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John Mark Quico

BSEE - 3

1.) The issue of Jane Andrews is a back pain, but we don’t know what part of the back that she
suffers now. The back is divided in 4 parts which are, Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, and Sacral
Spine, according to the case she is lifting a heavy things, I suspected that that Jane has a Cervical
and Thoracic back pain because she lift.
2.) It stated in the case that through her co – worker pressure her so that she didn’t do the proper
way lifting and she think that maybe she will get kick out by her manager if she didn’t do it
3.) To make sure that this incident will not repeat the company must make a rule that all women will
not do the same work of men, yes some of women can do but we must not force them to do
because women are women some of them can’t do so that we mustn’t pressure them.
4.) We must say that 50 trucks has amount of 1Billion, Jane is responsible of that because she is in
charge of loading, but due to her injury the loading is cancel or maybe the others done it but
according to rules of the company if your employee got injured the company will pay everything
and also the recovery of the employee.

Engr. Josephine Acido