r buttocks up.

"Oh -- God -- No --" She felt the Negro's knee pry her thighs wide apart, exposing her pussy, leaving her open and unprotected. "No! N-Oh!!" She felt the sharp pressure as his cock stabbed at her pussy, trying to find the opening. "Nuh!! Nu h!!" She felt the cockhead catch between the folds. "Nah!! Aaa!!" She screamed as the br oad knob forced her pussy lips open and jammed itself tightly into her virgin channel. For the briefest moment, she felt only the immense cockhead's presence inside he r. Then, grunting, the Negro slammed his hips forward. The thick column of flesh jabbed itself deeper into her narrow passage and she shrieked at the violent penetration. She groane d as it pulled slightly out, then her voice grew shriller and louder as it brutally drove in a gain, forcing itself deeper into her, splitting her open. Her face twisted in shock as she felt the blunt tip on her hymen. "Nuh! Nuh! Nuh !" she shrieked as the fiery flesh withdrew, preparing for the final assault. "Naaahh!! " The rigid spike hammered in, ripping through the fragile tissue and burying itself fully into her, pounding painfully onto her cervix. "Hot damn," the sheriff shouted when he saw the blood running down her thighs. " Looks like you broke this one in, didn't 'cha, boy? You one lucky buck." "Oh God, oh God, oh God," she wailed over and over as the thickness inside her b egan to quickly thrust in and out. With each withdrawal she felt her inflamed flesh cont racting only to be stretched wide and open as the swollen dick plunged in again, bottoming ou t each time. Each searing piercing caused her to cry out in pain, each grating retreat cause d her to yelp in agony.

you gon' be mama of a big ol' Nigger baby. "Uh. She remembered the girls at school saying that if you orgas med when a boy was shooting his semen into you. ain't 'cha. but the stroking flesh so deep in her inflamed her wanton lust. Her pussy spasmed on the driving cock buried inside her. Her screams of agony became outcries o f passion. Won't your papa be proud?" She was meeting him thrust for thrust now. uh. making her black violator pound into her ev en more ruthlessly. uh. And when that ol' buck comes. her voice a guttural moan. He'd unzipped his fly and was slowly stroking his prick. stretching her to acco mmodate its great mass. darlin'? You love havin' that big." the sheriff grunted as he watched the rape. To her shock."I knew you was gon' be a screamer. don't 'cha? G'wan. To her horror. the pain was changing to pleasure. Again the intense waves washed over her and her pussy clutched tighter on the dark thickness within her." she grunted as the savage blows intensified. her mind a jumble of passion and terror. 'cause you gon' need it. you were sure to get pregnant. You know you wi ll. You gon' come on the big Nigger stick. She fought t he waves of desire swelling within her. as if trying to pull ." As the great shaft continued to viciously pound into her. black cock inside you. It suddenly flared and blazed th rough her and she shuddered as the orgasm engulfed her and she screamed in rapture. sugar. she found her buttocks pushing into his groin to meet each inten se hammering of his hips. her pussy grew wet and the stiff flesh grew slick with her discharge . "Yer beginnin' to love it. "Hope you got a lot of lung power. fought the fire growing and licking at her insides. uh.

knowing the convulsing Negro's cock had driven itself halfway into her womb and was pum ping semen into her in great streams. He abruptly j ammed his dick into the Negro's ass while pulling at the black man's shoulder with his lef t hand. With his right. As he was buckling his belt. the dead man's rigor still imbedded in her. The shot was deafening. he put the barrel of the gun at the base of the Negro's head and squeezed the t rigger. She felt the pounding flesh inside her began to swel l.the seed from it. stabbing it faster and deeper into her. The sheriff came into the cell and stood behind the rutting Negro. you shouldn't have tried to help that Nigger escape. his fingers digging into her hips as he slammed her again and again into his rigid pole. The sheriff closed his eyes and rode the franticly bucking buttocks. driving the great cockhead hard against her cerv ix. the sheriff let the body drop onto the mad ly screaming girl. he muttered. Guess you gon' be with us a long time now. ba ttering her cervix ." When the convulsions finally stopped. "Darlin'. The sheriff decided it was time. "Nuh!! Nuh!!" she screamed. savoring th e feeling of the wildly spasming sphincter on his ejaculating prick. Squealing at the increasing violence of his thrusts. s ucking at it." As he opened the door to leave. "this is one fuck you ain't never gon' forget. the Negro hammered in brutally. he smiled and said. she realized that he was about to come. to no one in . and she felt herself again spasming on it." he grunt ed. "Darlin. The young Negro behind her began to growl. burying his bloated manhoo d into her as deep and tight as he could. savoring the hysterical shrieks he could hear even though the ringing left by the roar of the gunshot. With a savage growl. growing even tighter within her narrow passage.

Daddy was well off. Two children in the crowd whispered as they stared at the White woman with the s unken eyes and the black baby leaving the jail. in her pure White we dding gown was surrounded by the Black captives. This was not a chance happening but a planned kidnapping.particular. The beautiful bride. She was finally released a week after she gave birth. "My Mama tol' me. The Blacks had been working at the store were working on the air conditioning ve nts. . five pairs of eyes watched her every move. "that's why you can't drink from the Nigger water fountains. It had been a chance s ighting for the Blacks a month ago. Sugar. Fans were blowing to keep the air flowing thoughout the store. but it took anothe r seven to get her out. Her husband was tied to a chair next to her. they now had been taken to a hideaway in the mountains. Little did Julie know that as she undressed in the dressing room. you gon' have a Nigger baby. but he wasn't rich enough to make the judges lo ok kindly on a single White woman in her "condition" who'd offer aid to an uppity Negro. J ulie was a virgin bride who had never seen or handled a cock before. t o change back into her skirt and blouse. On their way to the hote l. She say if you dri nk the Nigger water. Only in her dainty bra and panties. When she returned to the dressing room." said one to the other. She was like a goddess in white." Abducting the Bride by Black Demon Bride & Groom where whisked away by the five Black men. " It only took the private investigator two months to find her. when Julie had gone to the bridal shop to try on her wedding gown. five long Black cocks were being manually pumped. "Ain't no Northern doctor gon' help you get rid of what's in your belly. A t least not right away.

What an ultimate delight: To rape thi s virginal White beauty. Thus the plan of kidnapping turned into a lustful planned event. Would her unsoiled lips bring more than her pre cious cherry? Or would her tight little ass be the prized treasure? Once her photo was distributed as t he grand prize of 'Rape . to be busted by a big Black nigger stud in front of her husband. Or as they began joking. Th e beautiful lilly White bride-to-be was to be their main attraction. To entice the brothers. as her husband looked on. Julie was to be the the main attrac tion . Her skin was White like a delicate porcelin dish. The Black luste d to see their big Black bones against this delicate White flower. The brothers knew to bring a lot more than t he admission charge of $500 to participate in the upcoming rape. Pure white and untouched.her long bare White legs and dainty feet had the five long Black cocks jerking and spitting their filth onto the air conditioning ducts. Their telephoto lens of the beautiful bride-to-be would definitely have the brothers bring all the c ash they could scrape up to bust her cherry.'Rape Bait'. where the Black brothers would have to pay a hefty admission charge to watch the brutal rape of the beautiful bride by a Black brother. The Blacks belong to a club of Black bastard brothers. known for their meaness a nd lust to bust a White woman open. while her husband looked o n. They began their plan to make to ravish this Wh ite beauty with dark brunette hair. How much would it take to win the auct ion of having the honor of busting the lilly White bride's treasured cherry. in her pure white wedding gown . Julie was the 'Rape' meat they craved. on her wedding day. This young beauty was the White meat they craved.on her Wedding Day. How much would Julie's precious little cherry bring. They had busied themselves about th e counter to learn of the bride's name and address. the five scheming Blacks had parked their darked tinted van near Julie's addres s.

500. He's the high bidder and has the honor of getting to be the first to ever for you to give a blow job. The bid came from a 6'5" Black giant who couldn't believe the beauty of the bri de and to be the first one to fuck her dainty mouth. Her husband knew but he was silent. The Black leader turned to the blushing bride. The frantic biddi ng was up to $1. "What's the bid to have this beautiful bride give you the blow job of a lifetime?" yelled the Black leader. Never had even thought of putting her soft mouth on a filthy penis. The Black leader grabbed her gloved hand and dragged her down to a kneeling position. "How much for the honor of being the first Black to get a blowjob by this beautiful bride?" was question .500 bid to have a blow job from y ou". the lustful Black brothers would get a hard on just thinking of seeing th is little White virgin bride squirming on a big Black prong. not even her husband's. Juli . "What's a blow job?" Julie fearfu lly asked again. Now she would be forced to suck on a filthy Black nigger cock. Julie fearfully asked "What's a blow job?'. Julie was dumbfounded and confused. The Black leader turned to Julie "Imagine.Bait'. trying not to comprehend what the Black wanted of his innocent bride. cowering behind him in fear. Her screams would only serve to get the bidding higher. She had no idea what a blow job was. She feared for her life and feared th e thought of being raped by these huge Black niggers. Julie's husband was tied to a chair in the middle of the room. The Blacks roared with laughter and suddenly the bi d jumped up to $2. decked out in the glory of her pure white wedding gown and veil.500. They were beginning to take bids on her. His bride. She would be in for a dreadful surprise. "What do th ey want of me?" Julie asked her husband. $1. The cabin was filled with the Black brother for this 'Rape Bait' auction of the beautiful White virgin bride. "What's a blowjob?" thought the innocent young bride.

"Eit her she starts suck that long Black snake or she be chewing on your severed weener". please it 's too filthy to do anything like that! I'll die. don't let him cut my manhood away ". . It's too huge! I'll choke to death. A Black squirming snake 12" in length and 3" in diameter. What a sight! A beautiful White skinned bride in her pure white wedding gown." she pleaded. "Don't do it Julie" yelled her husband. Julie closed her eyes and her delicate pink tongue slowly parted her soft lips. She squirmed "No. The Black monster in front of her lifted her bridal veil "No w kiss the groom. not believing what she had just heard. The leader laughed "A blow job my sweet young bride means you're going to suck t hat big Black snake of a cock down your sweet throat till that Black snake spits its venom down your throat".e fearfully looked up to see the winning Black buck approach her. All the Black chuckled anxious to see the virgin bride defi led and forced to suck on the monstrous Black snake.or you'll b e an enuch". She couldn't believe a penis could be so big and ugly. lik e a squirming Black snake. "Lick it with your tongue bitch" came the order. he pleaded now with his bride "Please suck on his cock honey. kneeling before a Black bastard. that oozed its slimy venom. Out flopped the mos t horrid looking penis Julie could imagine. my little White bride". Julie began crying. A huge Black approached her husband "Better tell you bride to open her virgin mouth hubby . The Black leader was standing behind her holding her shoulders so she could not get up and run. and licking at this monstrous Black cock. Julie shivered in disgust as the slimy goo coated her tongue and began to paint her with clear glossy lips tick. Fearing for his man hood. Julie's eyes popped open. The Black flicked open a razor sharp knife and was pulling her husband's zipper down. unzipping his fly. Julie turned her head away from the approaching Black snake.

It sure would b e embarrassing to shoot his load so soon in front of this group and also paying the most for the pleasure of being the first man to defile this beauty. He stopped his movements for fear of erupting pre maturely. The dainty gloved hands now were gripping the base of the Black cock to keep the remaining four inches from being forced d own her throat. Julie was on her hands and knees gagging the filthy nigger cum. Julie's head tries to di slodge the now spurting rod. about 3" in diamet er. Here was his precious bride a foot away from him. The Blacks hands were n ow grasping the bridal veil at the back of her head and he began to fuck in and out of the bride's cho king mouth. Julie's husband was dragged to a chair. She chokes and cum gushes from her nostrils. Her Black hair and bridal veil shook from side to side to dislogde the withering snake. He wanted to make this event last as long as possible. Slowly the Black cock glides down the bride's swallowing throat. He grins down at the hapless husband "I'm going to feed her for you in a minute". The Black pulls back to shoot his load in the bride's gagging mouth. Julie stretched her mouth to the fullest as the thick Black snake. She could not breathe with what was already down her throat.The seething Black snake darted into the bride's virgin mouth. the Black twitches and groans. The Black nigger groaned in delight as he watched his c ock slowly disappearing into the choking young bride. choking on a foot long Black dick. The Black laughed. Slowly he withdrew till the he ad only remained in her gulping mouth. The Black fucked away at the gagging young bride. forced its way to the back of her throat. Julie's slim whit e gloved hands went up to push and slow the Black hips from thrusting the 12" inch snake down her lilly W hite throat. The speed picks up an d the Black is groaning. Eight full inches of Black cock now forced its way down Julie tender throat. There he ha d a ringside seat of the hot action. grabbed Julie . a foot away from the action. Cum pours over her lips and chin. splattering cum over her eyes and no se. The cock is buried deep. Then the Black pulls out totall y to shoot his last three blasts directly up the length of her face.

The ringleader now announced "It's time to bid again! A three part bidding is on . Suddenly the bidding became fast and furious as each wanted to be the first to fuck her dainty feet and being jerked off by this beautiful bride. I've never done those things". $1. Her husband was tied to a chair at ringside. A roar of laughter came from the audience.by her hair and bridal veil. Julie cringed and answered as the Black jerked her hair "Please don't make me do this. #1 is fuck the bride's beautiful White feet. The entire group of Black roared in laughter to see the beautiful bride retch out a cup full of the nigger's cum all over her husband's face. for he would have the prize view o f watching his beautiful bride debased by three loathsome niggers. #2 is to get jerked off by her right hand and # 3 by her l eft hand. " Julie couldn't believe her ears. The Blacks quickly stripped off their clothing to proudly reveal their towering Black rods.500 was the winning bid to fuck her feet for the first time and $800 a piece for the honor of being the first to be jerked off by the bride. The Black saw her about to retch h er guts and laughed. The Black winner of Julie's dainty feet slowly made a show of removing her white bridal h eels. The ringleader grabbed Julie by her bridal veil to look up at the grinning Black bidders . He then brought her stockinged feet up to his face and inhaled deeply. He pushed her head down over her husband's. "How many times have you brought a guy off with your hands and feet little bri die poo" he quizzed. far bigger than the bridegroom's. The winning threesome moved quickly to claim their prize. Each possessed a fearful monster. They lifted the beauti ful bride onto the table. He wiped his face into the s oles of her dainty . "Give hubby a kiss now" commanded t he Black just as Julie gagged and retched out the nigger cum. to stand just over her tied up husband. One Black bid $500 to fuck her feet and two o thers bid $250 apiece to get jerked off.

Her dainty feet felt slimy. Many in the audience had wished he had bid for the right to be the first to fuck this beauty's dainty White fee t. He began to lap at her insoles with his long tongue. The Black at her feet then began to fuck between her dainty White feet. Julie cringed at the thought of being dirtied further by these Black monsters. Her fingers were webbe d from the sticky glue and the bridal veil looked like a spider web made of nigger cum. The bride whipped her head back and forth in shame till the bridal veil gave som e cover to her face. the other two Blacks had forced the bride's white gloved hands onto their throbbing Black tubes. On and on the degration continued. Julie closed he r eyes and shivered in disgust as the nigger cum dripped through the pores in the veil. One the n the other erupted. Julie in her pure white bridal gown being totally defiled by three Black niggers. Julie's hands were pried open to let go of the two cocks and the cock slid from between her s oles. The Blacks at h er side laughed at her reaction and stepped forward and used their Black cocks to pat the veil down ont . Julie was forced to pump away at the two cocks in her fist s while the Black at her feet began to fuck between her tender stockinged soles. Her dainty White fingers were now slick with the drool from the Black cocks. they al l stopped. as if on cue. Her stockings were slowly rolled down her slender milk White legs to reve al their beauty. Disgusted yet the sight of his bride being defiled caused his own cock to tent his trousers. The bridegroom sat helplessly tied in the ch air as his beautiful bride serviced the lusting Blacks. Her tin y gloved hands could not encircle neither of the huge throbbing cocks. A beautiful contrast of Black and White. What a show this was. Slowly her bridal gloves were removed. The Blacks being jerked off both groaned and edged closer to the table. sending spurt after spurt to criss-cross the bridal veil. She cringed as her bare hands now were wrapped around the h ot and slimy Black cocks.stockinged feet. All three men slowe d to a stop at times to prevent from exploding and managed to hang on. Meanwhile . Finally.

Julie shook her head in disbel ief. Julie wrapped her cum soake d hands around her husband pecker. Finally he gr oaned and shot a thick stream of cum up to the top of the bride's thighs.the bride's cherry! The bi dding reach $5. "Well. round like a rolli ng pin.000. Needless to say that Julie's beautiful face was now a fucking mess. As Julie lowered her head to her husband's cock. Out popped his rigid cock. Then he pulled back and cupp ed Julie's soles around his cockhead where he erupt the rest of his load. her dainty hands and feet are soiled and saturated with nigger cum. Julie lay on the table shivering in disgust. The bridegroom put his head down in shame when one of the Black's poin ted out his lust. The Black helped her o ff the table. The Black at her feet continued to slide between her tender soles. that's a little toy. please!" sh e begged. "Kneel down next to hubby there and jerk is pecker". mine's called a cock". as dark as the night. Julie quickly nodded her head. I'm a virgin! Please let my husband make love to me first. Hearing this. Half and inch of thick greyish cum covered her soles and webbed her toes together. "No please. I'm inclined to give the bride her wish. The winning Black walked up next to her husband. The three drained Blacks stepped back to admire their accomplishments. at its full length of 6". the Black laughed "No. i f she'll be willing to do me one favor". The Black walked around her husband. Julie was to suck his cock while she played with her husban . Julie obeyed by unzipping the tented p ants of her husband. He groaned with pleasure as Julie began to pump her fists. It'll ruin me. Julie cried out as the giant Black dropped his pants to reveal a whopping foot long Black snake. The winner . as evidenced by his tented pants. The bidding soon began for the most treasured prize .a giant 6'6" ugly looking Black.o her beautiful sticky face. "Now suck the cock" commanded the Black. to the ap plause of the roaring audience.

d's pecker as he looked on. The .winner grins at her and begins to stroke his massive dong." she pleaded. you promi sed my husband could make love to me". hidden by lacy White panties. Julie sees the 12" Black snake approaching her jewel.. Please don't. Please don't put it in me. The Black easily grabbed the bride and carried her back to the table. "Okay li ttle bride.You'll ruin me and make me pregnant. You' ll get me pregnant. H e approaches the crown jewel.no.. The Black laughed and looked over at her bound husband. Whistles and howling erupt as Julie's prize possession is revealed to all.. "I'm going to make you a proud papa of a little Black bastard hubby! I'm going to ruin you pretty little White wife for you.. You'll kill me with that. The audience roared. I wanted my husband to give me a baby as soon as we got married. slowly opening her mouth to admit the Blac k slimy snake... Julie lay on the table. I'll get pregnant from it. She began to suck in earnest to allow her to make love to her husband.." The twitching Black snake was right at the height of Julie love tunnel. Julie looked up in fear "No. Please. "I lied Mrs. He grabs onto the waistband and the panties are shreded as if it was made of tissue paper.. The Blac k grinned as his Black snake began to ooze its venom onto the bride's treasure. her arms held above her by two strong Blacks... Please!" she begged. Two other Blacks pull her legs apart as the prize. depositing its slimy filth along the way... Julie was held tightly and could not move. "Please.I can't have a Black baby!" she cried. "Please. Julie reluctantly obeyed. I'm a virgin .. time to get your cherry popped" the Black snickered. "Please don't put it in me. The Black edged forward to rub the frothing snake's head up and down her tight slit. I'm getting my money's worth and busting your ch erry" he snickered.. I timed my wed ding to be at my fertile period. except to toss her head from side to side in desperation.

the bride's cherry blood. All the Black smiled and chuckled as the beautiful bride continued to cry out he r agony as the prizewinner began to fuck into her delicate belly... "Please. I can feet it snapping at my Black snake".. in her bridal gown.... and her husband watching his beautiful wife being 'rui ned'.. The Black chuckled ... You'll get her pregnant. Si x full inches had plowed through the untouched field.. "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. The audience cheered as they witness ed the 12" Black snake fully embedded in the beautiful bride............ Suddenly the Black snake thrust forward again and again bringing more cries of anguish from the screaming bride.. The rapist began to withdraw 10" of his monster cock and plow it back in. "Ahhhhhhhhh.. the bridegroom was dragged to the edge of the table to witness his bri de's deflowering.nooooooooo.. Or put a rubber on"... The bridegoom lo oked on in horror and pleaded "Please don't cum in her... deflowering a beautiful White virgin.. What more than to be able to hear a White virgin bride scream into the night unheard for miles... Suddenly.. The Black monster put his large Black hands at each side of Julie's hips and th rust forward with all his might.Black twitched his hips forward... And to top it off with the rape taking pla ce on the bride's wedding day. The Black rapist looked at the helpless bridegroom "Yo ur wife's got a nice tight little pussy.. Slowly the pulsing Black snake backed its way out of the snug cavern... forcing his thick cock head into the bride's v irgin cunt.. What a sight this made." Julie pleaded. A roar of cheers came from the audience.. streaked w ith with bright red liquid. Pleaseeeeeeeee pull it out of me....PLEASE!" came the cry from the be autiful virgin bride... Stop. a dream of every Black bastard.." shrieked the be autiful bride at her precious cherry was torn to shreds.. a s she's raped by a monster Black cock.

I'm going to knock her up!" The bride and groom had planned on a week long honeymoon being in bed together. cumming in and on her numerous times. After the Blacks were ex hausted from fucking the bride. Instead. He had entered her quickly but he came on his second stroke. Let a man fuck me next!" The Blacks all laughed and threw the groo m off the bed."You're kidding. She cried out "Ohhh. not so soon. they felt sorry for the poor gr oom. The bride and groom were blindfolded and released at the end of the scheduled ho neymoon period. The groom's cock had been hard after watching his bride humping with all the Bla cks. They stripped him and threw him on his bride's cum drenched body. Would the groom be able to satisfy his now cock crazed bride? What would they d o if she gave birth to a Black baby? End of story. Julie had her eyes closed in shame and had not opened her eyes when her husband's body was laid on her. I'm sure as hell going to fuck my Black baby juice all the way up her little belly. the bride was in bed the entire time with her huge Black rapists. Julie's legs had wrapped around hi m. .

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