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1. According to the first creation story in Genesis 1, who or what was created last?

2. Who “went away from the presence of the Lord, and settled in the land of Nod, east of

3. What did God promise in his covenant with Noah?

4. Who said, “I will not let you go, unless you bless me”?

5. Nebuchadnezzar was king of what country?

6. A prophet who stayed at the belly of Big Fish for 3 days and 3 nights?

7. Give 4 name of wives in the Bible.

8. Father of Joshua 19.Who was the first Christian martyr?

9. First king of Israel 20.Who was the great persecutor but later
on become an Apostle?
10.In what place Jesus was born?
21. A man whose strength is in his hair?
11.Who lost his ear for arresting Jesus?
22.Two men in the Bible famous for
12.The forerunner of Jesus interpreting dreams?

13.Who washed his hands at Jesus’ trial? 23.What was the occupation of Abel?

14.Who died by hanging himself on a tree? 24.What is the occupation of Cain?

15.How old is Jesus when He died on the 25.What does “Immanuel” means?
26. Give us 6 names among the 12 disciples.
16.Oldest man in the Bible and how old is
he? 27.Who baptized Jesus with water?

17.An angel who spoke to Mary? 28.How many fish and loaves of bread did
Jesus miraculously use for the Feeding of
18.Brother of Moses? five thousand?
29.According to Jesus, how many times we 40.Why did Cain kill Abel?
need to forgive those who sinned
against us? 41.Give 1 among the 3 temptations of Jesus
in the wilderness?
30.A prophet who had a talking donkey?
42. Give 5 among the 10 Commandments
31.About how many authors wrote the
Bible? 43.Give us one memory verse

32.How many books are there in the New 44. Who asked God this: “am I my brother’s
Testament? keeper?”

33.How many books are there in the Old 45. Who was the wisest king in the Bible?
46. What cities were burned because of
34.2 men in the Bible who did not homosexuality and sinfulness?
experience physical death?
47.A man who climbed at a tree just to see
35.What is referred as “City of Palms” in the Jesus?
48.Please sing one gospel song.
36.A disciple who brought his brother to
Jesus? 49.A king who threatened to cut a child in
37.In the Gospel of John, to whom does the
risen Lord first appear? 50.After Jesus was spoken to Paul what
happened to him?
38.Who said, “I do not know the man”?

a. Paul b. Pilate

c. Judas d. Peter

39.In John 4 what did Jesus offer the

Samaritan woman?

a. forgiveness b. healing

c. living water d. the bread of life