Ladywell ward

October 2010


Libraries under threat
• 5 of 12 libraries to close • £60m cut in services planned by Labour-run Council before elections
Lewisham's Labour Mayor is consulting on the closure of five of the borough’s twelve libraries as part of a £60m package of cuts. Preparation for the cuts started last year following the financial crisis, and in April council officers began drafting plans to target Library spending. Lib Dem Cllr Chris Maines said at the last council meeting "Most people understand the need to deal with the huge national deficit but why start the cuts by closing Libraries?” There are many areas where the Council spends vast sums of money that can be saved, Lewisham Council spent over £12 million last year on external consultants - one single consultant earned a staggering £263,000. Liberal Democrats believe libraries play a vital role in our community. They help introduce young people to

books, unemployed people can get Internet access and many older residents find libraries a lifeline. The libraries targeted for closure include Crofton Park and New Cross. One reason some libraries have been

Crofton Park library could remain open if the cuts are spread more fairly: if 70 of Lewisham Council's employees with the highest salaries took a 10% pay cut, enough money would be saved to keep the five libraries open. Current proposals will see library staff, generally on lower salaries, losing their jobs.

singled out for closure is their poor state of repair. It appears that the Council has failed to repair leaking roofs and subsidence and now say it would be cheaper to close them.

Make your vote count!
Yes! To Fairer Votes is a non-party political umbrella organisation which will lead the referendum campaign in support of the Alternative Vote.

Too many MPs have a job for life...
... this has led to complacency, as we saw with the expenses scandal last year. We will finally be given our say in the referendum on 5th May 2011. The proposed Alternative Vote ("AV") method of electing MPs builds on the strengths of the current system while eliminating many of its weaknesses. Politicians will be forced to work harder to earn and keep our support. People will at last be able to vote for what they really want. We'll be fighting to secure a 'Yes' vote and you can be part of it.

All political groups represented on Lewisham Council have expressed their commitment to electoral reform, as have many non-political campaigning groups. If you’d like to help the campaign, use the contact details overleaf or join in on-line.

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Call for action on knife crime ignored
Lewisham Lib Dem councillor, Duwayne Brooks, has slated Lewisham council’s failure to respond to the spate of knife crime in recent months. Cllr Brooks called for emergency action at the beginning of the summer to deal with the frightening incidence of knife crime, but the Labour Mayor and councillors decided to defer any action until the autumn. Between the end of June and beginning of September there were 59 knife attacks locally. Cllr Brooks commented “The summer can be a time of increased tension among some young people: we needed an action plan to take knives off our streets. Labour did nothing and there were 60 incidents. These crimes varied in

Progress from Lib Dems in government
The Liberal Democrats have been highlighting some of the progress achieved through their participation in the Coalition government, and been open about the difficult times ahead. Saddled with a huge national debt from Labour’s economic mess, equivalent to £22,400 for every man, woman and child, the government has also had to take some tough decisions about public services in order to balance the books. As well as seeking to make the spending cuts as fair as possible, in just five months a huge number of progressive policies have been enacted – thanks to the Liberal Democrats: • Ending imprisonment of children in immigration cases • Outlawing finger printing of children

Cllr Brooks ( ), has called on Lewisham council and the local police force to get to grips with knife crime in the borough.

at school without parental permission seriousness but a knife attack can have destroy a young person's life.” • Restoring the pensions-earning link

“A detailed plan to deal with this problem is needed but Labour are ignoring it. Crime is the main concern among local residents, particularly young people, and we must work with everybody involved to ensure reducing knife crimes is a priority.”
Lib Dem Deputy PM Nick Clegg at the UN General Assembly confirming our commitment to overseas aid. • Taking 900,000 low paid workers out of Income Tax altogether • Making top earners pay 10% more capital gains tax • Increasing tax credits for the poorest • Putting £2.5 billion into child tax credits so that children of all backgrounds get a good start in life • Introducing a banking levy and an independent commission to look at breaking up the fat cat mega banks • Scrapping ID cards • Introducing a Referendum Bill for the Alternative Vote – fulfilling a Labour manifesto commitment • Long awaited reform of the House of Lords. • Pledging to meet the goal of 0.7% of GNI on overseas aid

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