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Sec caet lacie teat aie THE SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY OF AGNES HELLER a : POZNAN STUDIES IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE SCIENCES AND THE HUMANITIES THE SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY OF AGNES HELLER VOLUME 37 : | | Edited by sorTors | : | John Burnheim Jerry Bracelfiskt Lesuck Nowak (editor-in-chief) | Robert fgert(stnt-eitor) Katnayon Popisha Pitsburg) Andre} Rlavtr Marcin Papragelt (Odes, TS) Kray Lanowst Poe Pragya ADVISORY COMMITTEE Joseph Agasst (TeL-Avi) Jere Kita Porat) futeane Baber (Pet) Whadritaw Krajewsht (Warszawe) | Piotr Buczkowshi (Porsaf) ‘Theo AF. Kuipers (Groningen) | Marto Bange (Montes) Witold Marcizewsht (Warszves) Nancy Cartwright (London) Tikka Niatluoto Cebina) Robert S. Cohen (Boston) ‘Ginter Paaig (Gottingen) Francesco Conilione (Catania) Marian Proce (Warszawa) Andre] Fahiewler (Wroclaw) Jan Such (Pornat) | Ersest Gener (Casridge) ‘erny Topi (Poanss) Bert Haamiogn (Titans) Ryszard Wicd (Lat) | Isak Hiaibka (Boson) Georg H. von Wright (Hiekiati) ‘ygmust Ziebidehi (Porens) The address: prof. L, Nowak, Cybulskiego 13, 60-247 Pornast, Poland. Fax: (061) 535.535 E-mail: epistemo at PLPUAMILAMU.EDUPL AMSTERDAM - ATLANTA, GA 1994 ISBN: 90-5183-666-X (CIP) Editions Rodopi B.V., Amsterdam - Atlanta, GA 1994 Printed in The Netherlands CONTENTS John Burnheim, Introduction... . Pee eat Mihély Vajda, A Lover of Philosophy — A Lover of Europe . . 17 Philippe Despotx, On the Possibility of a Philosophy of Valves. A Dialogue within the Budapest School... . 2. . 29 Martin: Jay, Women in Dark Times: Agnes Heller and Hannah Arendt oe 41 Johann P. Amason, The Human Condit dicament.. 2... 37 Richard J. Bemstein, Agnes Heller: Philosophy, Rational Utopia and Praise ee BD Zygmunt Bauman, Narrating Modernity... . . se W Peter Beitharz, Theories of History — Agnes Heller and R.G. Collingwood... aoe PEE etna Richard Wolin, Heller's Theory of Bveryday Life... 137 Paul Harrison, Radical Philosophy and the Theory of Modernity 149 Arthur J. Jacobson, The Limits of Format Justice... . 163 Peter Murphy, Civility and Radicalism. 6... 2... 2. . 169 Peter Murphy, Pluralism and Politics. . 2... 193 Viera Camps, The Good Life: A Moral Gesture...» 239 Laura Boella, Philosophy Beyond the Baseless and Tragic Character fef-Action Se eet 28s, Gyorgy Markus, The Politics of Morals... . . : . . 287 Agnes Heller, A Reply to My Critis . 6... 281 ‘The Bibliography of Agnes Heller. 6... se 38