no inclination to physically
assault Fed chairmen. But his withering
anti-Fed rhetoric on Twitter has shocked
the sensibilities of the East Coast estab-
lishment because, in the years since John-
son’s outburst, criticism of the Fed simply
hasn’t been acceptable to the Powers That
Be. Throughout its history, the Federal
Reserve has maintained a public posture
of independent decision making and im-
munity to criticism. But the reality behind
the scenes is a central bank beholden to
special interests both public and private,
determined to maintain the traditional veil
of secrecy and special privileges that have
always concealed its true nature from the
general public.

Of, by, and for the Rich

Library of Congress

In the beginning, the Federal Reserve was

created to serve the interests of financial
and political elites, both inside and out-
side the U.S. government, and both in the
United States and abroad. It is purely a
An expensive gift: This cartoon, showing Uncle Sam looking the gift horse of a central bank in creation of the internationalist financial
the mouth to find out what’s wrong with it, shows that at the time the Federal Reserve was created
and political establishment, and has no
some people suspected that it was to benefit big bankers. And they have been proven right.
accountability whatsoever to the Ameri-
can public. The fact that one of its original
by Charles Scaliger Ushered into what he expected would sponsors, Rhode Island Senator Nelson
be a calm meeting with the president, Aldrich, was a prominent politician, does

n December 1965, Federal Reserve Martin was shocked to find himself being nothing to diminish this fact. Aldrich, re-
Chairman William McChesney Mar- physically shoved around the living room lated by marriage to the Rockefeller dy-
tin was summoned to the ranch of and against the wall by a furious Lyndon nasty, was wholly beholden to the secre-
President Lyndon Johnson for a dressing- Johnson, who kept screaming at him, tive cabal of international bankers who
down. President Johnson, a believer in the “Boys are dying in Vietnam, and Bill planned the Federal Reserve at the infa-
fiscal stimulus programs enacted by his Martin doesn’t care!” President Johnson mous top-secret meeting at the Rockefell-
predecessor, John F. Kennedy, wanted to had apparently never gotten the memo on ers’ Jekyll Island estate in 1910. Aldrich
cut taxes further, and expected the Fed to the supposed independence of the Federal loaned his personal train car to enable the
do its part by keeping interest rates low. Reserve from political influences. Cowed bankers to ride in secret down to Jekyll
Martin, however, was of the opinion that by the president’s belligerence, the Fed Island, on the southern Georgia coast,
interest rates should be raised, arousing chairman maintained interest rates very without being detected by the press or the
the ire of the volatile president. low that year and the next, putting the general public. To this secret meeting Al-

Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 33


of the Jekyll Island group, Benjamin

Strong, was the energetic vice president
It was not until 20 years after the meeting that some of those in of Bankers Trust and would later become
attendance, including Senator Aldrich, finally admitted that they had the founding chief executive officer of
the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
conspired to draw up plans for the Federal Reserve at the top-secret and the true architect of American cen-
Jekyll Island meeting. tral banking. Frank Vanderlip recalled
Strong being present at Jekyll Island in
his autobiography, but other researchers
drich went in person, along with at least around since the end of the 17th cen- have doubted that he was there. Given his
five other notables: Paul Warburg, A. Piatt tury. Abraham Piatt Andrew, a financial later influence, it would be surprising if
Andrew, Henry Davison, Arthur Shelton, wunderkind who was the son of a banker Strong — the first governor of the Fed-
and Frank Vanderlip. and an Ivy Leaguer, was director of the eral Reserve’s New York branch — was
The backgrounds of these men were U.S. Mint and assistant secretary to the not involved.
telling. Paul Warburg, a partner at Kuhn, Treasury Department during the Taft ad- The small group assembled at Jekyll
Loeb, and Company and a European ministration. Henry Davison had been a Island represented all of the major Ameri-
banking agent connected with various founder of the Bankers Trust Company can banking and financial concerns, elite
London and Paris banking interests for and was a partner at J. P. Morgan. Arthur American political interests, and (via War-
whom he had worked, was the leader of Shelton was secretary to Nelson Aldrich burg in particular) wealthy European bank-
the group, by all accounts. A native of and to his National Monetary Commis- ing houses. Because many of the attendees
Hamburg, Warburg in 1910 was not yet a sion, an organization created by Congress were public figures, Aldrich concocted the
U.S. citizen, although he would become at the behest of Aldrich in the wake of cover story of a duck hunting trip and in-
one the following year. He would go on the Panic of 1907, whose ostensible pur- sisted that the men address one another
to be a director of the Council on For- pose was to study the American financial only by their first names during the train
eign Relations, a key organization within system and propose remedies that would trip — lest any of the train workers recog-
the American political and financial es- prevent such panics from happening nize them and report their activities to the
tablishment, from 1921 until his death in again. Frank Vanderlip was president of media. Aldrich also pledged all of those
1932. Warburg was determined to foist National City Bank (the lineal ancestor in attendance to secrecy. The fact of the
on America a central bank modeled after of Citibank), and had long been an open meeting having occurred was brought to
the great European central banks such advocate for an American central bank. light in 1916 in an article by B. C. Forbes
as the Bank of England, which had been An additional possible seventh member in a publication called Leslie’s Weekly, but
all of those in attendance claimed the ar-
ticle was pure fiction. It was not until 20
years after the meeting that some of those
in attendance, including Senator Aldrich,
finally admitted that they had conspired to
draw up plans for the Federal Reserve at
the top-secret Jekyll Island meeting. Pub-
lic admissions of complicity by the likes
of Aldrich and Vanderlip notwithstand-
ing, the most important figure at Jekyll
Island, Paul Warburg, always refused to
talk about the event, believing himself
“pledged ... to secrecy.”
Banking per se has been around for
thousands of years, but the modern money-
manufacturing machines known as central
banks — hybrid public-private institutions
designed to manipulate the money supply
to the advantage of wealthy elites under
Library of Congress

the protection of the state — date from the

Bank of Sweden and the Bank of England,
both of which were set up in the late 17th
century. By the turn of the 20th century,
Under bankers’ influence: U.S. Senator Nelson Aldrich, said to be one of the nation’s most corrupt most modern countries had central banks,
politicians, who as chairman of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee sold tariff favors to patrons, was and the entire European economy was
related to the Rockefeller dynasty through marriage and brought the U.S. Federal Reserve into being. based on the ability of these institutions to


manipulate the money supply by issuing
debt not necessarily backed by any real
assets. Although the United States during
the 18th and 19th centuries had periodi-
cally experimented with central banking,
the last such institution, the Second Bank
of the United States, had been terminated
by President Andrew Jackson, reflecting
Jackson’s (and many of the Founders’)
view that central banks were dangerous to
liberty and independence. Now, Aldrich,
Warburg, and their co-conspirators were
determined to bring the European system
of central banking to the United States,
to better serve the interests of America’s
moneyed classes and their colleagues
overseas. Ebyabe/Wikimedia Commons Lawrence G. Miller/Wikipedia

Banking Becoming Like Europe For the wealthy from the beginning: Representatives of the world’s most powerful banking
institutions met at the Jekyll Island Clubhouse, with the Rockefeller Cottage nearby, to plan how
According to standard accounts, the
to get the United States to implement a central bank that would be controlled by them.
American and European financial systems
at the time were in stark contrast. The
American system, goes the official ver- The drama of those few tumultuous weeks — 12 in all — in major cities across the
sion, was plagued by instability because saw a number of powerful American finan- country, which represented 12 districts,
American banks typically loaned out their cial institutions ruined and the city of New each of which theoretically wielded the
reserves to stock speculators in large cit- York itself teetering on the brink of bank- same amount of power as any of the oth-
ies during boom times, making those re- ruptcy. The situation was saved when J. ers. Also, the Fed was presided over by
serves difficult to access during times of P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, along a board of governors, which supposedly
crisis. Moreover, American banks did not with a number of America’s wealthiest made decisions deliberatively and inde-
operate overseas and also had great dif- citizens, came together and used parts of pendent of all political or private financial
ficulty clearing checks and other forms of their vast fortunes to shore up America’s interests that might be brought to bear.
money transfer between cities or regions. teetering finances. As is nearly always the In reality, the early Federal Reserve was
Finally, the American monetary system case in a free market economy, they were completely dominated by the New York
was strictly tied to gold, making it difficult acting primarily out of self-interest; they branch and by its energetic governor, Ben-
to meet market demand for looser credit knew that the financial hurricane that had jamin Strong, who enjoyed many ties to
(i.e., more money) during certain times of brought down the likes of Knickerbocker the New York financial and banking com-
the year, like harvest time. All of these al- Trust might eventually engulf their own munity and generally acted in their interest
leged deficiencies of the American system concerns if they failed to act. But after — not the interest of bankers in San Fran-
had been solved by the Europeans, whose so doing, they resolved never to do so cisco, Chicago, or other parts of the United
banks tended to loan money directly to again; in the future, they expected some States. Strong, as we have seen, was tied to
merchants and manufacturers, thereby government entity, funded ultimately by Bankers Trust, one of the largest players in
guaranteeing ready access to collateral in American taxpayers, to be the guarantor New York finance. It was he who in effect
the case of default or crisis. With greater of financial stability. dictated Fed policy, which the board of
power to create money not backed by as- The result was the creation of the Fed- governors was expected to rubber-stamp.
sets, European powers fancied themselves eral Reserve in 1913, America’s first mod- Strong enjoyed ascendancy over the other
more flexible in responding to financial ern central bank, which has lasted up to the Federal Reserve branches because, in ad-
crises. That Paul Warburg believed all of present day. dition to his and the New York Fed’s close
this is borne out by an article he published When the Federal Reserve was first set ties to the New York banking and finan-
in the New York Times in 1907, in which up, its structure was slightly different from cial establishment (and their colleagues
he averred that the United States’ financial what it is today. For one thing, the domi- in Europe), the New York Fed became
system at the time was “at about the same nant figure in the early Federal Reserve the chosen repository for a lion’s share of
point that had been reached by Europe at was not its chairman but the governor of the Fed’s gold reserves, a state of affairs
the time of the Medicis, and by Asia, in the New York branch of the Federal Re- that persists to this day. It was also cho-
all likelihood, at the time of Hammurabi.” serve. The organization was structured at sen, as we shall see, as the center of the
Warburg’s snide appraisal seemed to be its inception to create the illusion of decen- Fed’s open market operations. Thus from
vindicated in the great Panic of 1907 that tralized power; unlike European central its inception, the Fed was wholly a cre-
erupted scant months after its publication. banks, the Fed had a number of branches ation of New York financial insiders, their 35

ber banks, buying and selling foreign cur-

rency, and other, more arcane methods
American involvement in the war was ardently desired by American invented by Fed Chairman Benjamin Ber-
bankers and industrialists who stood to make a fortune manufacturing nanke in response to the Great Recession
of 2007-2009.
weapons and financing the combatants. Open market operations are significant
not only because they constitute the Fed’s
political myrmidons, and their European right, or even (except under extreme cir- most often-used tool for manipulating the
colleagues. While the passage of genera- cumstances) work directly with Treasury money supply (a practice otherwise known
tions has diluted to some extent the near- officials to issue new money in direct ex- as inflation), but also because they are car-
monopoly that the New York financial sec- change for new debt. But the subtle minds ried out only between the Fed and certain
tor once enjoyed over the finances of the that operate the machinery of America’s authorized banks and financial concerns
entire United States, the existence of the central bank understand well the power (so-called primary dealers). These 23 os-
New York Fed, with the unique role cre- of financial incentive; they know that by tensibly private institutions are nearly all
ated for it by Benjamin Strong, has done buying Treasuries from third parties with headquartered in New York City, Canada,
much to ensure that most of America’s newly created money, they also incentiv- Europe, or Japan, and all enjoy a special
finances are still concentrated in the Big ize further issuance of debt by the Treasury privilege that no other bank or financial
Apple. Consider, for example, that even Department — debt that will ultimately be institution enjoys: first dibs on new money
though cities such as Charlotte and San paid for in yet more new money. being pumped into America’s financial
Francisco have developed into significant In similar fashion, Fed officials un- bloodstream. Open market operations are
international banking centers, most of the derstand that by lowering interest rates carried out by the New York Fed, which
major stock and financial markets are still — specifically, the interest rate at which is how the Fed has helped New York City
located in New York City. the Fed loans money to member banks, preserve its ascendancy in American and
A major reason for this is the methods the “discount window” — it incentiv- international finance. These gigantic fi-
developed by Benjamin Strong to enable izes member banks to lower interest rates nancial institutions authorized to partici-
the Fed to manipulate the money supply in turn, which drives up the demand for pate in open market operations thus enjoy
efficiently. Strong is credited with the credit and, again, leads to an expansion in a privileged position over American and
invention of so-called open market op- the money supply. global finance: They are the first to benefit
erations, the most important tool used by Over the years, the Fed has developed from the Fed’s inflationary largess, and
the Fed to expand or contract the money additional techniques for manipulating use their access to new money to drive up
supply, and now a standard practice with the money supply, including raising or stock prices and carry out many other ad-
central bankers all over the world. Open lowering reserve requirements for mem- vantageous activities, both in the United
market operations are the purchase or sale
of government securities (“Treasuries”) at
regular auctions. Strong and some of his
colleagues appear to have discovered by
trial and error how open market opera-
tions affected interest rates and the money
supply, and in 1923, the Fed’s Open Mar-
ket Committee was created, with Strong
as its leader, to plan the purchase and sale
of government securities. Ordinarily, such
securities, issued as debt instruments by
the U.S. Treasury, are bills and bonds that
have already been purchased from the
government by some private party; the
Fed does not normally purchase newly is-
sued securities directly from the Treasury
Department, as such a practice would be
too egregiously inflationary. But by buy-
Library of Congress

ing and selling securities on the secondary

market, the Fed can influence market de-
mand for the issuance of more new Trea-
sury debt and thereby incentivize expan-
sion or contraction of the money supply The moneymen made money: Moneyed men, including these members of the Federal Reserve
indirectly. In other words, the Fed is not board, made lots of money from the Federal Reserve, which used inflation to finance warring
so indelicate as to print new money out- countries and provide war materiel. Of course, inflation hurt the poor by weakening the dollar.


enthusiastically into the World War I ef-
fort, acting as an agent of sale for war
bonds and offering preferential interest
rates for member banks that wanted to
purchase Treasury debt. The New York
Fed, not surprisingly, was named the Trea-
sury Department’s agent for selling Trea-
sury bonds, and the Fed, in concert with
the demands of politicians, kept interest
rates artificially low to incentivize more
public purchases of government debt.
Ironically, all of this was taking place as
America was flush in, of all things, new
gold. Since the outbreak of the war, Euro-
pean gold had been pouring into America
to finance the war. Yet in the view of many
financiers and scholars then and now, this

Library of Congress
created inflationary instability and re-
quired robust action on the part of the Fed
to counteract.
World War I, the first great test of the
The secret of the 12: The 12 regional banks that make up the Federal Reserve System foster the new Federal Reserve, showed beyond
illusion of a decentralized, federal arrangement, but the Fed’s power is very much concentrated in any doubt that the Fed had no intention of
the Board of Governors and in the New York branch of the Fed. being independent of political and other
special interests. As Allan Meltzer noted
States and abroad. This state of affairs lar with the taxpaying public. One of the in his monumental history of the Federal
alone puts the lie to the Fed’s claims of Fed’s first big roles was the financing of Reserve, “Independence was sacrificed
empyrean impartiality; the very existence America’s involvement in World War I, to maintain interest rates that lowered the
of open market operations guarantees a fi- a deeply unpopular and (as events turned Treasury’s cost of debt finance” during the
nancial oligarchy whose interests will al- out) feckless enterprise that accomplished war years.
ways be served first and foremost by Fed little more than set the stage for an even Much of the European gold that flowed
decision making. bigger war later in the century. Neverthe- into the United States during the war
When the Federal Reserve was set up, less, American involvement in the war was ended up in the Fed’s vaults, giving it vast
America remained on the gold standard, ardently desired by American bankers and new assets to use in its activities. During
and many early proponents of the Federal industrialists who stood to make a fortune the 1920s, as open market operations came
Reserve, including Benjamin Strong, be- manufacturing weapons and financing the into their own, the Fed used some of its
lieved in the need for an international gold combatants — and to lose a fortune if, as gold to amass government securities that
standard to maintain financial stability. As appeared likely would happen, the losing it then learned to use to micromanage the
a result, the Fed’s early inflationary activ- side (most notably the French) ended up money supply. The Fed also opened the
ities, including both open market opera- having to default on huge debts owed to money spigots substantially by keeping
tions and the use of the “discount window” the likes of J. P. Morgan. The problem interest rates low, especially later in the
to manipulate interest rates, were carried with war is the immense cost. The Revo- decade. Those low interest rates prompted
out in the context of a currency standard lutionary War bankrupted the fledgling banks and investors to borrow money to
that required currency to be redeemable in United States, and every war since has left purchase stocks in the infamous specula-
gold. In reality, of course, the Fed, thanks a trail of debt for succeeding generations tive frenzy that led up to the stock market
to its new “flexible” credit powers, was to pay. Wars financed by up-front taxation crash of 1929 and the Great Depression
able to pyramid fiat monetary assets on top are seldom politically viable. But wars fi- that followed.
of a fraction of its reserves kept in gold. nanced by inflationary means, using the In a 2002 speech honoring the 90th
legerdemain of modern central banking, birthday of economist Milton Friedman,
Financing Wars are a boon to politicians and moneymen then-Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke ad-
The Fed has consistently used those credit alike. Inflation is a form of taxation, too; mitted, in a rare moment of candor, that
powers to serve the interests of the power eventually, the piper has to be paid for the Federal Reserve had been largely re-
elite. One of the most important powers the debasement of currency occasioned sponsible for the Great Depression. “Re-
of a modern central bank, with its essen- by printing money. But the process is so garding the Great Depression … we [at
tially unlimited inflationary potential, is subtle that few people understand what is the Fed] did it. We’re very sorry…. We
to finance wars desired by political and happening, or who is to blame. won’t do it again,” Bernanke confessed.
financial elites, but which are unpopu- The Benjamin Strong-led Fed jumped What Bernanke was referring to were al-

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leged errors in judgment, whereby the

Fed raised interest rates drastically in the
months before the crash of ’29, and con-
tinued on the same course until well into
the 1930s — at a time when, according to
the dubious wisdom of Keynesian econo-
mists, the Fed should have been keeping
interest rates low to continue expanding
the supply of money and credit.
The Fed has also been criticized for
failing to live up to its promise to act as
a lender of last resort and prevent a sys-
temic banking collapse — precisely what
occurred in 1930 through 1933. But these
criticisms miss the mark. To be sure, the
Fed was largely responsible for the Great
Depression, but its responsibility has less

Library of Congress
to do with errors in judgment than with
the fact that the entire premise of modern
central banking — that prosperity can be
produced by expanding the money sup- The cause of the Great Depression: Even former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
ply — is completely false. In the midst admitted that the monetary shenanigans of the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression,
of the turmoil of the global Great Depres- ironic since its main job was supposedly to prevent recessions and depressions.
sion, the United States and many other
Western countries went off the gold stan- Aside from Lyndon Johnson’s thuggish rectify the Fed’s fundamental flaws. No
dard completely, yet the alleged flexibil- tactics, few presidents have ventured to matter how ingenious central bankers
ity that this act should have conferred on criticize the central bank, and even in become, they will remain powerless to
central bankers to rectify the crisis only Congress, criticism of the Fed has been stop recessions and depressions, and in
made things worse. rare and usually muted (a notable excep- fact will generally be the cause of them.
From that time to the present day, the tion being the career of former congress- The financial sector — like the rest of the
saga of the Federal Reserve and of central man Ron Paul, who was Bernanke’s most economy — is simply too complex to be
banking in general has been one of banks vocal and unflinching adversary before, planned. What’s more, the perverse in-
amassing more and more power, operat- during, and after the Great Recession). centives associated with central banking
ing more and more in concert with po- For this reason, it is refreshing that, in and fiat money production will always
litical interests, in order to solve increas- President Trump, we have for the first ensure that central bankers will amass
ingly daunting problems that they have time in generations a president unafraid more and more power and wealth, along
created themselves. The early 1930s saw to criticize the Fed, and in Congress, a with their political and financial cronies,
a flurry of new bills that effectively trans- statesman in Thomas Mas­sie who, in in- while impoverishing the rest of us. The
formed the banking system into an arm of troducing a bill to audit the Fed, has ef- inflation that has eroded the value of the
the federal government — the Banking fectively taken up Ron Paul’s mantle (see dollar — and people’s savings and asset
Act of 1932, the Banking Act of 1933, the Extended Inside Track). But it is unclear valuations into the bargain — over sev-
Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, the Gold Re- whether President Trump’s criticisms eral generations is wholly the fault of the
serve Act of 1934, and the Banking Act of the Fed are grounded in principled Federal Reserve System.
of 1935. And numerous other pieces of opposition to the moral outrage that is The only possible solution is the aboli-
legislation in the decades since have fur- modern central banking, with its money tion of the Fed and the entire modern fiat
ther consolidated the Fed monolith and spigots and special interest allegiances, money system along with it. Such an act
its ties to political interests. But none of or whether, like many economists who will of course be a shock to the moneyed
that prevented the great inflationary cri- support central banking in principle while interests, but will bring great relief for
sis of the 1970s, and numerous recessions deploring this or that Fed policy decision those lower on the economic ladder who
large and small, especially the Great Re- in hindsight, Trump is more interested in have been unable to save money for dec­
cession of 2007-2009 and its worldwide reforming the organization. ades — in other words, most of the rest
aftermath, a crisis that Ben Bernanke, Since it is probably the latter, it bears of the American public, for whom lifelong
glib promises to the contrary, was pow- clarification that, commendable as any debt has become a dreary reality. The Fed
erless to prevent or palliate. criticisms of the Fed may be (and to the never has and never will be the benign,
Throughout its checkered history, the extent that they raise public awareness impartial arbiter of financial well-being it
Fed has been mostly immune to criticism of the organization’s deficiencies, they is portrayed as being, and it is long past
in the halls of power in Washington. certainly are), no amount of reform will time to dispose of it. n


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Murder at the IHOP IHOP, so it’s really hurt the family all the Onyebinachi even showed up in the
In a tragic story out of Hunstville, Alabama, way around, so anything that they can do to comment section for the ABC article re-
an irate customer opened fire at an Interna- help is greatly appreciated.” peating the claim that Turner wouldn’t
tional House of Pancakes (IHOP) chain res- Brown was also remembered by former have committed a violent crime, but an-
taurant and killed a much-cherished manag- employees, who had nothing but kind things other commenter chastised Onyebinachi
er. The Associated Press reported on January to say about him. Former IHOP employee for misrepresenting what happened. James
17 about the senseless crime in which the Megan Ingram told the local ABC affiliate Chaney of Huntsville responded directly
customer, who was described by friends as that Brown “was one of those managers that to Onyebinachi and wrote, “your comment
an “aspiring rapper,” lost his temper owing you would want to get up out of bed and makes no sense ... facts are facts…. He
to an issue he had with a carry-out order and work for every day.” Ingram also told ABC went to his car and got a gun. A building
began arguing with a restaurant employee. that Brown was a very special man whom full of people saw this…. He is guilty and
The customer, later identified as 25-year-old people truly loved. “He is missed and he is paid with his life.”
Roderick Turner, yelled at the IHOP staff loved, and I know he is at peace. I know Onyebinachi’s claims about Turner’s
and then got into a physical scuffle with one that God got an angel in heaven last night.” nonviolent nature also came into ques-
of the employees. Turner then went to his Another former employee, Josh Strange, tion when it was later revealed that the
car and retrieved a gun. told the ABC affiliate that Brown “was the deceased suspect had a long record of
When Turner returned to the store, the guy that everyone knew when they came violence. WHNT News 19 reported that
manager, who has worked in restaurant in. He would be the one behind the coun- Turner was involved in multiple violent
management for most of his adult life, ter, smiling and behind the grill, smiling no assaults, using a firearm against three dif-
intervened in an effort to de-escalate the matter how busy it was,” Strange said. ferent victims and even being accused of
situation. Fifty-six-year-old Roy Brown The CBS affiliate reported on January shooting at people on more than one oc-
tried to calm Turner down but his ef- 24 that the Huntsville Police Department casion! Madison County prosecutors ex-
forts failed, and Turner pulled out his gun completed its investigation into the shoot- plained that those cases never resulted in
and began shooting. Brown was fatally ing, and based on what they found, they any convictions because the victims and
wounded and his son, Jay Brown, who believe that the shooting of Turner was witnesses refused to testify. This is com-
was working with his father at the IHOP, justified. “We have used all investigative mon in high-crime communities that have
was shot in the arm. Fortunately the son material possible to reach our conclusion a culture that looks down on “snitching,”
had his carry permit and was carrying a that this was an act of self-defense.... which is a slang and derogatory term for
concealed handgun. The son pulled out The overwhelming majority of witnesses cooperating with criminal investigations.
his own gun and returned fire at Turner, in this case, including the surviving vic- The IHOP was reopened a few days
fatally wounding him. Police soon arrived, tim, all of their statements including the later, with customers returning in large
but both the suspect and the elder Brown physical [evidence] at the scene, mirror numbers. Employees and managers of the
were pronounced dead at the scene. The one another,” Lieutenant Michael John- IHOP decorated the doors of the restau-
son was taken to a nearby medical facility son, spokesman for the Huntsville Police rant with blue balloons to welcome cus-
for treatment for the injury to his arm and Department, told the CBS affiliate. tomers back, and IHOP’s corporate offices
was released after a few days. ABC also reported on the claims of a also let people know counseling services
Brown’s death was mourned by the friend of the deceased suspect who tried were available for people who either wit-
local community, who viewed him as a to cast doubt on the accusation that Tur­ner nessed the violent crime or were mourning
dedicated family man who loved making killed Brown in cold blood. Turner’s friend Brown’s death. Customer Mary Warren
his customers happy. One Huntsville po- Kingsley Onyebinachi gave an interview to told the ABC affiliate that she was glad to
lice officer even began a GoFundMe page an ABC affiliate where he questioned what see so many customers there, but she was
to assist with funeral costs, since he was occurred and outright claimed that Turner most impressed by the IHOP employees.
touched by Brown’s hospitality. Huntsville wouldn’t have done what police are saying “They’re really brave…. They’re heroes
Police Officer James Andrew told the local he did. In a rambling and at times nonsensi- too for coming back.” It was an emotional
ABC affiliate that he and his fellow officers cal rant, Onyebinachi claimed the deceased experience as customers returned to the
ate at that IHOP multiple times and genu- suspect was a peaceful and loving man who restaurant and interacted with IHOP em-
inely liked Brown, who they said always wouldn’t hurt a fly. “We eat IHOP numer- ployees who had just lost a beloved co-
went out of his way to be kind. “We’re in ously. So for this to happen this time when worker. In no time at all, the restaurant
IHOP at least four or five nights a week. we ate here 20 times in the last few months was packed with customers and employ-
He always took real good care of us, so we … that sounds outrageous…. Knowing my ees were hard at work, so it seemed like
just thought we’d try to do something to friend for numerous of years, he has never everything was back to business as usual,
help the family…. The family is definitely had a problem with a carryout order. If any- which is what many believe Roy Brown
overwhelmed by all the support from the thing, he would have bought a whole other would have wanted. n
community…. All three sons worked for order,” Onyebinachi said. — Patrick Krey


Pols Eye Risky
Prescription: Price
Controls for Drugs
Item: “Congressional liberals,” reported
the Associated Press for January 10, 2019,
have offered legislation to lower prescrip-
tion drug prices. One major effort, noted
the wire service, was being pushed by
“Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Rep. Elijah
Cummings, D-Md., and others. Cummings
leads the House Oversight and Govern-
ment Reform Committee, which is expect-
ed to take a major role on drug pricing.”

AP Images
Their “newest idea would essentially
apply to any U.S. patent-protected brand-
name drug, whether or not government Economic illiteracy? Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Elijah Cummings want a law that
programs are bearing the cost.” would take a patent from any drug with prices higher than in several other countries, though that
Drugs, the AP continued, that were would likely mean that pharmaceutical companies would cut funds to finding new drugs.
“found to be ‘excessively priced’ by the
government could face generic competi- fact that their profits continue to far exceed an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and
tion. A medication’s cost would be deemed spending on research and development.” a law professor at the University of Texas
‘excessive’ if its price in the U.S. was high- The group cites various increases of cer- at Austin; Hyman is an adjunct scholar at
er than the median, or midpoint, price in tain drugs ranging from 6.2 to 10 percent, Cato and a professor at the Georgetown
Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, pronouncing that “at a time when one in University Law Center. They rightfully
France and Japan. If the manufacturer four Americans can’t afford their medica- pointed a finger at the U.S. Food and Drug
was unwilling to cut its U.S. price, then tions, these price hikes are staggering.” Administration for “a backlog of pending
the government could allow generic com- Adds CSRxP: “It’s time for Congress to applications from generic drug manufac-
panies to make a more affordable version hold these companies accountable.” turers that want to enter the market.” The
of the medication.” Correction: We would be better off if writers urged Congress give the agency
Item: Massachusetts Democrat Senator there was less government in business and the resources needed “to process these ap-
Elizabeth Warren, reported the Intercept more business in government, preferably plications more quickly” and to give “pri-
on December 18, wants to establish a smaller, constitutional government. ority to applications for generics that have
“publicly run office to manufacture pre- This is not to say, of course, that certain experienced price hikes.”
scription drugs — to control the means of companies are without fault. There are When it comes to generic drugs, it is
production, so to speak.” indeed problems with pharmaceuticals. government policies that “allow big drug
The bill “would create an Office of Still, we might also grumble, for exam- companies to obtain long-term monopoly
Drug Manufacturing within the Depart- ple, that running shoes are “excessively protection by keeping their generic com-
ment of Health and Human Services. That priced” (thus hurting the well-being of petitors out of the marketplace,” as was
office would have the authority to manu- hard-pressed exercisers), but that does not noted by Dr. Ron Paul last year in a piece
facture generic versions of any drug for mean that the solution is establishing the for the Foundation for Economic Educa-
which the U.S. government has licensed a U.S. Office of Sneaker Manufacturing. tion. Too many drug companies, the for-
patent, whenever there is little or no com- As it is, we are not dealing with any- mer congressman wrote, do exploit
petition, critical shortages, or exorbitant thing approaching a free market with phar-
prices that restrict patient access.” maceutical drugs when one considers how the complexity of the post-patent
Item: The Campaign for Sustainable Rx deeply Washington is already involved, rules to make it very time-consuming
Pricing (CSRxP) — a project of the Na- including countless levels of regulations. and costly for competitors to enter the
tional Coalition on Health Care — decries Regulations cost in terms of both pro- marketplace. They can even withhold
on its website that “dozens of pharmaceuti- duction and delivery time for patients. supplies of their drugs from compa-
cal companies rang in the new year by in- This has been a challenge for some time, nies that — under Food and Drug
creasing hundreds of drug prices by up to as addressed last June in an analysis by Administration (FDA) rules — must
15 times the rate of inflation — despite the Charles Silver and David Hyman. Silver is obtain them to make sure they’re

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copying them correctly. The result
is the big drug companies are able to
extend their de facto monopolies well
beyond the intent of Congress, thus
keeping the supply of the drugs artifi-
cially low and prices artificially high.

In late October, the Council of Economic

Advisers outlined how HHS and FDA
policies had already helped decrease the

prices of prescription drugs for American
patients. Its report shows that “relative an-
nual price growth for prescription drugs
has slowed since January 2017, and esti-
mate that lower prices from new generic
drug products saved consumers $26 bil-
lion through July 2018.”
Under FDA Commissioner Scott Gott- The price of regulations: Generic drugs have been greatly reducing the costs of drugs for Americans,
lieb — as described in a November piece in but the government is sitting on many applications to create new generic drugs and hasn’t passed the
E21, the economics portal of the Manhattan CREATES Act, which would ease the ability of generic companies to formulate new drugs.
Institute for Policy Research — “the FDA
has slashed regulatory barriers to new and put it in a balanced, perceptive piece in the the system. And what government has de-
generic drug development, allowing the City Journal last year, “Developing a new formed, it could reform — either for the
FDA to approve a record number of new drug often takes more than a decade — an better or the worse. The Wall Street Jour-
drugs in FY18, beating the record they set eternity to a politician. Lowering prices for nal has looked, very dubiously, at some of
the previous year.” This is a positive step. today’s voters is far more appealing than the solutions that fall in the latter category.
But it is part of the progressive creed to saving the lives of voters in 2030.” Democrats in the House, the paper’s edi-
disdain business “greed” even while seek- The U.S. pharmaceutical industry is, as tors wrote on January 8,
ing to concentrate power with the central Tierney observed, “the most innovative in
government. Let’s concede that even well- the world and saves more lives than any are pushing a bill to let Medicare “ne-
intentioned capitalists are not generally other institution.” And it is denounced by gotiate” drug prices, an idea Presi-
altruistic saints. That said — and this is many in both political parties as a major dent Trump tossed around as a can-
assuredly not because the American phar- villain for profiteering. didate. The reality is that Medicare’s
maceutical industry is unselfish — this Tierney noted that even Donald Trump, prescription benefit known as Part D
country accounts for more than half of in a press conference as president, is run by commercial payers that al-
new “wonder drugs” developed in recent ready negotiate steep discounts. The
decades, according to the Milken Institute. accused drug companies of “getting real Democratic goal isn’t “better
The industry is not a charity. It has away with murder,” and Bernie San­ deals” but political control over what
major expenses and is sustained by prof- ders has called the industry’s greed a government pays for medicine. In
its. As explained by Chris Pope of the “public-health hazard to the American other words they want price controls,
Manhattan Institute: “The average cost people.” A central plank in the “Bet- which sap the incentive to innovate.
of developing a new drug, demonstrating ter Deal” that Democrats are promis-
its safety and efficacy, and bringing it to ing … is for the federal government There has also been an alignment, of
market has been estimated to be as high to “negotiate” drug prices, and some sorts, between socialist Bernie Sanders
as $2.9 billion. Patents allow drug firms progressives don’t even make that and Trump administration proposals. One
to recoup their investment by temporarily semantical pretense. They call for Sanders bill “would peg what the U.S.
restricting competition.” outright price controls, if not the “de- pays for drugs to what other industrial
At the same time, Big Pharma, as it has privatization” of the industry, on the countries pay — Canada, the United King-
been widely labeled, is an attractive target grounds that Big Pharma is too power- dom, Japan and so on. Earlier this year the
for populist attacks — in part because it is ful to be constrained by market forces. Health and Human Services Department
easy to blast someone for raising prices now proposed trying a similar model for drugs
rather than giving them credit for provid- Both parties say the industry needs re- in Medicare Part B.” Under the Sanders
ing cures down the road. As John Tierney forming because companies can game legislation, as the Journal’s editors wrote,


that spending on prescription drugs in
this country increased 0.4 percent in 2017.
Does this reflect a devastating crisis? The
Association for Accessible Medicines, the
generic-drug lobby, points out that gener-
ics provide Americans “with nine out of
10 of their prescriptions at only 23 percent
of total spending on drugs.” Moreover, as
the Wall Street Journal has pointed out,
countries in Europe make

trade-offs that are severe but often

not transparent. Britain’s National
Health Service routinely puts condi-
tions on which patients can receive

AP Images
oncology drugs, for instance. Some
drugs are denied approval on grounds
Government manufacturing: Presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren wants government to that they don’t produce results worth
actually manufacture drugs. Government would make drugs when it deems costs are high or there the cost, a judgment most American
are shortages or no competition. Of course, many such problems are caused by government. patients might prefer to make them-
selves. The Food and Drug Adminis-
the HHS secretary “could break the patent and wind up with more money at the expense tration doesn’t consider cost, at least
of any drug that is ‘excessively priced,’ of patients on both sides of the Atlantic. not explicitly.
which judging by the political pique would The history of those relying on govern-
include all of them.” ment price controls is a sad one (and not just As for Elizabeth Warren’s essential nation-
Warren, Sanders, and Trump admin- in Venezuela, though the shortages caused alization push of generic drugs, even the
istration officials, among others, have there should be instructive). Dr. Joel Zin- left-wing Washington Post sent up smoke
complained about (or looked jealously at) berg, a surgeon who is now on the White signals in warning — pointing out that it
what occurs in foreign countries, many House’s Council of Economic Advisers, is almost impossible to find a state-owned
with single-payer health systems. Some of previously summarized the effects of price enterprise that can really pursue innovation
those countries are apparently freeloading, controls imposed by European countries in and social welfare rather than profit. The
as critics complain, from American drug the 1980s. The doctor noted that in the mid- Post’s Megan McArdle called Warren’s idea
companies, and those companies have dle of that decade, “European drug R&D
been accepting the prices set there (and was 24% higher than in the U.S. After price particularly silly given that so many
making up by charging more in this coun- controls, European pharmaceutical R&D of the problems that make it harder
try). Economic columnist Stephen Moore, grew at half the U.S. rate” and substantially for generic drug-makers to enter the
who served as a senior economic advisor trailed American R&D by 2016. market are created by government
to the Trump campaign, says that HHS Yes, Americans do gripe about their regulations in the first place. Unless
Secretary Alex Azar has assured him the drug costs, but there are plenty of com- the government enterprise bypasses
administration’s plan “is designed to limit plaints in Europe too. We should not fall the regulatory hurdles constraining
the price controls in foreign countries and victim to the “grass is always greener on supply, it will face much the same
bring American drug prices down so they the other side” syndrome. Yes, there are difficulties that private firms do. And
are in line with other nations.” numerous individual horror stories about if the government is going to relax
One might hope so. Yet, as Moore the cost of prescription drugs in this coun- regulatory requirements, wouldn’t
cautions, if price controls are the prob- try, often related to innovative treatment. it make more sense to just retool the
lem, “effectively importing them to these Let’s assume each is true. How should we way the market works for everyone?
shores can’t also be the solution.” respond? After all, there are reasons for
There could also be unforeseen conse- the maxim that hard cases make bad law. Sure, but there’s an election coming. If you
quences. If, under political pressure, the On the one hand, we have politicians want to lead the Democrats into battle, you
prices in foreign nations for a certain drug pushing industry nationalization. On the need more than the DNA of a 1/1,024th
are forced up, that does not necessarily mean other hand, here are some actual statis- statist, you must display the headdress of
that Americans are going to pay less. Com- tics: The latest data from the Centers for a full-fledged socialist chief. n
panies might just pocket the foreign increase Medicare & Medicaid Services reveal — William P. Hoar 43
by William F. Jasper

Cowardice Before the Ravening Mob

n Red Scarf Girl: A as the object of hate by the
Memoir of the Cultural propagandists of Big Brother.
Revolution, Ji-Li Jiang Sandmann and the Coving-
provides a window into a ton students were denounced
terrifying epoch. As a young as racists and examples of
schoolgirl in the 1960s, she “white privilege.” They were
was an eyewitness to, and subjected to vile epithets and
participant in, the mob vio- denunciations from not only
lence of Mao Tse-tung’s Red anonymous Internet trolls, but
Guards, as they swept away from writers and commenta-
the evil Four Olds (Old Cus- tors in the national media,
toms, Old Culture, Old Hab- Hollywood celebrities, politi-
its, Old Ideas) to make way cians, and — most dishearten-
for China’s new communist ing of all — their own diocese
customs, culture, habits, and and school. Death threats and
ideas. She recounts a num- bombing threats forced Cov-
ber of harrowing incidents ington Catholic High School
AP Images
in which the newly indoc- to close temporarily.
trinated communist zealots What horrific crime did
singled out an innocent shop owner, teacher, or fellow student Sandmann commit? As you know by now, he and his class-
for pitiless assault. mates were accused of blocking, threatening, and disrespect-
Their crimes? There weren’t any crimes; the victims were ing Nathan Phillips, whom the media presented as a “Native
simply accused by one or more members of the mob of deviat- American elder” and a “Vietnam veteran.” Critics also indicted
ing from Communist Party thought, adhering to the Four Olds, Sandmann for the Orwellian offense of “facecrime,” since he
or having family ties to the bourgeoisie class. The mob action had stood smiling while Phillips banged a drum in his face. His
typically involved surrounding the “criminal’s” shop or home, accusers insisted on interpreting his smile as a wicked “smirk,”
destroying and/or confiscating his property, and subjecting him which was more evidence of his “white privilege.” Additional
to public humiliation, beatings, and torture. Everyone was re- video soon surfaced to prove that it was Phillips who was the ag-
quired to join in the denunciation. A public confession of one’s gressor and that the boys had done nothing wrong. Moreover, it
crimes and sins might save one from further torture, prison, “re- also came out that Phillips is a professional agitator with a long,
education,” or execution. Or it might seal one’s doom. sordid history — and was never a Vietnam vet.
Government use of organized mob denunciations and mob The real “crimes” for which Sandmann and the Covington
violence is not unique to Communist China, however. In fact, it boys were being persecuted comes down to this: 1) They are
has been a standard feature of Communist regimes everywhere: pro-life; 2) they are Christian; 3) they are males; 4) some of
Russia, Cuba, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicara- them were wearing the verboten Trump MAGA cap; and 5) most
gua, Venezuela, etc. of them are white.
The frightening similarity between those communist mob ac- Some in the media and in Tinsel Town, realizing they had
tions and what we have seen rapidly developing here in America been fully exposed by the facts, offered half-hearted apologies
will not be missed by anyone familiar with Communist history. and excuses for their inexcusable defamation of the boys. (Oth-
Tragically, too few Americans remember, or have even heard of, ers, such as NBC, doubled down, further exalting Phillips, while
the Cultural Revolution. Well, we just got a taste of the Maoist trying to get Sandmann to confess to being in the wrong.) The
Red Guard methods with the recent vicious smearing of Nick Most Reverend Roger Foys, the Catholic bishop of Covington,
Sandmann and Covington Catholic High School. In Washing- also apologized to Nick Sandmann and his family, as well as to
ton, D.C., to participate in the annual March for Life, Nick and all Covington Catholic families “who have felt abandoned dur-
his fellow students from Kentucky had no way of knowing that ing this ordeal.” “We should not have allowed ourselves to be
they would be subjected to an incredible Orwellian “Two Min- bullied and pressured into making a statement prematurely, and
utes Hate” session. Only in this case, the intense hatefest would we take full responsibility for it,” said Bishop Foys.
go on for days, not a mere two minutes. And it would immedi- Among the lessons that must be learned from this disgraceful
ately go viral, spread nationally and globally by both the major episode are: 1) Never trust the Fake News lynch mob; 2) never
media and social-media platforms. In an instant, 16-year-old allow yourself (or those representing you) to be bullied into
Nick Sandmann found that he was the new Emmanuel Gold- cowering before the mob; and 3) never join in their deceitful
stein, the fictional character in Orwell’s 1984 who was held up and cowardly denunciations. n



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