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Coda Set electors es 1510 Kingsway NW Edmonton, aber Canad T5275, Tet| 700.427.7191 Fax | 780.422.2900 Infowelections ates July 13, 2018 , Stephen Mandel, Nomination Contestant Electoral Division of Edmonton-MeClung } Alberta Party 17507 55 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T6M 1C7 Dear Stephen Mandel: Subject: Nomination Contestant Campaign Return Completion and Filing Deadline You were registered as a Nomination Contestant for the Alberta Party in the Electoral Division of Edmonton-McClung (2019 Boundaries) in accordance with section 9.3(4) of the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act (EFCDA). Your registration became effective on February 28, 2018. The following information is provided to assist you in meeting your financial filing requirements. Legislative Filing Requirements ‘A Nomination Contestant Campaign Return must be completed for the campaign period, which began on February 28, 2018 (your registration effective date) and ‘ended on July 12, 2018 (2 months after the selection date/contest conclusion). During the campaign period, you were allowed to raise funds and incur expenses for your nomination campaign. In accordance with the EFCDA section 43.01(1), the campaign return must include a financial statement, a contribution report, a campaign expense report, an expense limit report, and any supporting information and documents relating to the nomination campaign return. Your campaign retum, with original signatures, must be filed with this Office by 4:30 pm on September 12, 2018 (4 months after the selection date/contest, conclusion), and is required even if your campaign had no revenue or expenses. Failure to file by the filing deadline will result in an automatic late filing fee of $500 under section 43.2(2) of the EFCDA. You andlor your chief financial officer (CFO) may also be subject to further penalties. The Nomination Contestant Financial Statement required to be filed as part of the. campaign return is available to download from the Elections Alberta website at by selecting Parties, Candidates & Contests / Nomination Contests. Also available on the website are resources including a Nomination Contestant Guide to the EFCDA and Nomination Contestant Guide for Preparation of Financial Disclosure Forms which includes step-by-step instructions for completing the financial statement. Please ensure that all records and supporting documents used to prepare the campaign retum are retained for a period of 3 years following the filing deadline in order to be available for examination by the Chief Electoral Offi Campaign Contributions Contributions to your nomination contestant campaign are only allowed to be accepted during the campaign period. A contribution may be categorized as either Money (cash, cheque) or Valued (real property, goods or services, or the use of real property, goods or services). Page 1 of 2 Elections Alberta's new Online Financial System (OFS) is to be used for reporting your nomination campaign contributions and issuing official contribution receipts to contributors, Both you and your CFO will be set up with OFS user accounts, and will receive log-in credentials to access the new system as soon as itis ready. Elections Alberta will maintain and publish contribution information as required by the EFCDA. using the information that you input into OFS; this includes a list of contributors and their total contributions that exceeded $250 in the aggregate, in accordance with section 32(4.2) of the EFCDA. Reporting a Surplus In accordance with section 12.1 of the EFCDA, if a surplus exists at the end of the nomination campaign period, the surplus funds must be dealt with as follows: * ifyou were selected for endorsement, your campaign may hold the surplus to be expended for your candidacy in the upcoming election, or you may transfer the surplus to your registered party or constituency association. * if you were not selected for endorsement, within 30 days of the filing deadline you must transfer the surplus to your registered party or constituency association, or return the funds to contributors under the direction of the Chief Electoral Officer. If you do not deal with your surplus within the 30 days you must immediately pay the funds to the Chief Electoral Officer for deposit in the General Revenue Fund. ‘The Nomination Contestant Surplus Distribution Report required to be filed with this Office when a nomination campaign surplus exists, is available to download from the Elections Alberta website. Reporting a Deficit In accordance with section 43.1 of the EFCDA, if a deficit exists at the end of the nomination campaign period, the deficit must be eliminated or “retired” within 3 months of the filing deadline. Upon written request from yourself or your CFO, the Chief Electoral Officer may grant an additional 3 months maximum for your campaign to eliminate the deficit. To eliminate the deficit, your campaign may accept contributions in accordance with the EFCDA during the deficit retirement period. A Nomination Contestant Deficit Retirement Period Financial Statement is required to be filed with this Office within one month after the end of the deficit retirement period, and is available to download from the Elections Alberta website. lf you require any further information or clarification, please contact any member of the finance team by phone at 780-427-7191 or by email at or at finance Sincerely, Kevin Lee, CPA, CMA Director, Election Finances cc: Brian Heidecker, Nomination Contestant Chief Financial Officer Mark Taylor, Alberta Party Executive Director Mb Page 2 of 2