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ATTACHMENT J1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT & WAIVER - CROSSING PICKET LINE Employee Acknowledgment & Waiver ~ Crossing Picket Line 4. ‘employee with the Department of hhave requested and my employer, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), has agreed to approve my request to cross the Job action picket line of the Union of Northern ‘Workers to work duringjob action. | confirm that | have been provided opportunity to contact the Union of Northern Workers to ‘consider my decision and possible consequences of reporting to work during job action. | onfrm | am making this decision frely, voluntarily, and without duress or influence. | release and forever discharge the GNWT, Its employees or agents, from any action, claim oF ‘demand of whatever kind or nature that | now have or thereafter have with respect to orn any ‘way arising out of my decision to report to work duringjob action, Dated at Northwest Territories, this day of, 2019 Naw Employee Dated at Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, this, day of, 2019 AME: Supervisor