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The Court of Heaven:

We are going through the veil that Jesus tore in half, with dying on the Cross, for us; coming boldly
before the Throne of God. We have been given direct access through Jesus except when we go to
court, we appear before our Father but in Court, He is The Righteous Judge and we address Him as
such. This is not the place or time to hop up on His knee we are in a Court of Law, like an Earthly
Court. We have made an appearance in the court for a reason! (*_*)

As we know God is a God of Love and Justice.

This is part of a new way Father has for the Church Body. – Deeper meaning of Scriptures as Holy
Spirit, the Revealer of Truth reveals this new way. This way is way more effective and we have
direct Divine involvement, there and then and answers.

Christians have often, not had answers to prayers even those, that line up with the scriptures and we
have bought into- this is it, it is Ok, it is mean’t to be! Not necessarily so.
Yes we will have suffering still, Father is working on us, as He promised He would, but we have often
accepted things that are not right, that don’t fit in with the scriptures; fear, doubt, sickness,
joblessness, depression, lies, not quite the truth, a little white lie, words that we have spoken
against ourselves, poverty….
Let’s face it, as the scriptures say, the enemy satan is out to destroy us, so anything that He can get,
one /(us), to accept to stop us walking forward, He will do it, any legal right or lie, or deception….. –
Well that is what is often stopping our unanswered prayers – sin – either ours or our family’s and or
our blood line back to Adam and Eve and the curses that happened to people, as a consequence of
the fall of man. We don’t know what curses or sin that the generations before us did either, so we
are reliant on Holy Spirit to tell us; so we can go to court and deal with them to be set free from
them. There are ones that we know, Holy Spirit teaches us and also teaches, the teachers, to pass
on the info to us.

Going to Court direct, is, way better than the way the church has been dealing with this stuff for a
long time. It is quicker and so effective. My Teacher, Holy Spirit put me with (Cheryl Davies –
Heavens Place Ministries USA) said, she only did deliverance, if there was a manifestation happening
in front of her and then went to Court after to deal with the matter. She does not do deliverance
anymore as a matter of course, Repentance is done in the Court and the result is instant deliverance,
as a consequence of repentance, without the stuff that could happen the old way.)

The traditional mind set is, we were forgiven on the Cross, it’s all done. We don’t have to do
anything, or we can go to Father in prayer and ask Him.
Yes, Jesus won the victory on the Cross and we are forgiven, that is true but we have to walk in it,
apply it now that is different, it requires us to do our part. Forgiveness is different from Release
and it is the release part that we still have to do.

I will give you an example for the everyday situation prayer from my experience and then one for the
bigger case for Court.
I had been speaking/sharing with a sister a few experiences but the sister took what I said as feeling
pressured. This of course surprised me as we were sharing, but as that is how she felt, I am
responsible for having caused her to feel like that, even though there was no intention of this, on my
part but nevertheless ,I am responsible for this, biblically speaking. So I apologized straightaway
and also took the situation to The Righteous Judge, using the ‘Everyday Situation Prayer;’ so that
there would be no legal right held against me.

To further explain, to handle a larger case in Court. Decades ago I had said a ‘little’ prayer about
Masonic Lodge stuff, what I was taught to do. I have to say, I thought that was all I had to do. This
was still a problem over the years then this new journey started. I found a twenty page Document
to do for Masonic Lodge Repentance – OH!
So in my ignorance still, of the new way, I said this Repentance Prayer, by faith believing this was
what I had to do…… Well Father honoured my attempt at the new way, even though, I did not get it;

The point is, I had tried in faith to step out, in the new way and Father rewarded me for that. It
was a few months later when I had learn’t more that Holy Spirit told me, I now, had to do that same
Masonic Repentance Prayer in the Court of Heaven and that was the way forward, from now on.
What Holy Spirit says, I do.
As it turned out with being still so knew, another Sister I had met through Sister Cheryl, helped me,
(Cheryl was travelling at that time, as she is an International Speaker), as I obviously needed the
help. Thank you Father!
Her and Her husband, a Seer Prophet, took me to the Court, on my behalf and did everything and I
of course had to agree, with it all. So much happened from that one Court Case and Jesus was
wonderful as Holy Spirit and of course Father as Righteous Judge oversaw it all – I did not stop and
go ‘yahoo’ Righteous Judge in the Court, I didn’t think of it! I was busy being respectful. I think I
thanked Father later as Father. It was an amazing experience and still is ,each time I go to Court.
Still learning! I
prefer to prepare properly for success and that is what my teacher has taught me.

The ‘Everyday Situation Prayer’:

“Righteous Judge, I come before you now.

I bring this situation………….. before You, now.

I repent for trading into it.

I repent for building altars to this.

I thank you now for giving me a just verdict.”

Case done.

What determines and everyday situation? Something that stirs you, moves you, listen for Holy Spirit.

The Mobile Court: - (Only for those who are born-again, know Jesus, personally, as Lord and
Saviour. ) We need to have Holy Spirit active in us – Acts Chapter 2 As we cannot operate as
Christians without His fullness.

We are dependent on Holy Spirit leading and guiding us and the gifts of the Spirit that, He gives us. I
had to ask for my gifts to be cleaned – I didn’t know I had to do that! We need to either be able
to hear, or see, or smell, or taste, whichever way we are communicated with. And or have someone
else with us, who can see or hear…. You might need to ask Father to allow you to see and hear and
open the eyes of our hearts – what is applicable; Holy Spirit will let you know. ASK

In the beginning, you may not see, I only heard the answer to my questions, in the beginning. Also in
the Beginning, I have been taken to court, by ‘Big Sis’ with the group, she was training, - she did
everything on our behalf. We still had to listen and take part. So we are completely dependent on
Heaven, to do this. For these cases, I understand that the Mobile Court comes out of Heaven; as we
all know, nothing bad is allowed into Heaven.)

As I said, we go by faith, led by Holy Spirit, through Jesus, Jesus being the door, washed in His blood,
before The Righteous Judge.

I should say that I not only prepare the case, listening to Holy Spirit but I also make sure that I have
repented of my sins beforehand. I also ask Father to give me a clean heart and renew a right Spirit
with in me and align my heart with His. Sometimes I will take communion beforehand, but normally
I do this afterwards. *N.B.* When I am finished the case at the end, I ask Holy Spirit to come and fill
up any gaps in me.
I like to have spent some time in worship (Psalm 100),I also read some of my Bible, too . I also ask
Holy Spirit in advance to help me, what does He want…. I make sure I have spoken in tongues for a
few minutes, to activate my spirit. I also claim the blood of Jesus over myself and home and family. I
also say a beginning prayer, just before asking to go to court, (which I will type further down). I also
finish with a sealing prayer too (I will give you that at the end).

As we step out and trust Father by faith, asking for His, Holy Spirit and Jesus’ Help, He will be
tickled pink and allows for us learning – He is doing this with me. He allows for the fact that we
don’t know yet what we are doing and comes to our aid, He is lenient with us; He has been this
with me and still is. He will expect more from of us as we understand and learn and know what to
do. We are totally reliant on Heaven for this, be led by Holy Spirit, ask for His help and Jesus’
help as our advocate, Father as Righteous Judge is positively aiding and abetting us. And we
have the Angels and the Eclesseai (sorry not spelt right, will look it up,) help too from the 7 fold
Spirits of God – they are Centenial Beings before the Throne; They help us learn too, once we step
into the Heavenly Realms to go to Court in our spirits, (we are present in the Heavenly realms in
our spirits, which is part of being Manifest Sons and daughters of Father, so that Fathers Will can
be manifested in Heaven thru us, direct from Heaven, through our co-operation, while we are
there. We are to seek Father, our relationship with Him, in this manner, something the church has
not taught or understood. The church is used to just praying as Humans but we go further to what
Father has for us, that is by our Spirits, we are already seated in Heavenly Places, in, through and
with Jesus. We are co-crucified with Jesus, The Anointed One.

Perhaps I should explain, we are a 3 part being, Soul, Body, Spirit – Father is also ‘3 in one’ The
Trinity. We originate/created, from Father God; we are spirit too, created in Eternity by Father,
where He wrote our book in Heaven. WE each accepted our assignments to come to earth, but we
have tended to forget our purpose, written in our books, when we arrive here on Earth! And of
course we arrive into a fallen world and as part of the new Manifest Son and Daughter, in seeking
Father, in this new order of Melchizedek, so we can indeed have Fathers Will done on Earth as it is
in Heaven – there is another layer to Jesus’ Prayer “The Lord’s Prayer” (Gospel of Matthew,) that
we have not been privy too before, but now are to those who seek Him. Part of this is also to take
the Earth out of bondage, too and this is the way it will be done. So not only to we have this
marvelous way of the court, which shortens deliverance on earth (we repent in the court and as a
consequence deliverance happens. This is also how we do Spiritual Warfare, now. We still need
to pray and to intercede, though.) So we also seek to move into what Father has for us, which is so
much more than Court, it is also Far greater deeper relationship with Him, Jesus and Holy Spirit
and also the Angels! Believe you me, this new way is Fabulous; I am going where Holy Spirit took
me and I pursue Father. It’s so cool, I now go straight and sit on Fathers knee (I understand from
Ian Johnson, when we do that Father is on a Throne out of Heaven – Mobile Throne, otherwise we
would be burn’t up! As I said I am learning – there are lots of links to watch too and Holy Spirit
always is there and leads and speaks and teaches and guides….)

Holy Spirit opened this way/walk to me through learning about The court of Heaven. There is lots
of scripture for all of this. Maybe I should add some scriptures and links down the bottom of this
at some stage.

I have typed this little, praying that it will give you better insight – just ask Holy Spirit. You see I
was told I would have to lose my traditional mindset – this is perhaps more ‘wayout’ for those who
are not used to the prophetic or operating in gifts. I know that I was saying ‘wha….t’ and I had
Holy Spirit start me on this new journey. I trust Holy Spirit and chose to follow His lead and I
would never intentionally disobey, Father considers that disobedience and we have to answer for
that. From what I understand from the Fathers of this new way, is that this is the next
move/age/era for the church and we need to be a part of it, as otherwise we will not be prepared
for the harvest and will not be equipped, either and then anything that is done in the old way, will
be dead works – Sorry I cannot enlarge on that well enough to attempt more of an explanation.
I can tell you that going to court and repent, I am getting cleaner spiritually – yeah I had no idea
how more repenting was necessary and I am’ all for repentance – it is like going deeper in
relationship and finding there’s more layers, ones I have noticed that I had not heard of happening
in Prayer Ministry.
So it is a matter of wanting too and surrendering to Father everything and seeking Him, all the
time. I have quite a bit in the next book of the beginning of the journey. (“Follow Jesus”)

Oh one more thing….. In case you don’t know or don’t realize. I thought I was seeing in the Spirit
with everything that was happening to me (Catch up with that in “The Jesus Experience” the first
book, the third book “Share The Yoke” Will have all the nuts and bolts in it that I am learning now
and more – that is not written yet. I was told to write of my experiences and I have always
emphasized relationship with Father.) I was/am but this too has gone deeper and I am actually
seeing from my own Spirit, direct from Heaven, I am there in my spirit. There is scripture’s again
for this, easy to locate, in The New Testament and I understand in the Old too. We have a new
covenant with Father through Jesus, now but there is also an enormous amount of learning too in the
Old to help us in the New!

Anyways, please let me know if this is helpful and now we will move on to the bigger case Court


I/we declare to the realms above and below in the Name and Blood of Yeshua (Jesus), that all forces
against the Will of God are bound from engaging, distracting, dismantling, deceiving or derailing in
the matters I /we are about to present to the Court of Heaven.

I/we ban you from my sanctified time, from all airwaves, sattelites, electronic devices, or
atmospheres that I/we am/are occupying, in Jesus Name.

(I/we enter the courts of Heaven according to Hebrews 10:19 therefore, brothers, since I/we have
confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Yeshua, by a new and living way opened for
us through the curtain, that is, His body.)

Isaiah 43:26 “Put me in rememberance, let us come together; state your case, that I may be


N.B (this is separate from the Everday situation Court Prayer.) I hand wrote this down from Cheryl
Davies video

[Speak out loud. Ask permission to come into Court – listen for answer.

Stand up - at the beginning, in honouring The Righteous Judge, Jesus our Advocate and Holy Spirit,
our Councillor. Also honour the Angels, the Esckelcia(spelt wrong) and the 7 – fold spirits of God
(they are not Holy spirit, they are Centinal beings, before the Throne of God).]
Let’s go to Court:

Dear Heavenly Father may I come into court?

I/we want to repent of ……….(name the bad guys, not people), to deal with everything.

Thank you Righteous Judge (Father) for permission and now I /we step through Jesus and step
through Jesus to Heaven.

I/we honour the Righteous Judge, the God of love and Justice. ( my God – “I AM”)

I honour Jesus, Messiah, Yeshua, as my Advocate. ( and my Lord.)

I honour Holy Spirit, as my Councillor. (and revealer of truth.)

I honour the Blood.

I honour the Angelic Host.

I honour the 7-fold Spirits of God and I ask for your help/assistance; thank you. And please the hand
maidens of Wisdom.

I honour the Great Cloud of Witness’s and if there are any ‘witness’s, please come forward, also any
Angels, too; please step forward. Thank you.

I/we honour the Books of Rememberance. Please Angels could you please bring the books into
Court & be opened and present them as evidence, of what I/we have done, be presented to the

Now: The Court may be seated

I/We ask the date of my/our salvation, the date of my Baptism, the date of my receiving the fullness
of Holy Spirit, (my finance into the Kingdom of God,) (prayers for ministry), my obedience,
Words/prophecy given to you, settlements from previous Court cases, Scriptures given you by Father,
Holy Spirit for you. Anything Holy Spirit tells you.

I ask that every righteous deed that I/we have done, be presented in the Court.

Here is where I read out every scripture I have that is case relevant; as more evidence.

Now: Righteous Judge I/We ask that these (bad spirits)……….(Name them) be brought into the
Courts, bound and gagged.

Please Angels would you bring them in.

Now: Righteous Judge I/we honour you as our Judge, I/we recognize that I/we need to
repent .

I would like record to be known in Court that I/we are not only repenting for myself/ (ourselves –
group), but also my bloodline back to Adam & Eve and forward for the future generations and for
my/our family.

I repent and renounce………………………(State each spirit in this way, till finished)

Now: Righteous Judge, Because I have repented, I ask for the paperwork that goes with
these/them and every vowel, contract, agreement, covenant, all the marriage certificates……..(name
each individual bad spirit); that my/our names are on and including my/our bloodline back to
Adam & Eve and my/our family members and all the way forward.

Please Angels, bring all these papers into court.

As these have been presented Righteous Judge, I/we ask for the fire of God to come and burn up
every piece of paperwork and none left. …….. (Name them)

Now: Righteous Judge, I go over to the trading floors.

I/we recognize I have traded into these things………..(Name them)

I/we realize only the blood of Jesus can cover me/us and I/we ask the blood to come and cover the
trading floors and I/we also know that I/we have traded time, energy into the altars and established
altars on earth and under the earth; the sea and under the sea, the water and under the water,
Heavenly Realms, Cosmic realm, Galactic realm, false light and I/we repent for feeding these altars.

(Tonight) I/we ask for the blood to come and cover every altar………….(Name them) with the
blood of Jesus.

Hammering Angels, please come and totally destroy every altar


Wind of Heaven, I/we ask you to please, come and blow away every trace of the altars, the ashes,
everything off the floor, cleaning the court, totally clean, please. Thank you.

Now: Righteous Judge,

As these marriage certificates have been dissolved, destroyed,……………..(Name them)

I ask

For the divorce papers, certificates and my/our names to be on them and my/our
family………..(Name them)

I thank you for the Divorce Certificates.

Righteous Judge,

May I/we ask for a Divorce Settlement please, that you would give us please.

{We wait now to hear, see or feel, smell what Father gives me/us. - These are the settlement}.

(We are still in Court. – We have taken a reprieve from Court.) When you receive my /our, your
settlement and written it down. SAY: I receive my/our settlement.


Righteous Judge,

Thank you I/we receive my/our settlement that the Court has given me/us – State the
recorded Settlement.


I/we accept the Divorce papers and Settlement and make part of myself / ourselves.


And now I/we step out of Court onto the Sea of Glass To Melchizedek. We see you Melchizedek
and we come to give you what has been given to us and we give it to you.

Thank you and I/we will receive an abundance more than we could have dreamed.

Thank you and I step off the Sea of Glass.


Father I ask you that every word spoken be sealed for time and eternity. I seal this work in the
blood of the Lamb, by the word of God, and the power of Holy Spirit.

I declare according to Isaiah 55:11 that every word in agreement with the Will of the Father shall
not return empty without accomplishing what He desires and without succeeding in the matter for
which He sent it.
I declare the Holy Spirit’ breath is upon these words.

I declare that the enemy shall not release against me/us, my life, my family, any curses, counter
curses, strategies, or retribution against my, our, health, marriage, relationships, children, finances,
ministry, employment, destiny or well-being. In Jesus Name. Amen

Finished – now ask Holy Spirit to fill up any gaps in you with Himself. Take Communion.