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Stephanie Arenas


Brit Lit - 3

1 February 2019

Annotated Bibliographies
Abram, Susan. "As Winter Grips the Antelope Valley, a Rare 24-Hour Homeless Shelter Opens."

Daily News, 24 Dec 2017. elibrary,

In this article, Abram explores the question of which programs exactly are homeless

people around the country able to go seek shelter in their time of struggle. After reviewing

several incidents around California in which thousands of homeless people have struggles to get

through weather conditions, etc., she examines the main program that has taken the time in their

hands to help out these people. Abram exposes the kindness within the Salvation Army who have

stopped to fix heating and light systems in local shelters and even went as far as creating a 24-

hour emergency winter shelter. Ultimately, she argues that the Salvation Army have played an

important role in seeking shelters for the homeless around the country. This article provides an

excellent overview of the generosity of the Salvation Army in which they’ve donated their own

time and money for others in struggling times. It will help to support my background research on

programs such as the Salvation Army who have dedicated themselves to saving others and as a

young woman looking to participate in these types of programs, this provides an excellent

description in the characteristics of programs I should join. I want to know what responsibilities

and executive tasks these programs face on a daily basis.

Borbely, James M. "Characteristics of displaced workers 2007-2009: a visual essay."

Monthly Labor Review, Academic Journal on Student Resources In Context. 4 Feb 2011.
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In this academic journal, Borbely explores the central question of why exactly are

homeless people having trouble finding jobs in the market. After reviewing through different

statistics and surveys, he examines the shocking discovering that happens to be the poor labor

market conditions given to the displaced workers. Borbely exposes the appalling biases which is

the displaced workers who have lost their jobs regardless of the triumphant work they’ve done or

how long they’ve worked there which in the long run, leads to them struggling to find a job and

being homeless. Ultimately, he argues that while there are a few unreliable employees in the

industry, the number of workers who have lost their job was as high as 15.9 million in 2009 due

to the poor market conditions. This journal provides an excellent overview of the primary reason

associated with the involvement of the homeless having trouble finding jobs in the market. It will

help to support my background research on the struggles of a displaced worker who became

homeless due to the poor working conditions in several industries. I want to know what

drawbacks the homeless have had with their job experiences that is in fact not a fault of their

own but however is the fault of the poor working industry.

Cabales, Victoria. “What the Data Reveals about the Homeless in California.”

CALmatters, CALmatters, 20 Nov. 2018,

In this article, Cabales explores the controversial results of who are the most common

groups of people to become homeless. After reviewing the data in different cities all over

California, she examines the main groups of people which so happens to be the mentally ill,

veterans, runaway youths, and low income families who happen to have children. Cabales
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exposes the truth of these individuals and the different types of environment they each grew up

in that has led them down this path. Ultimately, she depicts that while these groups of people are

struggling in finding shelter each day of their lives, the state of California has set aside nearly $5

billion in order to provide affordable housing for the homeless from 2018-2019.This article

provides a well thought out overview of the primary people being affected by homelessness in

California and what paths had led them to be this way. Not only that, Cabales provides excellent

facts of what exactly is being done to address the problem. This article will help to support my

background on which groups of people are the most common to become homeless in their

lifetime which will help me better understand the struggles these people have gone through and

what I can do to emotionally support them. I want to know what difficulties the homeless have

gone through in their past.

Dillon, Liam. “Billions of Dollars to Help California's Homeless Population Are Piling up - and

Going Unspent.”

Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times, 25 Mar. 2018,

In this article, Dillon explores the contentious question of what exactly is the state of

California doing to address the issues of homelessness in their state. After reviewing several

sources throughout California, he examines the different aids being provided for the homeless

such as affordable housing, financial aid, funding, etc. Dillon exposes the facts of how many

programs have generously joined in by helping fund more than $100 million for the homeless

throughout different cities in California. Ultimately, Dillon as well exhibits the legislators’ funds

in providing housing and shelter to the homeless by setting aside a property tax for affordable

housing which is expected to raise up to $700 million. This article provides an excellent
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overview of the financial aid being provided by the people in the state of California. It will help

to support my background research on what is being done to help out the homeless in their time

of crisis and how exactly I can participate and help out such as joining a local program that raises

money to aid these people. I want to know more about the types of aid homeless people need to

get through their struggles.

HandUp. “6 Reasons Why People Become Homeless – HandUp – Medium.”

Medium, The Mission, 5 Nov. 2015,

In this article, HandUp, a nonprofit organization, explores the ideas of the main causes of

homelessness and what exactly can be done to help the homeless out. After interviewing different

individuals who have had past experiences of being homeless, HandUp discovered different

reasons in each person that could answer the question of the causes of homelessness. HandUp

exposes the truth of homelessness due to the problems with affordable housing, runaway LGBT

youth, unemployment, personal family issues, mental health, and having no support network.

Ultimately, HandUp argues that although there are plenty of reasons why a person may end up

being homeless, there are still many alternatives that could help these people out. This article

provides an overview of what a regular person should do to help out such as volunteering at

shelters, saying a heartfelt hello to a homeless neighbor, and donating to nonprofit organizations.

This article will help to support my background research on providing emotional and physical

support to someone in need whether it is a person who is homeless or just a friend who is having

mental health problems, as I am a person looking to help those in need. I want to know in what

ways I could aid and assist people in their time of struggles.