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ISSUE #22 FEBRUARY 8, 2019


Bible: Jesus Walks on the Water
Memory Verse: Matthew 14:27
Daily Five Student Independent Work
Story - “A Place to Play”
Skill - Sequence
Spelling: Test over list #16
Phonics: Spelling with oi and oy;
The Rule vc/cvc/cv; Final Stable
Syllable -tion; Digraph ue
English: Action Verbs
Math: Story Problems with 2-Digit
Numbers; Pennies, Nickels,
Dimes, and Quarters
Social Studies: Black History;
Chapter 3 - “The World Around Us.”
Spanish - Monday
Performing Arts - Tuesday
Visual Arts - Wednesday
Visual Arts - Thursday
Library - Friday
Chapel - Wednesday and Friday

Valentine’s Day Party

Our Valentine’s Day Party will be on Thursday, February 14, at 2:15. Each student
should bring a valentine for each member of the class by Wednesday. I would like to
thank our room mothers, Tosca Jones and Trista Dobkins, for all the work that they
have already put into planning this party.

Accelerated Reader Mystery Reader Spelling and Memory

I would like to thank Nathan Green,
I am sending home today a list of Lydia’s dad, for being our “Mystery Verse
the AR books that your child has Reader” today. I would like to thank We will have a spelling test
tested on so far this semester. him for sharing his time and love of and a memory verse test on
This is for your information so reading with us. What a great way to
Friday of next week. The new
that you will be able to see how end our week!
Spelling List #16: far, much, play, spelling list and memory verse
many AR tests your child has
gave, upon, after, handy, dribble, are both being sent home
taken and how many your child
has passed.
spell, shapeless, says, should today in your child’s folder.
Six friends came to my slumber party.
We stayed up until three.
Memory Verse: “Take courage! It is
Mom made plum tarts for us.
I. Don’t be afraid.” Matthew 14:27b
The sweet crust was tender and good.