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Logistics Private Limited


Date: Name of the Visitor:

Time of _ Timeof~D~ep~.~:~
Company Name:
Visit Purpose:


1. Are you currently experiencing any of the following symptoms or diseases? Ves* No

A. Diarrhea?
8. Vomiting?
C. Jaundice (Hepatitis in any form)
D. Sore throat with fever I running nose
E. Abdominal Pain
F. Any lesions containing pus, such as boils and infected wounds,
On the hands and forearms or on neck or above or any other
Exposed body part, however small?
G. Discharges from nose, eyes, ear or gums
H. Boils / lesion / rash / Acne / Septic fingers / eczema or any skin disease

2. Have you travelled any other country during last two weeks?
If yes than state the country name
(If any ofthe above options is yes ,than visitor is not allowed in Food Processing Area)

Remove loose personal articles/Jewlery etc. that

might come into contact with processing
equipment / pose food safety risk

Don't touch any machinery /

Product (Raw/ln-Process/Finished)

, The minimum age to enter in ColdEl< facility is 18 years.

, During your visit. please stay with the ColdEl< Tour Guide. It is not permitted to visit areas of the plant unattended.
, Smoking Is prohibited in the premises of .
, 8e aware of any vehicles. fork-lin, tow truCks andlor any moving maChinery In the storage/outside areas.
'Touching machinery and equipment Is strictly fOrbidden. unless your visit Is tecnnlcat
, If an emergency situation occurs follow guidelines OfERT Team and report to Security office.
, No filming equipment. including cameras and cellular pnones with cameras are permntsc.
, Visitor badges must be visible during your visit
The Information provided above is true to best of my knowledge.
I have read and understood the visitor protocol.
Signature of Visitor

Allowed inside the unit: Yes· No I
Name of on Duty Security Officer Sign of on Duty Security Officer

1. I may be given access to confidential information belonging to (the "") through my relationship with
or as a result of my access to 's premises.

2. I understand and acknowledge that trade secrets consist of information and materials that are valuable and
not generally known by competitors, including:

(a) Any and all information concerning current, future or proposed products, including, but not limited to,
computer code, drawings, specifications, notebook entries, technical notes and graphs, computer printouts,
technical memoranda and correspondence, product development agreements and related agreements.

(b) Information and materials relating to purchasing, accounting and marketing; including, but not limited
to, marketing plans, sales data, unpublished promotional material, cost and pricing information and
customer lists.

(c) Information of the type described above which obtained from another party and which
treats as confidential, whether or not owned or developed by .

3. In consideration of being admitted to facilities, I will hold in the strictest confidence any trade secrets or
confidential information that is disclosed to me. I will not remove any document, equipment or other materials
from the premises without written permission. I will not photograph or otherwise record any information to which
I may have access during my visit.

4. This Agreement is binding on me, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns and inures to the benefit of
, its successors and assigns.

5. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between and me with respect to its subject matter. It
supersedes all earlier representations and understandings, whether oral or written.

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Place Visited: Date Visited:

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