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BAR No.4 (QUARTERLY PHYSICAL REPORT OF OPERATION ‘As of 2018 September 50 Department: Other Executive Offices Appropriations: Current Year Appropriations ‘Agoncy: Office of the Presidential Adviser onthe Peace Process: Operating Unit: NIA ‘Organization Code (UACS): 260260000000 Report Status: PENDING Particulars Physical Targets Physical Accomplishmonts Remark Variance as| vacs} st | and | ara | ath tet | and | ora ath of June cove | quarter | quartor | quarter | quarter | Total __| quarter | quarter | quarter | quarter | Total 2018 7 a 2 2 4 5 6 8 ° 10 s1__|rmeroerorrn| 19 Pan Ic Operations [00 : Negotated patties setement of all internal larmed conflicts lachievea [TECHNICAL laovisoRY AND ISUPPORT SERVICES jon THe lcomprriensive lPeace Process j IpROGRANM, gens [Outcome indents Percentage of Tse | 20% | 30% | 35% | ee | 18K |—oR | Baw mprementation ofthe CAB [completion of delivery of + Potteal-Legsitve Track. The proposed bi was 8gned int law by necomponents af te Jester Dutt on 2 July 2018 a Republic Act No, 11054 ented, Jannex on Normalization [An Act Proving for he Organ Law forthe Bangsamoro Autonomous namely security, Iesion in Musin Mircanao, repeaing fr he purpose Republic het No cee 5724, en An Act Prong for An Organi Actor the Autonom Region n Musi Mndanco ab amended by Repubic Act No. 9054, [companan conkconcs. Jit "An Act to Stengten ana Expand the Organ Act or he louiting measures ana [autonomous Region n Musim Nadanso rensiionel justice and Jreconctiation 2. Normatzaton Process 2. ATectrical Werkng Group on th Clan Active Austin (CAA) Jas formed oeoctvel lok io the possi asopon of RA 707 anal [EO 26¢'o access eevee eat tan efecve setup of ote Jt Peace and Security Teams (JPST). especially on orprzing he MILF [2PSTs a mir away. The ate! version fhe JPST Operations Manus was sane by | c-chaie and member ofthe JPSG. The wi el ba orreview al Jrscanmending approval ofthe INC cochals Alsutject mate exper lndinsrotrs nied tm the AFP, PNP and RIAFRALF were pater orevew ard provi eal inputs ote JPST ang Jriodum bts presuced othe scheduled raring acts. The JNC and JPSC held both unistealgovermont mtg anoint GPH-NILFreoings wth Be 18 to tech ou plans and proaration ot oreahon sions an decarmissionng Jactes forthe MILF conbatants. Issues suc as synctroniing JPST [seployment to secre are suppor te D8 aches os wel a8 aging |sPST seas wit he aszemely and Procesing Areas (APAS) te 08 | [ner among major areas of decustion. 4. Socio-Economic Development. The paripangnatonst government agencies nav dlvored 96% tn commArents oe 145 |seconmisione comeatans (00) except or the Doparimet of lagreuture Region X which saniceaie io provide the remainng vlna asistnce (secs and fataers) o 13 DCs bared Lanao [st Sur and Lana dl Nor, lane end otis quar tepartcipsting natonal government lagencies have detvered 2% er commitments othe 145 laeoormissioned combatants (0) except fr the Departmen ot lagreuture Region X, whch antlpted to prove ine remaining venood assistance (eee and erie) 13 DCs basen Lanao Je! Sur an Lana cel None fa Percentage Jcompletion ofthe lmplementstion of remaining commitments lunder the Fina Peace lagreement (FPA) |Soordination between the GPH and the BNF implementing Panel lon Security Concerns. Bath Panalscosnue to cotaborte in laceresing secu concerns ivoung the MNLF frcas so hey canbe lapcoprateyeccrossea,ncuang recent reports about he lstblshont fnew camps of the Mero Natona Liberaton Front [awsLF) in Region 0. The GPH implementing Pane requests its Jsurerpan or mmesae acon to resave tesa esue |- case ot msuar. On 2018, OPAPP recevad a request for Jcorsmenis trom tne arian Embassy rough the Deparment of Forel JArars (OFA) reatve to the request of Chat Nuisuar fr the ssuance| lor visas tothe HNLF eleates he ented inhi plas, tains the |netng wih tne new Secetary-General ofthe Pariamenty Union of {ne islamic Counties (PUIG). The Government cd not inerpse any ltjcton to this request asia MNLF hasan obsover satus ine lorganzatin of tare Ceoperaton(01G) and PUICsnco 1977 and ota respecively 5. Nomber of comprehensive lagreements signed No Tormalnegotations m ight of Proclamations 260 and 374 [E Percentage jo2e yore Jaze jozs Joes —Joz2e7 [GPR CBA-GPLA Peace Process [completion ofthe = > Socio-economic Rettegratom emplementation of LL DENR ~ OPAPP Forest Guard Program. Five hunded eight [agreements 08) protied ixmer CPLA members, ta nex on an |Comprenensve Local negraton Program (CLP) benetoais are [continuously employes as Barty Gubat under he DENR-OPAPE [Forest Guard Program, ‘i. Liveiood. Meetings were continuously conducted vith he PO |members and oficers to svengtnen Weir prosssees and egerzatia management practoes, Paris agencies ke A, DENR, DTI PLGUs of Benguet tugao. and Mountain Pownce ware engaged is know atch [ote current progrems, projects ad intervenes coud be tapped ond avaied by ne POs acoes Coders, 1. Socal Protection Program. PAMANA PhilHealth Sponsored Program. 1,001 farmer CPLA members were coninousybeneting rom he PAMANA Philesth Seonsoed Pregram. “= OPAPPIPAMANA-CHED Study Grant Program. Fitycne (51) anlees have graduate cu o the wo handed oy sx (2) grenlees [tthe OPAPPPAMANA.CHED. Four 0 graniaes were Varsterte o ltr sus arent program, six 6) grantees were terminated and tonne cut, tite (18) rarees were not envied and wentyfve [25) on-going ranaes. >. Disposition of Arms and Forces (DAF). AS an ina stp fe the nat round or tun nana emuneraton of fears, completo ot |socurentary requirements for he procurement of maria needed fo lertarzation current being vndeakon