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HS #8

Publicity Plan
Draft – 8/3/05 kk

• Meadows HOA
• Chamber of Commerce Newsletter – regular column
• DC News Press – regular column and releases
• Movie Theatre Advertising
• Letters to the Editor
• DCHS - Newsletters? Displays?
• School District Newsline
• Website

PR Ideas
• General Overview/Summary (see draft)
• Facility highlights
• Meet the faculty
• Mission, goals and Community Center concept
• Athletics and Activities
• Curriculum plans – reform concept
• Meet the Principals
• Featured Academies
PR #1 – General Overview/Summary

More Than Just a High School

The residents of Castle Rock are excited to welcome a new high school in the Meadows. Douglas
County School District High School #8 will open to 9 th and 10th grades in August 2006.

• Key Messages – ‘different from other high schools because…’

o Community Center of Learning / True community school / neighborhood school
 Looking for partners to join with us
 Evening adult education facility
o Comprehensive athletic and performing arts programs
o Strong academic institution
 College connections
 16 core faculty/staff
o Quote from Lisle
• Facility Info
o 250,000 sf
o 2 floors
o Full capacity – 1,600. If bond passes, in 2 years add another wing to bring capacity to
2,000 (like other DC high schools).
o Fields/Grounds available this fall
• Future
o Website for updates
o Email lisle
o Neighborhood meetings
o Upcoming timeline activities (naming, etc.)