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Life g roups—Ethos

roups of accountability Personal reflec on ques ons

Being a follower of Jesus is to live as he did, conscious
Life Groups operate within the following ethos. that his rela onship with God the Father, is the pri-
mary rela onship of our lives. The discipline of re-
• What is shared is confiden al
flec ng is not an endless turning inwards to check up
• All are comfortable with group members whether we are doing okay, but living life before God,

• They are friendship based

conscious of his loving, joyful presence. reflection
• There is freedom in how groups form We can easily fall into the trap of thinking the Chris- questions
• Regular a1endance is important an life is a set of rules and regula ons that merely
govern our behavior without deep-down change.
• Facilitators are trained and accountable ‘Above all else guard your hearts because it is the
• They express low control—high accounta- wellspring of life.’ (Proverbs 4:23)
These ques ons form part of a series of tools to help
• We listen to one another and to God you keep life in shape. They focus on our rela on-
• Individuals share what they want ships with God and our neighbor, whether close to us
or not. They are organized around a triangle, an easily
• Sharing is without judgment and with grace
remembered pa1ern of UP—rela onship with God,
• Prayer for one another is central IN—with others and OUT—within wider society.

• Normally same-gender
Keep this leaflet in your bible and review them on a
• Ethos erosion concerns the pastoral leader- regular basis. Focus on those that stand out at a spe-
ship of the church cific me—don’t dwell on each one. It’s not a list to

Personal reflection questions

be gone through comprehensively each me. You
might come up with other ques ons relevant for you
at a given me. They are examples to help you devel-
op habits of personal reflec on. They are a tool to
prepare what you want to share in your Life g roups

Watnall Road Baptist Church

Life g roups
UP—rela ng to God IN—rela ng to others OUT—rela ng in society
Become s ll – slowly breathe in and out for a What rela onship am I thankful for or for which Am I living in society as one who has been sent
while as you focus on Jesus or Father God. How I need God’s help at this me? by the Lord? (John 20:21)
do you see God looking at you at the moment?
Is there a rela onship that is becoming inappro- How do I need help to share in God’s mission?
In what parts of my life do I feel energy, joy and priate, hidden or a fantasy?
life? Am I paying sufficient a1en on to these Where do I sense or see a movement of God’s
things? Do I need to clear something up with someone? Spirit in my family, neighbourhood, work place,
(Ma1hew 5:23-24) or within my circle currently?
In what parts of my life do I feel drained? What
is God saying to me about that? Am I being called to walk the pathway of for- Is God giving me a vision for my family, work
giveness? Where am I on that journey? place, neighbourhood
Is a Bible passage speaking to me currently &
am I going into my ‘inner-room’ regularly? Is this a me to express the discipline of open- Are you in a me where you are saying ‘Here I
(Ma1 6:6)? If not why is this? ness and confronta on? (Ma1hew 18:15) And in am, send me’?
what spirit might I do this?
What do you want/need God to do for you? Am I leaving enough me for rela onships with
See Luke 18:41 Am I open and vulnerable enough with those people who do not know Christ & for whom
closest to me or in danger of withdrawing? am I praying to experience God’s love?
Is a situa on currently on your mind? In a
s lling me as outlined above, imagine that Am I sufficiently accountable to others? Is God growing a dream within me and in what
situa on for a while with Jesus or the Father way does that dream relate to God’s mission?
now within it. See where this leads. How self-aware am I of how I impact others?
Do I need to ask others to pray with me about
‘My peace I leave with you’ (John 14:27) Are Do I encourage others or is jealousy finding a the dream growing within me?
you living in his peace or is a fear growing? root within me?
Am I commi1ed to working with God and may-
Where do I need forgiveness and strength to Am I becoming self-centred in my close rela on- be others to see it happen?
sin no more? ships and not loving the family of God enough?
In what way am I serving the poor, the least or
Am I aware of my deepest desires at the mo- Is there a calling or desire to serve the family of the vulnerable? (Ma1hew 25:40)
ment? Am I nurturing them and giving them God in some way?
sufficient opportunity to grow? Is my ministry or involvement in mis-
Are my closest rela onships feeding my spirit? If sion becoming too precious to me?
Are my habits with regard to money and any not where will I find nourishing rela onships? (Luke 10:20)
health issues honouring God?