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For Kathleen Ferrier and Peter Pears Benjamin Britten Canticle II Abraham and Isaac Op. 51 For Alto, Tenor and Piano Text from The Chester Miracle Play Boosey & Co., Ltd. Sole Selling Agents: Boosey & Hawkes, Lid. London « Paris - Bonn + Johannesburg « Sydney » Toronto + Bums Aire ~ New Xa This Canticle was written for the English Opera Group's Concerts in early 1952 and first performed by Kathleen Ferrier, Peter Pears and the Composer in Nottingham, January 1952 * Duration: 17 minutes approx. Cover Design by John Piper, after @ Remaneeque Capital inthe Cluny Museum, Remi Canticle II Abraham and Isaac BENJAMIN BRITTEN, Op. 51 ALTO My servant A-bra-ham, _—— ifs TRNOR QU corvant A-bra-bam, PIANO tel iy Ba. etoarly x = = = Take I- saac,.. thy son by name, That thou lov-est the best of all, efoart — Tv. ow —— ‘Take 1-'saac,... thy son by name, That thou loy-est the best of all, of- fer him to marked sa = cri-fice of - fer him to me., AML sights reserved Copyright 1968 by Boosey & O° Ltd. Priated in Enginad B&H. 17260