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11-13-2018 3-Digit Numbers 3
Date Lesson Title Grade Level

40 Minutes Mathematics 4
Time in Lesson Subject Lesson #

Mustafa Elrafih
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Learner Outcomes from the Program of Studies
What are the SPECIFIC outcomes to be addressed in this lesson?

Number 5. Illustrate, concretely and pictorially, the meaning of place value for numerals to 1000

Objective in student-friendly language Assessment Strategies
What will students understand/experience/appreciate as a result of this What will I accept as evidence of learning/development? Have I employed
lesson? formative assessment? Do I make use of prior assessments in this lesson?

By the end of this lesson students will be able to use parts of a set of base The students will be assessed by finishing the practice questions and the
ten blocks to create different numbers. teacher will walk around to see if anyone has any questions.

Resources Personalization/Differentiation
What materials/resources/technology will be required? How will you attend to the needs of ALL learners in this lesson?

Math Makes Sense The students will be working in groups so that the students who
Base Ten Blocks understand it can help the students that are having troubles understanding
YouTube video about place values the concepts.
Jump Math online Allow the students to verbally explain their answers
Real world applications Allow extra time for students to work
Provide timers for students who have trouble staying on task

Adapted from Wiggins, Grant & J. McTighe (1998)

How will you ACTIVATE prior knowledge and ENGAGE them in the lesson and how does this lesson connect to prior lessons?

I will Introduce the subject by writing, saying, and visually representing the first question on the board and completing it with the students.

Learning/Activity Sequence
How will students ENGAGE, EXPLORE, EXPLAIN, ELABORATE, and/or EVALUATE their understandings of the outcomes.

What is the TEACHER doing? What is your plan for the body of What are the STUDENTS doing? How are they engaged while
Approx. time
the lesson? What steps are taken during the lesson? you are teaching the lesson?

I will introduce the subject and complete the first question on Students will listen and follow along. 10 minutes
the board.

I will have the students guide me through the next question on Students will tell the teacher what to write down on the 10 minutes
the board. board.

I will walk around the class and see if students understand the Students will complete questions 1 and 2 in groups and 15 minutes
concepts or need help. question 3 on their own.

I will discuss what we have learned in the class. Students will pay attention to the teacher and follow along. 5 minutes

How will you ensure students walk away with a sense of understanding the PURPOSE of the lesson and its IMPORTANCE to their learning?

• Ask the students questions about what they have learned
• Ask for examples
• Ask what the students enjoyed about the activity – can use this for the next lessons
• Ask if there is anything they would change to help with their learning

Adapted from Wiggins, Grant & J. McTighe (1998)

• How do you feel your students experienced this lesson?
• How were they able to make explicit and self-evaluate their growing understanding, skills and/or knowledge?
• How did you employ formative assessment for/of/as learning?
• Were you successful in reaching all students? How do you know? How did you accommodate for diverse learners and those
requiring accommodations?
• Were there opportunities to address Indigenous, multicultural and interdisciplinary activities and knowledge?
• What went well and what needs refinement? What might you do differently next time?

The students enjoyed the lesson.
Engaging the students during the lesson went well but a few students lost focus when I assigned tasks.
For my next lesson, I will give practice questions, explain the questions and follow up with the students who need help.

Adapted from Wiggins, Grant & J. McTighe (1998)