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The Ar> aMiali va,

a manual of astronomy,

with the Commentary Bhatadipikn of


This first edition of the Iryabhaitlya along with the commentary of Paramadi-

^vara is mainly based upon two manuscripts in Malayalim character, one of them belong-

ing to Dr. A. C. BcKNELL, the other once in possession of Whish and now forming part

of -the library of the Royal Asiatic Society, London. The latter manuscript dates from

A. D. 1820; the former from A. D. 1863, for at the end of it I find the following

note in Dr. Burnell's handwriting: „ Copied fr. an Ola M.S. in the Chirakkil Eajd li-

brary. — Written by IJnni Panikar at Calicut 1863."

Both manuscripts are derived from one source, either immediately, or remotely,

which is clearly proved by the fact that they show the same gaps, indicated as such,

after stanza 44 of the 4''' Section, and at the end of the comment on stanza 48. Apart

from a very few trifling clerical errors both contain exactly the same text.

Besides these manuscripts I have consulted one other containing iryabhaifa's text

without commentary, from the library of the Roy. As. Soc. (N". 66 of the Whish col-

lection). It proved of little use, except in one important case. It so happens that the

gap above mentioned extends over the 45"' stanza of the 4t'» section , and that the read-

ing of this very stanza in another commentary, the Praka(,-ika, is materially diflerent

from the reading in the manuscript without commentary. Instead of H^A\^>\r'^t*ii\_

lUlrll the Prakaqika has ^-MIJfMrJf.M-M I UlrlT. The latter reading involves a gross

error, as Bhaskaracarya has pointed out in his Goladhyaya, Grahawaviisana , stanza

48 — 57, cf. Drkkarma-vasana , stanza 16, and the same author's Ga«ita, Candragraha-

wildhikilra, comment on stanza 20. From the remainder of Paramadifvara's comment


on the stanza in question it is , indeed , clear enough that he read ^Ml^'IrSh^i" ; but

in such a matter it is not wholly superfluous to appeal to the direct evidence of ma-


Though the reading followed hy the author of the Praka9ika is erroneous , both from

an astronomical and grammatical point of view, it can not be denied that the error was

one of long standing. For we know by Bhaskara's severe criticisms that Lalla, the

author of the Dhiv;-ddhida-Tantra , had fallen into the same error. Now LaUa is more

than once called a disciple of Iryahha^a, and whether this statement be rigidly correct

or not, he certainly was a contemporaneous writer, for he uses the same epoch with the

latter, as may be seen p. 58 of this edition.

It is by no means strange that Paramadi^vara , who was well read in the worlLS of

Bhaskara, disregarded the authority of Lalla and the author of the Praka^ika. It is

more strange that a gap occurs in his work exactly at the critical passage. I can not

suppress the suspicion that the defect is not owing to accident , but that it is an inten-

tional erasmre by some reader who clung to the opinion of the Prakaqika.

Paramadigvara's Bha^adipika [is ,

generally speaking, a useful commentary. I for one

must confess that but for its aid the meaning of many rules in the text would have re-

mained obscure to me. At the same time it must be granted that some of his expla-

nations , e. g. at St. 9 of the 4th section , can not l)e admitted to be correct.

I have not been able to find out the time of Paramadi^vara, but this much is certain

that he is posterior to Suryadeva-Yajvan , the author of the Bhaifaprakaqa or Praka^ika,

whom he frequently quotes. The Prakaqa is here and there more prolix, but contains

after all no more information than the more recent Dipika. Copies of it are far from

scarce, at least in Southers, India. One very bad copy makes part of the Mackenzie col-

lection *) ; an excellent one has been kindly lent to me by Dr. Bfrnell. Both manu-

scripts are in the Grantham character. Li the library of Trinity College, Cambridge,

there is an abridged copy of it in Nagarif); see Prof. Aufrecht's Catalogue, p. 37.

*) In the old catalogue the „Prakri5a composed by Suryadeva" has been transformed iuto a .Commentary on the
Surjasiddhanta ;" it has long been lying hidden under this disguise, until Dr. RosT discovered the mistake.

t) Not Devanigari, a term unheard of in Hindustan. It is, in fact, no word at all, but a grammatical blunder;
see Pflnini VII, 3,24. By supposing that devandgart may mean „Nfigari of the gods" we may save grammar, but at

the price of common sense.



For more than one reason I think it will be worth while here to insert the introduction

of the Praka9ika, 1*. because it contains some peculiar views and statements not wholly

devoid of interest; 2". to show that the Cambridge manuscript is but a clumsy abridg-

ment of it ; and , finally , to give a specimen of the orthography common to most South-
imlinn manuscripts. The introduction then runs thus, according to Bxjrnell's copy:

r r-^ r-

Hi'-di'-i'i -"'^TFTsi: *) ^^vm^^'^Jvmrar>Jil,\ kr-i^^M-rii^^j'^H Pt^ hh ir^-Isi ih

^ IMrIM \rH N KiH W |i| l^-dMH^ HF^Wl 5TT^R M^--f.l<^nf WT^J ^^

j^^FT^: I 3TFT J^7^-WJF\VJ %^T^rR ^ ^^Wnr --lAHM^ ^'FT

^: Cfifr FT %f?I ^FTT ^fFTT ^"^ g^ |


rlHN->inif5.^\'^<^v:irh^Mr|'^iN qr-^q- T^,H'-'-i^lM.

*; The Mss. write ddhy y

$ghy iustcad of dhy , ghy.

HJT^FTT 5[^rTJTT -^^NHJ^ sTTFRITn^ fFT ^T^nnTFr^TTTT^'-frFrFT^.

^> ^^JTnf: FTFHM'^MkM^'-f.l( (r. "^^FFT^) I FTFTT^f^ ^^^^-TFTT^r:

r, *^ V O
I 1



m\ W^ TTTTUTT JTTJTRf iw^> ^m I

^11 -^m TTTuI rlsllr|--f.VI 1^51 k«>lf--^.-^-^>lM lrH4. I FmR ^i;JT^: I

Jiiwr sTF^f^ JTTP^ TT %iTr fer^JT^; i

T^fF^TFri^ !TFrTT^'77T ?TrfFIWrp"n7T^> TTnilHH.-'^: II dHH'-t.lH.

4)H H'<i IH-'^. IHM\<^'VliJ P^^ITTR sTFI^F^FJ^FITfrJTf SJHU'jHyHTT^.


^> ^^1 ih\ Irl 'lr^< HHj^rimiH \\i^.\^^di N^, |i>|'T sOFT^'TP-f: II ^^^.

rrJ'^IHM-bllH ^[?3^»TW q"^4FFt7T^c|!)dH'->4rMIHH mt \ ^1^ ^TTT-

^ ?OT H-^rl^\ ^rlHIHI'<ilNi(Nr|'>iilHI
0^=) ^.rUk: f^T^TTJ.

^^-'IlF^slMrR 4iiirUlrlNV|cil^H(T)f%i%F'^.(lllhdlrrri^ *)

Suryadeva must have lived a considerable time after the great Bhaskara, in an age

when the living breath of science had already parted from Lidia. In the foregoing ex-

tract it will have been observed that he had not the faintest notion how Sryabha^a could

have got at his elements of astronomy by mere observation and calculation. The acquir-

*) Tliis statement coincides with another found in a stanza from an unknown author:

It is not true that Aryabha^a could have corrected the Romaka-Siddlifmta , for the epoch of this work is posterior to

Arjabha/a's (see Dr. Bhdu Daji, in Journ. R. As. Soc. of 1365, p. 407). Yet, in a general sense, it may be

affirmed that our author has been the reformer of Indian astronomy.


ing of those elements is ascribed to supernatural agency, quite in the fashion in which

Pa?«ini in the story is told to have received the Qivasutra^i.

There is one manuscript of the Prakaqa belonging to the library of the Roy. As.

Soc. , London , which is interspersed with the annotations of a certain Yellayen , or as

the name sounds in Sanskritised form: Tallaya, son to Qridharacarya and pupil to Sur-

yadeva. So we find in the second chapter (p. 12 of the MS.) the words: „atha Kala-

kriyapadasya Suryadevena Yajvana krtavyakhyanawj samagram api Qri-Baladityasuta-

Suryacarya^ishye^a vipa^cita Yallayakhyena maya, kiucid utpadya *) vyakhyana«


Again at the end of the whole work we read:

„iti Qri-Suryadeva-l^ajvana viracitaryabhaiaprakagas samapta^ |

iti Q'ri-Candracekhara-

varalabdhavagvibhavena Qri-Baladityasuta-Suryacaryaqishyewa Yallayakhyena vipa(^cita

Aryabha^aprokta-golapadasya kificit tatparyavyakhyanar/e krtam."

From a casual expression in the same manuscript (p. 48) I gather that once there

existed several commentaries t) on the works of Sryabhato. The passage rmis thus

„etad-api dingmatreaasmabhir uktam, vistaratas tu Bhashyadishu drashiavyam."

Whether the works alluded to are still extant is a question that waits for an

answer from learned Hmdus or Europeans having access to unexplored Indian libraries.

In the mean while this edition of the Iryash^agatam wiU, it is hoped, be conducive to

a more accurate knowledge of the ancient astronomer's system , and stimulate the interest

of Indian and European scholars. It will be understood that with the scanty, however

valuable, materials at my disposal, I could not attempt to constitute the text such

as the author published it. What I could give, is the text Paramadi^vara had

before him.

In spelling and mterpunction I have kept close to the. manuscripts, with this ex-

ception that the doubling of consonants after the r has been done away with, and the

dental I substituted to the lingual one, corresponding with the Nagari ^. Here and

there I have added words of my own to fill up ugly gaps, e. g. p. 97, 1. 15, sq.

*) The word ulpi!dt/a is liere uuintelligible, at least to mc. One would espect vistlnja or some synonymous term.

t) The commentary by Bhfltavisli»u must have been one of them. See Pn.f. Whitney, Journ- Amcr. Or. Soc.

VI. 561.


Such passages are marked by ( ). Another form of brackets indicates that the included

words are spurious.

I gladly avail myself of this opportimity openly to acknowledge the kindness of

Dr. BuKKBLL in leaving at niy disposal his valuable manuscripts, and the friendly assist-

ance of my friend Dr. Host in procuring me materials from the London libraries. Let

both receive my warmest thanks

Leiden, July 10th 1874. H. KEEN.

q(Hl("iy||k5dH STTWR HTlfrmHI

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illUlrMH k\^ Hrl H^-^M/l<^i[i^il^<. 1^. (^IM I

M^ I'J-K. N^T I
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ypl5l Id I ?Rm f%ra?TI =f<HW f^?TT ^.hI^MI I =h MM 1(^0^'-

q^JT^T^^^iF^^ F^n^-^^^R^fTHmR^T^Fn^qT^Tf^FT q^^_

MIHIU^tl'd'-i^i^llM^MilUHIUIII^rfl -MIMNTI'^ I ^ 1%^ 1 1 ^[^ ^^^.

mi^kU'^H^^ hMJPiiiuii«{iH ^ff^ !^^irmrr (^^i^piliri'-^.iH^

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H-M^N ^fir^ I ?T^ y;i|HM^MHM4.l^lR;HMI^rll FH^ 5OT ?I^_

fern mm\\ feHN^^MHUHlM wiWRI ^c|H-M(f|lHI ^-

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q^rai nWF\ ^^ 'TF^mqfT^ H^TFT RTFT ^JTmWT H^^TH I ^^.

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"MUlW^vH^jpft g^TT ^FTT FTS-^ ^?TT H[|Fr'TFrr ^FTfrr^ FT'Tt^f^TTFTf I

Frw<T!n^PTR ^r^^FF>rn%Fm ^f^i

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jm^ fi+«^IHrM5:|| N'^iH^^rJ^ ^-^ |{H i^^i^TT^M lr|lr^c|;?FSI%pirT-


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>|^ 5I5Tq^ ^5FnW HWIoNHM[H[J^IHH^NI^JTr ^rl(^4pr.' I

iWJWiJ FTIHI ^rMHH HHHMrlr*UHHH^l^ %"J^: II ifhHfti^pllUif

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TTTI^RTHr fiHHsfNN •rfNrMvj'rl j ^ qfenWT I ^'-t.^JiTr: gfen.

^-ferr NW.^4P-R ^rR g?;%ir?f: 1 1 ^(l|i)KH'^^rlF(I gf^wfr SIT.

FHTPFim ^JmFT: qf^r-TTr^^TRW^ UHlUIUiH <^m\r\ II

^FHT^ ITRR^jpt STTf^TFrnr fT^r^TUTtl

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Los Angeles
This book is DUF. on the last date stamped below.


/(!' o 1979

PSD 2338 9/77