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100-120 words.


-Fast food is becoming a problem in society. Sport and healthy food are the solution. Write an
essay to discuss it.

- A gap year is a way to widen people’s horizons. Write an essay and discuss it.

- What is better: a well-paid job you do not like or a bad paid job you love? Discuss it in an

-Write an essay informing about the problem of global warming and the possible solutions to
deal with this matter.

-Film review

-Book review

-Letter of complaint about something you bought online-

- Letter of complaint about the bad service you received in the hotel during your holidays.

70-80 words- short- interactive part

-Write an email to Emily and tell her what is the last present you received in your birthday last

-Emily is going to visit CReal next week. She wants to visit the city centre to go shopping but
she does not where to shop. Give her your opinion in an email.

-Emily wants to move to Cuenca. She does not know whether to move to the city or the
countryside with their children. Give her your opinion in an email.

-Your sister does not know whether private education is better than state-funded education.
Send her a message and tell her your opinion.

- Your friend Laura is going to move to London. She does not know whether is better to take a
gap year or look for a temporary job there. Send her an email and give her your advice.