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Factors influencing Comparative Education

1. Structural factors factors (Theoretical)-

Philosophical, Historical, Sociological,
Geographical, Ecological
2. Functional factors (Practical)- Psychological,
Pedagogical, Technological, Linguistic, cultural

3. Mixed factors (Both)- Sociological, Economical,

Geographical, Ecological, Historical
Factors influencing Comparative Education

Vernon Malinsons
Factors influencing Comparative Education

Philosophical, Sociological, Geographical

Philosophical factors

Philosophy of life of a country influences

its education
Socrates, Plato philosophies
Marxist philosophy
Ancient India- Vedic philosophy of life
Buddhist philosophy
Ancient gurukulas
Arabindo philosophy
Sociological factors

Ideas of Plato
Importance to the state
Education should be under the strict
supervision of state
Spread universal education
Arts, literature and law
Emphasis on manual labour and
science education in school level
Sociological factors

Rousseau advocates socialistic

philosophy- universal education
Factors of socialism influenced modern
education in many countries
Geographical factors
Influences culture, civilisation and
Culture of cold and warm countries
Social structure of the place
Agricultural countries- agricultural
Industrial countries- technical education-
minerals, iron, coal- industrial subjects
(mining technology)
Geographical factors influences winter
and summer vacation
Geographical factors