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January Publisher’s Letter/1

Can you feel the wind of revival?

JDM is experiencing the strong wind of revival. From the conferences, there are many young adults
saying "I am here!" with the devotion and the spirit of pioneers. They've been experiencing the strong
grace from the Words as the New Year has begun. We are experiencing the revival of Acts.
Staffs and missionaries are fulfilled with the strong passion and vitality for campuses and students are
enjoying the happiness in the community with the full desire of living as disciples of Jesus Christ. So
we all overwhelmingly welcome even the narrow road of the cross with joy. There are many people
bring about the discipleship under the persecution and oppression in each domestic district and
countries. There are increasing numbers of people who devote their lives for God's calling gallantly.
This is revival! It is revival because people are experiencing changes, devoting their lives and
completely depending on God.

We finished reading the whole bible in January, 2014. And we start again!
I've been following Jesus Christ for 45 years but I've never been this passionate to read the bible. I've
had strong passion for reading the Bible all day. The movement of reading the whole bible is
happening in not only Korea but also all over the world.
Under missionaries’ guidance, students have been challenging themselves to read the whole bible and
even missionaries stimulate people in JDM Churches by distributing the bible reading chart.
In K country, JDM missionaries did the reading bible-fasting conference with about 10 students from
the 1st day of the New Year. Still there are messages from missionaries in Clark of Philippines, USA,
Europe and Africa that people are into reading the whole bible. Revival is experiencing grace of
God’s living Words.
Many students wrote their testimonies on facebook about experiencing the grace through reading the
whole bible. And they are passing the last line of reading the whole bible by encouraging each other.
There are few people who already completed reading the whole bible: Sophia Yoon, (Wigrin
International School), Min Soo Kil (KDTI Board member), Hee Jin Suh (Dae-Jeon Board member)
and Soo Mi Hyun (JDM Mission Board member).
They all have jobs, and are busy. But this revival is very similar to the revival of Jang Dae Hyun
Chruch in 1907 and so now is the time for the revival through God’s Words. This movement is
perfectly fit to JDM because we all desire the biblical lives.
Already I have great expectation for Next Year. The fun reading the bible is greater. I have two more
days to finish reading the whole bible. And there is no way to give up.

Revival of JDM in all over the world!

Total 733 students participated in the last winter conferences. This is the largest number since JDM
has been started. Winter conference is for devotion, pioneering and challenging people. So this is such
a blessing of God to give us the mission of the times.
Not only campuses but the revival happened among Christian teachers. There were 77 teachers and
prospective teachers in Christian Teacher Conference. Professor Kwon Ho was a speaker for the
main lecture and participants inspired by the powerful words and servant leadership.

Total 1130 people participated in the Youth Conference. There were the powerful words, small group
bible study, caring and personal mentorship and relationship. Participants experienced spiritual growth
and repentance. 19 youth participated in the Joshua Camp and so they went to Philippines with Staffs
right after the youth conference. Joshua camp is well organized and planned program to train youth to
become leaders of the future and experience various things in different country. Please pray for them
to return back safe.

There is a clear reason for JDM doing conferences in different countries. That is to lead people in
different countries to Jesus Christ and train them to become mature Christians. And also train them for
Christian leaders in where they belong. Also TTS will expand the mass ministry and small group
January Publisher’s Letter/2

This is our important ministry to make this city Antioch as the center of international mission and
Philippians as the starting point for Europe mission.
At last, people in all over the world become Christian leaders and serve their own countries and
people. Therefore we’ve sent missionaries from U country to Vietnam.

In Europe, there was a GNG conference, “I`m ready!(mission)", and 76 people participated. 6 people
started TTS in France. And also there is one student from Germany joined KDTI. Europe students
started to pray for the whole Europe sharing each other’s prayers since January.
There was a winter conference in Canada in December and 30 students were gathered. The main
lecture was by Kwan Ok Suh of India missionary. There was a conference in USA as well. From 16th
to 18th, Rutgers JDM had a winter conference with the theme of “A Daring Life with JESUS.”

We call JDM as the meeting of Jesus and small group.

We have never stopped our mission for 37 years and our passion is greater than before. Please
continuously pray. We will confess God’s great grace and greater things He will make at the end of
this year. The revival of Acts is happening now through JDM.

There was a 25th IMTI training in January from 6th to 24th by JDM Mission. Including Joseph
from Australia as an English teacher, staffs and speakers were passionately trained trainees to make
them the true missionaries. Among them, 4 students are planning as short-term missionaries and one is
planning as staff-missionary.
Staff Training School (STS) is on going to train intern-staffs to make them stronger staffs in
campuses. The training is placed in JDM base in January and trainees will be sent to each assigned
district for 6 months..
24th KDTI is preparing for opening in March. Currently, people from 7 countries applied for this
training. KDTI training is one of the best training programs with 23 years of experience in training.
This training is graduate school quality program and it contains various ministry training and
community training. And this offers the discipleship and leadership training which you will never
learned from other programs. This program is equivalent to two semesters of M.div program of
Graduate school in Australia. Anyone who is interested in mission or church ministry will be
welcomed. Please pray for applicants to keep their minds for training with great expectation.

Our prayers have been answered!

Missionary Jae Doo Lee got an immigration card. I hope other missionaries in North America will get
an immigration card soon. Thank you all who have been praying for missionary Jae Doo Lee.
Staff Aileen got married with Joseph on December 18 th in Davao, Philippines. Antoin and Maritraise
got married as well in Senegal. Please pray for them to have a happy family in God with His vision. .

Pray for people who are in pain.

Missionary Jin Phil Huh is in a bad condition and it gets worse. Please pray for him and his wife
missionary Young Soon Kim for God to give them strength and comforts. Please keep pray for Pastor
Haruna in Senegal to manage himself well and be healthy soon.
Staff Abigail in Davao, Philippines is in pain as well. Please keep pray for her to have faith and God
January Publisher’s Letter/3

gives her comforts and gets rid of her pain. Please pray for staff team and missionaries in Davao.

February is a month of pioneering and challenging.

The 7th Staff Spiritual Retreat will be held from 3rd to 7th in JDM base. This retreat gives spiritual
growth, development of faith, experiences the goal of JDM and refreshing it again through meditation,
reading and labor.

This is not my story but I write this as I think of all staffs and missionaries of JDM. Only because of
we are Christians, we have troubles from families, societies. Only because of we have vision for
making disciples of all nations, we experience failures but we still stand in campuses. I am really
proud of all these staffs and missionaries. That is why I as a founder of JDM can travel all around the
world and proclaim God’s vision by teaching His Words and challenging people to devote their lives.
So I am trying myself to stand ahead of young ministers and challenge them to keep going for the

For 2014, I already have scheduled dates to go abroad and bible classes in Korea. I have regular
lectures to do in theology school and KDTI. I also have to take care of church and chapels. As time
goes by, I though the things I have to do would be decreased but God has been putting me ahead of all
young ministers to complete His vision through us.
So, I praise the Lord for calling me for discipleship minister and leader of this community. And I love
and respect all of my co-ministers and people in Jesus Christ. Rev. Sang Seop Eom (The
representative of JDM Korea) and staffs are doing sincerely their duties so I have greater
expectation for today’s revival.

I had a great time in Germany. I could expect the growth of Europe ministry and found hope from it.
Also, I could see the successful result of disciple ministry in Europe through passionate missionaries.
After I returned, I spoke for the youth in Youth conference. I was tired of all those schedules but I
realized again thatthere were only thing s to give thanks to God and tears from confessing I was a
sinner. So, I desperately asked for grace and the blood of the cross. I also experienced the first love
of Jesus Christ through the whole bible reading. I thank God again. Thus, I am even more proud of
you and myself (Phil. 1:26).

January 27th, 2014