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OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Challenging position as an Oracle Database Administrator in a growth oriented organization where my technical skills, knowledge and practical experience are utilized to improve Business Functionality and achieve target growth. SYNOPSIS Worked as a Oracle DBA of 3 Years 5 months having experience during Sep 2006 to till date in successfully designing and implementing database solutions that involved in production staging and development database. y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y EDUCATION y y B.Sc [Electronics] from Osmania University With 71% in Suryapet. Cleared Oracle Certified Associate[OCA] Exam of SQL9i with 100% and Oracle 10g Admin with 96%. Excellent Database Administration and Trouble Shooting Capabilities. Extensive experience in Oracle [9i,10g] core Database Administration and management on Linux Platforms. Knowledge on RAC Involved in 2 Node RAC setup on Oracle 10g. Knowledge on SRVCTL Services Implemented Migration from Non-RAC Database to RAC. Great Understanding of Oracle Architecture. Applied patches, upgraded databases to Knowledge on CRON TAB Job Scheduling. Knowledgeable in Patching/upgrading oracle [9i,10g] databases Good understanding of the Oracle10g New Features Knowledge on Understanding Scripts on Linux. Knowledge on 11g features. Designed and Implemented RMAN and hot backups Monitored and Managed production ,test and Development Databases Basic Administration Skills in Linux. Handled 16 Production Databases and 14 development and test data bases. Excellent problem Solving and Communication Skills

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Databases Operating Systems Tools&Utilities Programming Language Oracle [10g,11g]. Red hat Linux [RHEL 4.0] and Windows 2000/Xp DBUA,NETCA,EXPORT/IMPORT,RMAN, OEM,DBCA,SRVCTL,NID etc SQL and PL SQL


ora and tnsnames. Knowledge on Utilities used in RAC.. y Assisting senior DBA in performance Tuning Activities y Preparing document for Daily Resolved Tickets. y Ensuring Backups Properly taking and checking the validity of the backups through periodic restoration of the backup using RMAN. 2 . checking errors in alert logs. log buffer based on the requirements. Executing sql scripts for creating database. SHELL SCRIPTING. y Database Creation . Performing Backup and Recovery Activities at different Levels like Export and Import.ADDM and Flashback Database Involved in Trouble Shooting problem queries and slow performance Production DB refresh Performing as team and individual. (Jan-2007 to till date) Oracle Database Administrator Key Responsibilities: y Proactive maintenance of Databases. STATSPACK etc. db buffers. User access issues Space issues in Table spaces. Knowledge in RAC Architecture. Checking free space in table spaces. Sizing the SGA. monitor the Disk space.ora Troubleshoot Database Errors like snapshot too old.Tuning Tools Scripting Languages WORK EXPERIENCE TKPROF. y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Administering Oracle10g Networking Such as listener.ADDM. Interfaced/Interacted with system administrators to resolve backup tapes and disk space issues Knowledgeable in Physical and Logical Stand by databases with Oracle Data Guard Knowledgeable in 10g features like AWR. partitioning the existing large table by range. Executing SQL Query¶s for finding Block and Wait sessions. Diagnostics Pack (ADDM). Gathering the statistics of Database by using v$SYSSTAT and V$SESSTAT views and AWR and ADDM Reports on 10g. EXPLAIN PLAN.Configuration and Maintenance y Created The Clones/duplicates of production databases for Consolidation purposes y Daily Database maintenance like success of Backups. y SQL Query Tuning using with Explain Plan. STATSPACK. y Performing Cold Backup for Database Refresh. Cold and Hot Backups Performed Backup and Recovery Activities using RMAN Responsible for performance monitoring and tuning of the database and application using OEM Tuning Pack. LexiKo Infra Systems Consultants Client :SPANCO Pvt Ltd Key Responsibilities: y y y y y Working on Linux System(RHEL 4) Creating Procedures functions and Packages. Roles and Responsibilities: y Installed Oracle Software in Client and Server Systems on Linux. y Table fragmentation tuning. shared SQL area. Creating Triggers and Cursors in SQL.

80.000 Per Annum :As per Industry Standards. Maintained and monitored multiple databases using Oracle Enterprise Manager.y y y Setup all Database environments like DEV. References : Available on Request (CH SRINIVAS) 3 . Knowledge on data guard Physical Standby database Configuration PERSONAL DETAILS Martial Status Languages Known Current CTC Expected CTC :Single : English. Hindi and Telugu :3. TEST and Production.

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