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Karen Frazier Ritsuko Nakata Barbara Hoskins Steve Wilkinson with songs by Carolyn Graham OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Icons Let's Go Student Book 3 consists of eight units, with a review section after every two units. Every unit is divided into five lessons. Each lesson is identified by @ colorful icon. The same icons are used for reference on the corresponding pages in both the Workbook and the Teacher's Book. Let’s Talk Functional dialogue (Dp Let's Learn New grammatical structure Let's Read Reading skills development Let’s Sing or Let’s Chant Interactive song or chant based on the new grammatical structure Let’s Listen Listening test and unit review Let’s Review Further review ofter every two units Table of Contents Unit 1 page 2 Unit 2 page 10 Unit 3 page 20 Unit 4 page 28 Unit 5 page 38 Unit 6 page 46 Unit 7 page 56 Unit & page 64 Syllabus page 74 Word List page 76