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Lesson Title: ​Magic “e”

2. Grade level: ​Kindergarten

3. Duration of Lesson: ​40 minutes

4. Previous knowledge: ​Students have been working on learning basic sight words in order to
increase their vocabulary while writing. Students have also been working on tapping three letter
CVC words in order to account for each sound at the beginning, middle, and end of the word. At
the beginning of the year, students learned a sounds and motions program that pairs each letter
sound with a specific motion. The classroom teacher refers back to these motions when students
become confused about what sound they are hearing. Students are learning about the different
sounds a vowel makes when it is long or short. In order for students to incorporate this into their
writing, they must learn that the silent magic e is necessary to change the vowel sound in some

5. A​cademic/Everyday Vocabulary:
a. bit/bite
b. cut/cute
c. rip/ripe
d. tap/tape
e. mad/made
f. cub/cube
g. mop/mope
h. pin/pine
i. hid/hide
j. rob/robe
k. fin/fine

6. Objectives/Assessment/Standards: ​Usually no more than 3. Connect these to your standards

and assessments.
7. Standards​:
NYSNG RF1b: Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by
specific sequences of letters.
NYSNG KRF2: Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds
NYSNG KRF3: Know and apply phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.
​NYSCC RS3: Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding
A. Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by
producing the primary sound or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant.
8. Assessment:

Objective Assessment Standard

SWBAT recognize Exit ticket- Students NYSCC RS3: Know
that adding the magic will be asked to write and apply grade-level
e to a word changes down long and short phonics and word
the vowel from a short vowel words on a analysis skills in
vowel to a long vowel piece of paper. 90% of decoding words.
sound. students will correctly A. Demonstrate basic
spell pin for short knowledge of
vowel sound and pine one-to-one
for long vowel sound. letter-sound
correspondences by
producing the primary
sound or many of the
most frequent sounds
for each consonant.

9. Activities:​ Use the table below to describe your lesson’s activities/process.

Engagement Introduce letter game

Duration 5 minutes
Students Role Listen to directions
Description/Steps/ Each student will receive a letter card. The teacher
Questions to enact will say different words and if the letter card that
lesson component students are holding are in the word, they will
come up to the front and organize the letters in

Teaching Making words with letter cards

Duration 15 minutes
Students Role Students will each receive a letter card. When their
card gets called up or when a word that has their
letter card in it gets called, they will stand up and
spell out the word in front of the class.
Description/Steps/ Teacher will call up a mixture of short and long
Questions to enact vowel words ex:
lesson component bit/bite
(**list is tentative and subject to change)

To transition students back to their seats, teacher

will ask “if your letter makes the ____ sound you
may bring it to me and go to your seat”

CN- this student will have the magic e while doing
the letter activity on the carpet as he has already
begun to display knowledge regarding the magic
e. This will allow for other students to visually see
the change that occurs to the word when the e is
added and how the pronunciation of the word
changes as well.
WS- This student will have the letter I because he
quickly loses attention. Having the letter I will allow
him to repeatedly get up and move around which
will help him to focus.
-Letters and words will be assigned and written
down prior to lesson to ensure each student gets a
turn to stand up

Practice Magnet board practice

Duration 10 minutes
Students Role Students will be asked to write more words on
their magnet board. When asked, students will add
an “e” to the word and read it with the vowel as a
long sound rather than short.
Description/Steps/ fin/fine
Questions to enact her/here
lesson component cap/cape

Clean up whiteboards. Then do written


Assessment Written Assessment

Duration 10 mins
Students Role Students will be asked to write words on a piece of
paper. 1 short vowel and 1 long vowel.
Description/Steps/ Students will be told to write Pin and Pine on the
Questions to enact assessment paper.
lesson component

Duration n/a
Students Role As students finish their assessment, they will be
told to wash their hands and get their snacks,
Questions to enact
lesson component

11. References:​ List of references for your lesson.

Wilson, Barbra A. ​Fundations Teacher's Manual Level K.​ Second ed., Wilson Language
Training Corporation, 2002.

12. Please include all materials to teach the lesson below.

Letter cards
Magnet Boards
Pre-chosen list of words.

Ex. assessment paper