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OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER ON THE PEACE PROCESS FY 2017 PAMANA PROJECTS Accomplishment Report As of Third Quarter of 2018 PAMANA-National Program Management Office FY 2017 PAMANA ‘The Nati al Government has allocated a total of PhP 8.074 Birom the General Appropriations Act of FY 2017 for the implementation of various peace and development interventionsunder the PAMANA Program for peace agreement, conflict-affected and conflict-vulnerable areas in the seven (7) PAMANA Zones. For FY 2017 budget year, the OPAPP serves as implementing agency as well as oversight agency for interventions lodged with the CHED, DENR, DOH, DSWD, NCIP, PHIC, and PNP. As of the reporting period, these interventions are in various stages of implementation as shown in the table below. BUDGET “ACCOMPLISHMENT(AS OF S°QUARTER 2018) ALLOCATION AGENCY INTERVENTION PER GAA ‘TARGET ACTUAL (in PLP) Building Foundations for Peace CHED! ‘Study Grant for former 22,000,000 750 additional] COMPLETED combatants and/or their | DiecreleneroCHED | 1450 continuing next of kin ‘The PAMANA-CHED Study Grant Program for Academic Year 2017-2018 is earmarked for former combatants and/or their next of kin. It has funded a {oral of 1.212 prantees or 55.09% of target as of 31 December 2017. NCP? Educational Assistance 3.240.000 ‘COMPLETED Program for Indigenous | Direct relesetoNCIP Peoples - Phase 1 ‘The PAMANA-NCIP Educational Assistance Program for Indigenous Peoples for Academic Year 2017-2018 is earmarked for Regions X, XI and XII. I as funded a total of 380 grantees comprising 199 grantees from Region X, 66 grantees from Region XI and 65 grantees from Region XII PHIC Health Tasurance for 61,228,800 7708 | COMPLETED former combatants and/or | DinctrslneroPHIC | yenewal3,806 their next of kin additional | The PAMANA-PHIC Health Insurance is earmarked for former combatants and/or their next of kin. It has funded a total of 17,386 grantees or 68.15% of carget. "Asef 44 Quarter 2017 2 Adjusted from 988, 3 Asof the Inter-Agency Meeting on 8 jane 2018 in Quezon City “ Asof the Iner-Ageney Meating on 8 June 218 in Quezon ly BUDGET "ACCOMPLISHIMENT(AS OF S“QUARTER 2018) ALLOCATION te ahd on PERGAA ‘TARGET ACTUAL (a PhP) Esablishing Resilient Communities DSWD Community-Driven 808551,000 | 1 project with sub- | ONGOING Development for Diet eles to projects sw Indigenous Peoples? ‘The IP-CDD Project aims to deliver basic services to IP communities through. support to the implementation of the ancestral domain sustainable development and protection plans, strengthen partnership of local government institutions and the indigenous political structures, and build communities’ resilience to conflict. It is earmarked for all regions in ‘Mindanao except ARMM, IP communities affected by or vulnerable to conflict, and IP communities that have graduated from KC-PAMANA and correspondingly with on-process or approved Certificate of Ancestral Domain Titles. ‘The DSWD has completed the following preparatory activities per 4®Quarter of FY 2017 report received on 23 March 2018: (a) Identification of 333project areas, 1o wit: Region IX (98 barangays covering 4 ancestral domains ~ AD), Region X (31 barangays covering 1 AD), Region XI (92 barangays covering 2 ADs), Region XII (93 barangays covering 2 ADs), Region XIII (19 barangays covering 1 AD); (b) Completion of social preparation activities in abovementioned 126 project areas; and, (c) Identification and prioritization of 126 sub-projects broken down as follows: Region IX (33 sub-projects), Region X (13 sub-projects), Region XI (31 sub-projects), Region XII (30 sub- projects), Region XIII (19 sub-projects). Of the said 126 targer sub-projects, a total of 19 and four (4) sub-projects ‘were reported as ongoingand in preparatory phase as of the reporting period, respectively.& * Asof# Quarter 2017