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1.- Complete the sentences with the present passive of the verbs in brackets
1. The height of the buildings ________________________________ (restrict)
2. Graffiti ________________________________________________ (not permit)
3. Cars ___________________ (prohibit) in the town centre.
4. Dogs ___________________ (not allow) in the parks.
5. ____________ the town well ____________ (desing) ?
6. What projects _______________________ (plan) for the future?

2.- Complete the dialogue with the present passive form of the verbs:
Prohibit allow create
Plan situate connect

A: Do you like the town?

B: Yes, it’s great. The streets aren’t dangerous because cars ____________________.
And there are a lot of green spaces.
A: What about the weekend?
B: There are lots of things to do. All the houses ___________________ to the Internet.
There are cinemas, sports clubs and walls where we _________________ to paint
graffiti. A skate park _____________________ for next year. There is a local radio
station and many programmes _________________ by young people. The shops
_________________ in the town so we can walk or cycle everywhere.

3.- Match the two halves of the sentences:

The Guggenheim in Bilbao (desing)… by Jules Verne
Around the Worls in 80 Days (write)… until 1801
Tomatoes (bring) … by F. Gehry
The first asteroids (not discover) … by Queen
We are the Champions (sing) … by the Japanese
The Great Wall (not build)… to Europe from America
Now write the sentences in the past passive.
1. ________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________________________
5. ________________________________________________________________
6. ________________________________________________________________

4.- Rewrite the sentences using the passive form

1. People made this bag in China

2. People grow tea in India

3. The supermarket doesn’t sell these games

4. They bought the house last year

5. They change the programmes every year

6. They didn’t televise the match

 Write questions in the passive for four of the sentences

5.- Choose the correct form of the verb

1. Celebration is a new town in Florida which owns / is owned by the Disney


2. In 2004, 9500 residents already lived / were lived there.

3. The town authorities don’t elect / aren’t elected because all the decisions in the

town made / are made by the Disney Corporation.

4. The residents must obey / be obeyed the strict regulations about houses and


5. For example, certain plants don’t allow / aren’t allowed.

6. Unfortunately, Mickey Mouse doesn’t often see / isn’t often seen in the streets!

Make questions in the active or the passive:

 Where / Celebration / situate?

 Who / it / own by?

 Who / decisions / make by?

 What / must / residents obey?

 What / not / allow?

 Who / not often / see in the streets?

6.- Look at the table. Write ten sentences comparing the three cities..
Big small populated
Wet dry high
Low expensive cheap

New York London Madrid

Population (in
8 7.4 m 3m
Area 780 km2 1,572 km2 611 km2
January 0 ºC 5.5 ºC 5.5 ºC
July 25 ºC 18.5 ºC 24 ºC
Rainfall (in
1,200 mm 585 mm 439 mm
Cost of living € 100 € 119 € 80

7.- Complete the sentences with these words. There is one extra word
pollution jam transport
friendly mayor pedestrian

1. There aren’t enough cycle _____________ in my town.

2. I arrived late for work again because of the traffic ___________

3. I like ____________ streets because there are no cars.
4. Do you think we will have more people- _______________ cities in the
5. Smoking is bad but the _____________ from cars is worse!
6. The _____________ of London says he wants to reduce city traffic.

8.- Change these sentences from active to passive

 They make these sports shoes in China

 They don’t grow bananas in Scotland

 Millions of tourists visit paris every year

 Brazil won the World Cup in 2002

 Spielberg didn’t direct Star Wars

 They didn’t allow electronic calculators in the exam

9.- Correct the mistakes

1. Winter is colder that summer
2. Italy is more noisy than Finland

3. The country is beautifuler than the city

4. Russia is the bigger country in the world

5. What is the more expensive car in the world?

6. Paris is not as large that London

10.- Translate these sentences

 How can I get to the museum?

 Turn left at the traffic lights

 Go straight on

 Take the second street on your night

11.- Complete the sentences with however, although or what’s more

 The park is very clean in my town. _______________, the streets are rather
 There were a lot of boring people at the party. _______________, the music was

 _________________ it is a beautiful city, the people aren’t very friendly.

 It’s good for you to go to work by bike. ____________, it’s cheaper than going
by car.

 ______________ Gerry’s got a good job, he never has much money.

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