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Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association P. 0, BOX 519 + 3333 LEBANON ROAD + HERMITAGE, TENNESSEE 57076 615/889-6740 + Fax 615/B89-0544 + February 8, 2019 Ms, Beverly Ivy, Principal Scotts Hill High School 7871 State Highway 100 Reagan, TN 38368 Dear Ms. Ivy: This is in regard to the unsportsmanlike incident that occurred during the Adamsville High School vs. Scotts Hill High School boys’ basketball contest on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. The staff has read the officials’ report and received the video submitted to our office. TSSAA also requested and received a report from the administration of Scotts Hill High School giving their knowledge of the incident and disciplinary action they planned to take in order to address the situation. Afler reviewing all of the information submitted, there are definitely some facts we have been able to establish which must be dealt with. They are the following: In the last seconds of the game, Scotts Hill won by two points. The Scotts Hill bench erupted into celebration on the floor. Fans began to make their way out of the bleachers because the game had concluded. The Adamsville coach moved to the center of the floor to question a no-call foul that occurred prior to Scotts Hill scoring the final points. At this point, the Adamsville High School administration and security moved to center court to serve as crowd control. Talking between the teams escalated to shoving and pushing, followed by punches thrown by members of both teams, The administration and security began separating the team and crowd in an attempt to move the teams to their locker rooms. Additional law enforcement was on-site within five minutes and medical personnel arrived on scene within 10 minutes. Medical treatment was offered to both teams. Law enforcement escorted the visiting team out of the building when they were ready to leave as a group. The administration at Scotts Hill High Schoo! was asked to deal with the situation and report their action to the state office in writing, The administration of Scotts Hill High School proposed the following action: 1. Those involved will be disciplined appropriately. 2. Additional security will be present at all rival basketball games in the future, While the actions proposed by the Scotts Hill High School administration are appropriate, collectively those actions are insufficient in view of the seriousness of the February Sth occurrence. The February 5" occurrence reflected a failure of control by adn nistrators and coaches and an absence of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is an essential component of high school sports. As the TSSAA Bylaws state in Article Ill: The TSSAA and its member schools believe strongly that the major purpose of athletics at the secondary level is to be part of the total education program. A major part of this purpose is to stress to coaches, players, officials, and fans the vital importance of sportsmanship. It is critical that all people in each of these categories understand the major role that they play and the role model that they can be for others. After reviewing all of the information, the case is being closed in the following manner: 1 TSSAA accepts the corrective actions taken by the Scotts Hill High School administration. Scotts Hill High School is being fined $250.00 for fans coming onto the floor during, an altercation. The boys” basketball program at Scotts Hill High School is being placed on restrictive probation for the remainder of the 2018-19 season beginning February 8, 2019. The boys’ basketball program will also be on restrictive probation throughout the 2019-20 school year. The boys’ basketball program is being fined $2,000.00. Article V, Section 4(3) of the TSSAA Constitution states: Restrictive probation to an individual sport in an athletic program shall result in removal from the tournament series and a fine of $1,000.00 annually. During the period of restrictive probation, the boys’ basketball team will not be allowed to enter the postseason boys’ basketball tournament series or receive any award recognizing their finish in the regular season. ‘The boys’ basketball program at Scotts Hill High School is being placed on probation for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years and fined an additional $1,000.00. Article V, Section 4(1) of the TSSAA Constitution states: Probation to an individual sport in an athletic program shall result in a fine of $500.00 annually, If there are any unsportsmanlike incidents during this time, TSSAA will be forced to consider further sanctions, 5. Scotts Hill High School's boys’ basketball program is being fined a total of $3,250.00. Ifyou have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact our office. Sincerely, iress Executive Director BCalj