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Act,Care,Love and Share

AMSA has a philosophy that is Knowledge, Action and Friendship. AMSA-Unja intends to
form a guided village located in Pulau Kayu Aro Village, Sengeti, Muaro Jambi. The village
has limited facilities for education and health. This is evidenced by the low level of education
there as there are still many cases of school dropouts in the age group of children, and there
are still cases of illiteracy among parents. When viewed in sanitation, there are many people
who have poor personal hygiene. People living on the banks of the river are still using
“Jamban Darurat” and water from the Batanghari river for their activities . So, AMSA-Unja
held an activity which contact directly with villagers in Pulau Kayu Aro. The name of this
project is ACLS(Act,Care,Love and Share). We built this village with probation for three
months in the hope this activity can take place successfully so that the village can continue in
building up the target of this activity is reached. The target of these activities focus on
eradicating illiteracy among villagers, aware of the importance of literacy in this advanced
era of the all residents at least help the citizens aware of the health environment and other
issues in the village. In the beginning of this event, AMSA-Unja invites villagers to plant
medicinal plants in there,it’s helpful when they need it while they are in emergency condition
and increase a sense of responsibility in order to preserve these plants for their needs . Every
visiting the village AMSA-Unja give free health check for the village. This project will be
have a big benefit for the village and AMSA Unja’s member if all of them are cooperative.
So, we hope this project can help their problems ,besides that we can improve our soft skills.