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emtnenipmonsheneee THE GRAMSCI READER Selected Writings 1916-1935 edited by DAVID FORGACS [NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS Sew Yona UNIVERSITY Ress Now vanN Ton Fst NYU Pres eton publi in nm uber of Congress Catogng in Publiation Date TSeetions Eg 20) ‘The Antonio Gram aer sleet ines I-15 feed by ‘avid eras ths ww ntstn by Ei Hab, nes rina pubise New York Shocker Book 158 Wah new nrd nes etogaphia referrer and index ISBN 9ST4727107 (Sah ae paper)" NANT 2O8 (pape peer) 1, Communi 2 Consranim tly Page Davi Tie, TROMTGrSAz 0 BD rit nbn nid Staes of Arsen Contents Inroducton 0 ‘ote onthe Text “ (Chrouelogal Outline " PART ONE-WRITINGS 19161926 1 Social and Marais 19171918 » 1 Diseiptine 2 The Revolution agnins Copia 3 Oar Mare 4 Chie intanigene and lian History 5 Uiopia ‘_Working- Claes Eavcation and Ctr s 1 soestismand Culture 2 School of Labour 4 Menor Machines? 4 The Popular Unitersty 3 literacy 6 The Problem of the Scho! 4 [Questions of Culse] 6 Marne the Revoitionary? 11 Factory Cound and Sodaist Democracy 6 1 Worker” Democracy 2 Congucsta he State 53 Tothe Workshop Delegates ofthe Fat Centro and ‘Breve Plante 4 Unions and Councils 5 Red Sunday { Pole! Cpacity 7 Those Maialy Responsible § Once agin onthe Organic Capacies of the ‘Working Clase 1. Communion 1919.24 0 1 The Warlthe Colones 2 Workers nd Pessats 53 The Litome Congres 1 Parner ana Mase '5 What the Relations Should Be Between the PCAL nthe Comintern 6 [Leterto Toplist, Terracina Overs \_ Fact Reaconand Communi Strategy 19241926 135. 1 rhe ins ofthe Mid Chases, 2 The allan Station andthe Tasks of he Pil (Lyons Theses) 5 Leer to he Cental Comite of he Soviet ‘Communist ary 4 Some Aspect ofthe Southern Question PART TWO: PRISON WRITINGS 1929-1935 VI_ Hegemony, Relations of Force, Historia Ble 199 1 Suretre and Supestacre i 2 (Structure and Sopersractrei) 5 Structure nd Superstars) § The Concept of Historie Bloc) 5 [Ethico Pata History) 6 [Ethie PoiteaIistory nd Hegemory) 5 [Polical ecloges]| 8 Ideologies 9 Validity of Mdeotopes 10 Aalts of Stuatos: Relations of Fore 11 Some Theoretical and Pastis Aspects of Economix 12 Observations on Certain Apes ofthe Stace of Palical Parts Periods of Organic Cris, ‘VIL_The Artand Science of Poles m 1 [Warol Postion and War of Manoewre} 2 Warcf Postion and War of Manoeuvre o Frontal Wat 5 Traston fom the War of Manoeue (an om Froctal “Atac) tthe Warf Paton nthe Pcl Fed st Well 4 {loernatonaiom aed National Poti] 5 Question the Calctiv Man’ or Soda Coafemisn! 6 Concept State 5 ec or Ctra! Sate 1 State as Gendarme Nightatchman et 9 The Sates Veli de Nas 10 Economi-Corporste Phatea the State 1 Sealey 12 he Plc Party as Modern Prince’) 1 Fetshiom ‘VIE Pate Revolution, Casartsm, Fascism 26 1 "a Problem of Pita Leadership he Formation and ‘Development ofthe Moder tate ia tly 2 Notes on French National Lie 5 The Conceptol Passive Revolton i 4 [Tbe Concept of Pasve Revolution i 5 [he Concept of atsve Revolution i) 6 [Esctom at Pasive Revolution: Fist Version} 4 [rascam a Pasive Revolution: Second Version} 8 Apiation and Propegands 9 Caesar 10 Cactrnm and-Catastrophic'Eguiibam ofPoiice Seal, 1X. Ameccanam and Form zs 1 Rationalization a the Demographic Compson of Europe 2 Some Aspect he Sexual Qestion 3 Finan Autarky ad ndstry 4 ‘Animal apd Indias 5 Rationalization of Production and Work 6 Tayorim and the Mochanization ofthe Worker 4 fant) 4 Batt Again 9 Notes on Amerian Clre 2X Inetute and cation 0 * flsteectuas, 2 Overton onthe Schoo: In Search the educational Principe 3 fleets ad Now otetetal)