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NEUR 1202- Mock Final

December 11th- 6-8pm

RB 3201

Multiple Choice- 1 point each

1. Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT?

a) Impaired communication
b) Impaired motor skills
c) Impaired social interactions
d) Restircted behaviour, interests ans activities

2. “Recurrent and persistent thought, urges or images that are experience and unwanted”
This statement fits the criteria for which disorder?
b) OCD
c) GAD
d) DID

3. The two endogenous cannabinoid receptors are:

a) CBD & CB1
b) TH1 & TH2
c) CBN & CBD
d) CB1 & CB2

4. Which of the following is a theory behind why we dream?

a) To know what the next day will look like
b) To reflect on past experiences
c) To practice dealing with real-life threats in a safe environment
d) To have a more restful sleep

5. Which of the following stimuli can elicit a fear response seen in PTSD?
a) Odors
b) Sounds
c) Neither A or B
d) Both A and B

6. Administration of propranolol prevents the binding of:

a) Dopmaine
b) Norepinephrine
c) Epinephrine
d) Noradrenaline
NEUR 1202- Mock Final
December 11th- 6-8pm
RB 3201

7. Antidepressants help by increasing the rate of neurogenesis in:

a) Hypothalamus
b) Hippocampus
c) Amygdala
d) Prefrontal Cortex

8. Which of the following hormones seems to be protective against stress and depression?
a) Estrogen
b) Progesterone
c) Testosterone
d) Both A and B

9. Which gene has been found to be associated with the development of Bipolar Disorder?
a) SYN-2
b) SYNE-1
c) PNY-3
d) SD-4

10. Insomnia can be treated with:

a) Ambien
b) Ridalin
c) Xanax
d) Both A and C

11. Ketamine is an antagonist to which receptor?

b) D2-like
d) D1-like

12. In Anorexia Nervosa, seeing pictures of one’s own body causes increased activity in which
a) Temporal lobe
b) Occipital lobe
c) Parietal lobe
d) Frontal lobe
NEUR 1202- Mock Final
December 11th- 6-8pm
RB 3201

13. Which of the following Neurotransmitter(s) is involved in OCD?

a) Dopmaine
b) Serotonin
c) Glutamate
d) All of the above

14. The ‘Reward System’ is the:

a) Mesocorticolimbic serotonin system
b) Ventral tegmental association system
c) HPA-axis
d) Mesocrticolimbic dopamine system

15. What is currently the most effective treatment for OCD?

a) Medication
b) Cognitive behavior therapy
c) Aversion therapy
d) None of the above

16. Which of the following is NOT a feature of ADHD?

a) Inattention
b) Impulsivity
c) Immense focus
d) Hyperactivity

17. Sleep deprivation can result in:

a) Increased blood pressure
b) Decreased immune function
c) Decreased executive function
d) All of the above

18. Drugs that treat anxiety are called:

a) Anxieolytics
b) Anxiogenics
c) Sedatives
d) “Chill-pills”

19. Individuals with Anorexia Nervosa appear to be resistant to:

a) Peptin
b) Ghrelin
c) Leptin
d) None of the above
NEUR 1202- Mock Final
December 11th- 6-8pm
RB 3201

20. Which is the correct pathway of dopamine through the reward system?
a) VTAHippocampus, NAc and PFC
b) PFCNAc and VTA
c) VTAStriatum
d) PFChippocampus, thalamus and NAc

21. Which brain areas show reduced volume in ADHD patients?

a) Prefrontal cortex
b) Cerebellum
c) Striatum
d) All of the above

22. The main psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis is:

a) Cannabidiol
b) Δ9-THC
c) Cannabinol
d) Sativa

23. People with schizophrenia show:

a) Enlarged lateral ventricles
b) Reduced dendritic spine density
c) Absence of the right lateral ventricle
d) Both A and B

24. The following symptoms reflect which disorder: sad, hopeless, anhedonic
a) Anxiety
b) Schizophrenia
c) Autism Spectrum Disorder
d) Depression

25. Which of the following is a drug used to treat Schizophrenia?

a) SSRIs
b) Chloropromazine
c) Cipralex
d) Lorazepam

26. Panic Disorder is associated with:

a) Sympathetic nervous system under-activation
b) Sympathetic nervous system over-activation
c) Parasympathetic nervous system under-activation
d) Parasympathetic nervous system over-activation
NEUR 1202- Mock Final
December 11th- 6-8pm
RB 3201

27. Which of the following is NOT a clinical feature of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
a) Anxiety
b) Dysphoria
c) Delusions
d) Anhedonia

28. Which of the following is risk factor for developing Autism Spectrum Disorder?
a) Aerobic exercise
b) High carb diet
c) Exposure to air pollutants
d) Having a single parent

29. Which of the following is not a diagnostic criteria for Binge-Eating Disorder?
a) Eating more rapidly than normal
b) Eating until uncomfotably full
c) Eating only when told to do so
d) Feeling disgusted with oneself, depressed or very guilty

30. Which type of Glutamate receptor is down-regulated during sleep?

b) D2
d) D1

Definitions- 1 point each

Rate of cycling



Theory of Mind



NEUR 1202- Mock Final
December 11th- 6-8pm
RB 3201

Generalized Anxiety Disorder



Definitions- 2 points each

Dual Pathway Model of ADHD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Anorexia Nervosa

Monoamine Hypothesis of Depression

Panic Disorder





Seasonal Affect Disorder

NEUR 1202- Mock Final
December 11th- 6-8pm
RB 3201

Short Answer

Explain the significance of ADHD in a cultural context? (3 points)

How does CBD affect Post traumatic stress disorder? (2 points)

List 2 of the 4 diagnostic features of Dissociatve Identity Disorder that we discussed in class.
(2 points)

How is basal ganglia volume different among those with DID versus PTSD? (2 points)

Describe the experiment discussed in class about the neural basis of body image distortions
(4 Points)

Differentiate beweenn REM and non-REM sleep (3 Points)

Differntiate between Anxiety and Fear. Give an example of a disorder characterized by each.
(3 points)
NEUR 1202- Mock Final
December 11th- 6-8pm
RB 3201

Describe one of the theories of Autism Spectrum Disorder discussed in class. (3 Points)

What are 4 of the DSM5 criteria for Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)? (4 Points)

List and describe 3 Negative symptoms of Schizophrenia. (3 Points)

In class we discussed 3 Neuorbiological theories of Bipolar Disorder. Choose one and describe
it in detail. (3 points)

What is the name of the circuit involved in OCD? Explain what happens when this circuit is
activated? (4 Points)

Name 2 treatments for Eating Disorders. (2 points)