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Objective: O

​ btain a full-time biotechnology laboratory position to gain experience​ a

​ nd learn valuable skills 

Education: Rochester Institute of Technology, Class of 2019 R

​ ochester, NY 14623 
Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience, B.S. ◾ 3
​ .3 GPA 
Earned Dean’s List Honor ◾ Fall 2018 semester  
​ airport High School, Class of 2016 ​Fairport, NY 14450 

Pertinent Courses 
Molecular Ecology:​ Lecture examining populations and ecosystems with molecular tools Spring 2018 
Bioinformatic Analysis of Macromolecules:​ Exploring databases with genetic information Fall 2018 
Cell Physiology:​ Research-based lab course revolving around CRISPR/Cas-9 gene editing Fall 2018 
STEM Saves the Planet:​ Interdisciplinary lab course based around real-world problem solving Spring 2019 
Genetic Engineering:​ Lab-based course creating recombinant organisms Spring 2019 
Microbial Fermentation:​ Project-based special topics microbiology and food science course Spring 2019 

Research Experience 
NASA Plant Media Development, R
​ IT​, Sandra J. Connelly, PhD​ Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 
- Improved on biology laboratory safety skills 
- Member of an interdisciplinary team of biologists, chemists, and engineers 
- Assisted engineers in designing a CubeSat for plant growth in microgravity 
- Analyzed plant health/growth and bacterial communities living in various soils 
- Performed 16S Amplicon Sequencing on isolated bacterial soil samples 

NASA HUNCH, ​University of Rochester​, Gene Gordon & William D. Jones, PhD​ Winter 2015 - Spring 2016 
- Developed chemistry laboratory safety skills 
- Formulated new procedure to create heavy metal oxide aerogels 
- Streamlined the epoxide method to create aerogels in a non-traditional environment 

​ aboratory Skills  P
​ ersonal Skills 

- Benchling, NCBI, CRISPRscan  -Maximized time management skills through 

- PCR  athletic involvement on top of academics 
- Gel Electrophoresis  - Developed conflict/resolution skills through years 
- Bioanalyzer biochip  of working in customer service 
- gRNA design  - Conveyed effective communication skills in RIT 
- 16s Amplicon Sequencing  Bowling Club Vice-Presidency 
- Statistical analysis using Excel/Google Sheets  - Acquired self-motivational skills during time on 
- Monitoring plant growth/health   Junior Team USA 
- Ability to effectively read scientific literature  - Gained public speaking ability as a lector at 
- Attendance in professional meetings to discuss  church mass 
experimental design  - Knowledge of basic French