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I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY » (WHo LOVES ME) w. GEORGE MERRILL and SHANNON RUBICAM Moderate rock J 5.112 get #2 Ge, i i 3 4 = . t a Se oo Dm? Ne Bbmajg - Lf 12,4) Gi 44, fi = = = a = = =| Gm7_Am__ Bb6 C7sus FF mf 1.Theclock strikes up os = Dm Gm7F/A C There's still enough time to on thehour__ when the |sun begins to fade. Dm = 4 2 ee SSE ae aS 3 fig. ure out how to [chase myblues_ a - way.|_— ve done alright eae Epi eras =F] = tS eta © Copyright 1986 Irving Music Incorporated/Boy Meets Gisl Music Rights For The United Kingdom, Republic of Irland, PRS Territories (Eacluding British Far East Territories of Hong Kong, Malaysia & Singapore) Conuoled by Rondor Music (London) Limited, Rondot House, 10a Parsons Green, London SW6 4TW AlRights Reserved. International Copyright Secured, c FA cabs F/Bb Bb Gm7_F/A_C/D till now; it’s the ight | _ with somebod - y. SSS eee 1 wan-na feel the with some-bod - Yeah, 1 wan-na dance Bbmaj7 C7sus with some - | bod - y who loves —— 1 wan-na feel the heat with some-bod wan-na dance Dsxll2. To next sain WBA. 6. Repeat ad ib, and fade Gm7___ Am Bb6 C7sus = Gm7_ Am Bb6 C7sus Ee Bridge: || V2. Verse 2: Verse 3 I've been in love and fost my senses I need a man who'll take a chance Spinning through the town, Ona love that burns hot enought to las. Sooner or later the fever ends, So when the night falls, ‘And | wind up feeling down. My lonely heart calls. I need a man who'll take a chance (To Chorus:) On a love that burns hot enough to last. ‘So when the night falls, My lonely heart calls (To Chorus:}