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I.Choose the best option to complete these following sentences
1. How much time do you spend _____ the web a day?
A. clicking B. skiing C. entering D. surfing
2. Do you find the internet ______, Nam?
A. use B. used C. useful D. usefully
3. I don’t like watching boxing matches on TV because they are _____.
A. violent B. violence C. exciting D. interesting
4. The “Kien Thuc Ngay Nay” is _______read by both teenagers and adults.
A. wide B. widely C. widen D widened
5. We can communicate with friends by ______of e-mail.
A. means B. paths C. methods D. uses
6. Once the computer is given _____, it can gather wide range of information for many purposes.
A. a menu B. a text C. a program D. a list
7. Computers are particularly good at ______repetitive tasks and complex computation.
A. working B. performing C. having D. getting
8. Through TV, _____can see and learn about people, places and things in faraway places.
A. TV viewers B. home viewers C. audience D. TV lookers
9. Enter a user name and _____to get into the computer system.
A. website B. logo C. password D. keyword
10. We can send messages and pictures to friends by using a ______.
A. radio B. TV C. cell phone D. cassette player
11. Her sister _____as a presenter in the local television station, doesn’t she?
A. works B. is working C. has worked D. worked
12. You hardly watch science fiction films, _________?
A. don’t you B. do you C. are you D. aren’t you
13. Do you mind _____me an evening newspaper on the way home?
A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. bought
14. No one phoned while I was out, ______?
A. did they B. didn’t they C. did he D. didn’t he
15. There won’t be any trouble with you, ______?
A. will there B. will it C. will they D. won’t they
16. Would you mind not _____on the radio until I’ve finished typing the document?
A. to turn B. turning C. being turned D. to be turned
17. The ao dai _________of a long silk tunic that it is slit on the sides.
A. consists B. has C. includes D. involves
18. The crier shouted the ______news as he was walking
A. late B. later C. latter D. latest
19. Islam is the country’s official ______in Brunei.
A. culture B. religion C. language D. tradition
20. The Parkers ______a lot of maize on their farm.
A. rise B. raise C. grow D. feeds
21. Malaysia is a _______country of ASEAN.
A. region B. friend C. member D. foreign
22. Today TV ______can watch a lot of interesting local and international programs.
A. lookers B. seers C. viewers D. observers
23. If you want to improve your English, you should ______speaking it as much as possible.
A. practice B. train C. learn D. use
24. Lan’s pen pal was really ________by the beauty of Vietnam.
A. worried B. embarrassed C. expected D. impressed

25. The coach will ______us at 5 pm tomorrow.

A. arrive B. collect C. catch D. get off
26. Does your father enjoy _______newspapers?
A. read B. reading C. to read D. be read
27. I wish I _____enough money to buy a laptop.
A. have B. had C. have had D. am having
28. Nam said that he ______to buy that blue T-shirt.
A. not want B. doesn’t want C. didn’t want D. not wanted
29. You bought this pair of trousers yesterday, ______?
A. didn’t you B. weren’t you C. did you D. were you
30. The book ____________ at least by next Friday.
A. must return B. must have returned C. must be returned D. must being returned
31. He asked me if I ______at that school.
A. study B. was studied C. studied D. was studying
32. The policemen ________him to go with them to the police station.
A. let B. caused C. made D. forced
33. I was ______in the countryside and went to a village school.
A. brought up B. carried on C. given up D. taken up
34. A lot of my friends left school at 16, and they now ______leaving so early.
A. sorry B. confuse C. regret D. worry
35. Thanks to the internet, people can get the ______information.
A. late B. later C. lately D. latest
36. Nowadays, we can watch a ______of interesting programs on TV.
A. varies B. variation C. variety D. varieties
37. Internet users sometimes have to _____various viruses.
A. bore B. carry C. keep D. suffer
38. We usually watch the news on TV because it is very _____.
A. information B. informative C. inform D. formal
39. The internet nowadays has become an important means of _____.
A. relation B. communication C. combination D. connection
40. _____, an electronic form, is a way of sending messages from one computer to another.
A. information B. e-mail C. Texts D. Data
41. TV viewers can enjoy various interesting programs just by selecting the right _____.
A. ways B. forms C. channels D. routes
42. How much time do you spend _____a web a day?
A. surf B. to surf C. surfing D. to have surfed
43. Mr. Wilson needs to leave right now, _____?
A. needn’t he B. doesn’t he C. need he D. does he
44. Listen to what I am saying, _____?
A. don’t you B. do you C. will you D. can you
45. I will do anything but ______the dishes.
A. wash B. to wash C. washing D. will wash
46. It’s too hot and my hair needs ________.
A. to cut B. cut C. being cut D. cutting
47. She is always complaining about _____the children from school.
A. collect B. to collect C. collecting D. being collected
48. He refuses _________with me.
A. go B. to go C. going D. having gone
49. Everyone will agree to our suggestion, _____?
A. will they B. will he C. won’t they D. won’t he

50. Instead of ______about the good news, Peter seemed to be indifferent.

A. exciting B. being excited C. to excite D. to be excited

II.Complete the sentences with an appropriate form of words in parentheses:

1) Her clothes look very modern and ______________. (fashion)
2) She made a deep _____________ on the members of her class.(impress)
3) _____________, ao dai was worn by both men and women. (tradition)
4) I got dressed very ____________ and went to school. (quick)
5) They _____________ me to join their family to Hue last year.(invitation)
6) They _________________at least twice a week. (correspondence)
7) Hanoi is not ______________from Kuala Lumpur .(difference)
8) What is the main language of ______________ at the school? (instruct)
9) They have just _______________ a new style of jeans in the USA .(Introduction)
10) I like to wear casual clothes because it is ______________. (convenience)

III.Rewrite these following sentences keep meaning as the root ones

1. I am sorry I am busy now.
→ I wish ____________________________________________________________________________
2. She doesn’t have a bike.
→ She wishes ________________________________________________________________________
3. We played soccer in the afternoon long ago.
→ We used __________________________________________________________________________
4. Mary and Tom invited three hundred people to the wedding.
→ Three ____________________________________________________________________________
5. I last saw her 10 months ago.
→ I haven’t __________________________________________________________________________
6. We can’t go out because of the heavy rain.
→ We wish __________________________________________________________________________
7. She doesn’t go to my birthday party.
→ I wish ____________________________________________________________________________
8. We often went camping together.
→ We used __________________________________________________________________________
9. They send two million books to America every year.
→ Two _____________________________________________________________________________
10. It’s five years since we last met each other.
→ We ______________________________________________________________________________

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